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42 Ways To Awaken and Connect to your Spiritual Creativity – By Dan and Heather Shafer

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I am so happy to bring to you a book exploring 2 of my favorite subjects. This is a very special project to me. This is a book my Father and I were working on for years on and off. We had just recommitted to competing it by the summer. Sadly, he passed away before we could complete this project together. I am honored to bring to you our little book exploring not so little concepts!


In this book we explore the intersection of spirituality and creativity. We explore not only how these two support one another but how they often mirror one another. We believe everyone is creative, even if that shows up differently than you have previously defined it. Spirituality and Creativity are some of the most important foundations to living a meaningful life. This book explores over 40 ways that you can awaken and connect to your spiritual creativity each chapter holds an exploration into a concept and ends with a Soul Prompt to help you explore each concept on a more personal level.


52 ways

How to Live with Purpose: 52 ways you can live with intention, inspiration and meaning starting right now!

Oftentimes, when we hear the word “purpose,” it appears in our mind’s eye with a capital P, glittering, imposing, and, well, important. There is a difference between Purpose, that BIG REASON that we are here, alive, on Planet Earth, and living with purpose, that beautiful thing with which you can decorate your day-to-day life, giving you a feeling of belonging, peace and joy.

We can have lives full of meaning without knowing exactly what our Purpose is. That is exactly what “How to live with purpose” is all about. Exploring more than 52 actionable ways to live with purpose, inspiration and intention starting right now!

Includes exclusive interviews from 11 inspiring people Including, Flora Bowley (Artist & Author of Brave Intuitive Painting), Todd Henry (Author of The Accidental Creative), Kimberly Wilson (Author of Hip Tranquil Chick) and eight others!

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Write Your Truth a prompted journal to explore your now and beyond.

55 simple and powerful prompts that support you in expressing more of your truth as you are and as you desire to be.

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