Back to school supplies to grow your creativity


Hey Beautiful Souls!

Well it’s that time of year again. Back to School time! Even if like me you are “simply” a student of life. And don’t go to an actual school. This time of year can provide tools and inspiration for growing your creativity and self.

Here are some inexpensive supplies and ideas for using them for growing your creativity and self.

  • Composition notebook (a current favorite of mine) these can be used for most any kind of journaling. I love to use them for visual journaling these days. They can also be used for inspiration journals, taking notes for books, courses, podcasts etc. You could even use it as a bullet journal. (or all the above in one journal, no rules… do what works for you. If you are not sure what works for you then experiment!
  • Inexpensive spiral notebook: Use this as a brain dump, catch all for a certain project or several projects. Also great for doing journaling. These don’t feel precious so you can spew out, complain, spread gratitude or attitude and not feel the pressure of “ruining” a lovely journal.
  • Index Cards: There are many uses for index cards.. A few of my favorite ways to use them are: Affirmation cards (write or collage words and or images that feel like mini messages to your soul) , mini collages/canvas (paint, glue bits, doodle), Also great to keep a few with books you are reading to jot down inspirations, actions etc. while it’s fresh.
  • Kid’s art supplies: Watercolor, color pencils even crayons. These are all great tools to just explore with the above supplies and just play. Again, it doesn’t feel precious. Set your mindset on exploration mode (I sometimes must remind myself it’s the process not the outcome/result)
  • Pencil Pouches (this idea was sparked by this video) use these pouches for little art pouches on the go, mini wellness kits (tea, affirmation, little journal, essential oil)

Here is to living with Intention


2 thoughts on “Back to school supplies to grow your creativity”

  1. I love the pencil pouch idea. I have some extra pouches that I am going to make little to go art kits with index cards, stickers and makers and mini wellness kits with affirmations, essential oils, tea bags and a little journal and pen. Thanks for the idea!

    1. So sorry I never responded! Thank YOU for reading and commenting on the post. I am glad you found some inspiration. I hope those kits are serving you well xo

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