Friday 5, Holistic Living

5 Questions to support you in caring for yourself- Friday 5


5 questions to support you in caring for yourself
Hey Beautiful Souls!
Sometimes caring for ourselves is asking ourselves simple but powerful q’s. Checking in with ourselves. Here are 5 Q’s to help you do just that!
1) What am I needing right now (not what I think I should do, but what do I really need right now?)
2) Are my shoulders up by my ears right now? This sounds like a really silly question… However it’s a great and simple way to check in with your body stress and tension. Most of us of we are stressed our shoulders are scrunched up by our ears. We often don’t even notice at least for a while because frankly we are used to being in some sort of tension.
3) Am I numbing or Nourishing? This is a great question for when you find yourself reaching for the phone, tablet, TV remote etc. It’s not about shaming yourself if you are numbing it’s about noticing it to bring awareness to it. The more we do that the more likely we are to shift it.
4) What is something I can do right now, today to care for my present self? (might be as simple as a deep breath, glass of water, stretch, go outside, doodling or gluing some images in your journal)
5) What is something I can do that will care for my future self? (Maybe that’s exercise, make that doctors appointment, sign up for that class you have been wanting to explore forever but never make space to do)
Here is to living with Intention

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