3 quotes to ponder

These would be great prompts to journal. Choose a word or bit out of it or free write your thoughts in response.

Here is to living with Intention



2 thoughts on “3 quotes to ponder”

  1. whoa… that forgiveness quote. I made a simple mistake but one with significant consequences and I am being so hard on myself, it’s been a shit storm of internally berating myself … as if that is going to help. I am finding it so hard to lean into gentleness and compassion for myself.

    1. Cynthia, It is such a powerful quote isn’t it? I had that same whoa reaction when I first saw it. And each time I really read it again!
      I am so sorry you are going through this shit storm. That cycle of beating yourself up, I get it so well. I wish I could give you some amazing way to burst through that into full self forgiveness. I will offer one small idea is when you start to notice that cycle of beating yourself up put your hand on your heart on take a deep breath.

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