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15 ways for Caregivers to engage in self care- Empowered Caregiver

Hey Beautiful Souls,

I am a co caregiver and an advocate for caregivers (in my own way) Self care is not a luxury  for any of us. But for caregivers it’s survival and supporting you in not burning out.  This list could go for anyone really but is geared towards those of you who are caregivers.. ❤

Also remember none of these have to be super time consuming, so when you feel the urge to zone out after a long day (and night) of care try one of these a try instead.

15 ways for Caregivers to engage in self care: 
1) Deep Breaths, this sounds too simple and trite. But it’s more powerful, simple and can be done for free and anywhere. It’s a tiny way to check in with yourself.
2) Listen to something inspiring: Music, podcast, audio books.
3) Surround yourself with uplifting messages/images. (more on this in the near future)
4) Read, even a paragraph a few times a day will add up! Maybe in this season of caregiving you are not able to sit down and devour a book. But you can chip away at it. Some is better than none!
5) Create something… As caregivers we often need to get creative to get responses out of our loved ones, solve various problems that come up etc. So we are ALL creative! Some ideas to get your creativity on… Color, Doodle, knit, Draw, get a notebook and write (vent, lists, gratitude, wishes, dreams etc.. ) In that same notebook or another one… Glue images from magazines or words. It doesn’t have to make sense or even be pretty!
6) Find a group online or in person so you have people who get you and understand where you are coming from.
7) Make and keep your medical appointments.
8) Move your body, yoga, walking outside or using a video to do an indoor walk,dance etc..
9) Hydrate, we are often good about getting those we are caring for to hydrate all while neglecting our own hydration!
10) Nourish your body, eat good healthy (ish sometimes at least) food.
11) Educate yourself how to best support the one you are caring for. While this doesn’t sound exactly like self care, being informed and thus empowered often will make various parts of the care a little easier on you and the one you are caring for.
12) Meditate, Pray, Gratitude.. do something to nurture your spirit.
13) Be kind to yourself. We are often thrown in the role of caregiver without warning, training or a clue what is to unfold. Expecting yourself to automatically be armed with a slew of information and skills right off the bat isn’t realistic. And beating yourself up about it doesn’t help anything. It just adds to your stress!
14) Repeat mantras and affirmations to yourself: I am doing the best I can in this current situation, this too shall pass, I’ve got this, I am a loving and caring person, I am guide, I am held, I am capable.
15) Tend to your physical appearance. Shower, brush your teeth, brush your hair, put on something that feels good even if you home all the time. Do it for you.. not for anyone else.
Here is to living with Intention

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