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Dear 2019…A letter to the year coming to an end…

Hey Lovely Souls!

Each year since about 2011 I have written a letter to the year to sort of sum it up with a bit of reflection. Here is 2019’s… I invite you to do the same get as detailed or general as feels good to you!

Dear 2019,
Well weren’t you an interesting year! You held what felt like some big blessings and also a lot of unsettled energy.There was heavy diagnoses for loved ones, indecision that went on for months. There was also beautiful support in some unexpected ways and places. Some of this isn’t really my story to dive deep into. And the much of it is still unfolding. Finding our way to information and support.
Thankfully as you are coming to a close things are feeling more settled than in previous months! My word this year was Fulfill, it showed up in some great ways and some unexpected ways.
I created and love running the Self and Soul Care Circle, A Soul Renewed. I Started blogging about Caregivers and plan on doing that a lot more (as it’s a big part of my life these days, being a co-caregiver). I felt like I almost reach my capacity more than once in this year. Though in all of those instances  have come out a bit wiser and more aware.
I have cleared space and still am, it feels constant sometimes, never ending But I also am seeing my way through and out of it more and more. I have sat on more ideas than I have shared, often too tired or afraid to really dive in, create and share them. I hope that it’s the opposite for that next year by this time!
I am continuing to peel and reveal the layers of my fear, grief, anxiety and truth.
You felt like molasses in the start and then felt like you zipped by since Spring.. how are we already in a new year and decade?!
Thank you for the gifts you have given me and the lessons (even if they were or are being revealed in difficult ways)

Love, Heather

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