Friday 5

Reminders- Friday 5

Hey Kind Soul,

We all have days, and seasons where it just seems like everything is going out of whack. We feel drained, lacking and frustrated to name a few!

I wanted to give you reminders today, no matter what you are going through…

Here are 5 reminders for you, yes you right now. >3

  1. You are enough as you are. You may not feel like you do enough (you do) but who you are is enough right now. As is.
  2. You are guided and Held. You are not alone in this, whatever this is for you right now today, this week, this year.
  3. You are creative and resourceful. Whatever you are trying to figure out, to do right now. You will figure it out. Deep breath, step back and be patient.
  4. It’s ok for you to ask for what you need. (this can start from asking from yourself for what you need)
  5. It’s ok (more than) to rest dear soul. Slowing down, stepping back or away does not mean that we have given up. It means we have created space for what is needing to be tended to.

Here is to living with Intention


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