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Creating Spaciousness 21 day challenge- Day 21

21 days21 days

If spaciousness is something you find yourself craving as I do. Make a list of what connects you to that feeling.  A few things I do that create spaciousness (besides the ones in this challenge) are: Open ts he windows, open the blinds/curtains, do a fast declutter, allow for a period of time on a regular basis where I put aside my to do list and just let the morning or evening unfold (though this time is often “filled” with creating or reading this feels like total spaciousness to me. When we start to have those moments that feel overwhelming or too busy/crowded this is the list you will come back to again and again!

Thanks for joining me on this journey! I hope you have cleared space for more of what you seek in life!


Creating Spaciounses 21 day Challenge- Day 20

21 days

Explore the Feng Shui “ Rule of 27” I did this as part of a workshop/group I am in and loved it. This is a great one to do at least 1 x a month (essentially moving around, releasing or bringing in 27 things it can be a mixture of those too by the way!)

Creating Spaciousness 21 day challenge- Day 19

21 days

Take that stuff you have gathered to a donation center- don’t just leave it sitting around that is still hanging on to it and blocking the flow! ( I am SO guilty of this!) If there are things you have pulled aside for a few specific people designate a spot for that and label it ( so it doesn’t become the catch all for randomness you don’t know what to do with!)

Creating Spaciousness 21 Day Challenge- Day 18

21 days

Go through your phone or your camera (and then there or those of us like me that that is the same thing!) Backup the photos or any information you need or want to keep. Delete the stuff you don’t need or love. I will snap pictures of something I want to reference with my phone a lot, however I often do not delete these things once I have referenced them. This same action can be taken with any other digital devices you have too!

Creating Spaciouness 21 day Challenge- Day 17

21 days

Write a list of things you want to let go of (by this I mostly mean mental things- hurts, shoulds, limiting beliefs etc.) A powerful way to do this as well is to write a goodbye letter to what no longer serves you.

Creating Spaciousness Challenge – Day 16

21 days


Choose 1 space that feels too full or cluttered and set a timer for 5-15 minutes and get what you can get done in that time frame. Do these minutes every day  (or on a regular basis) until done. Choose the next area and so on!

Creating Spaciousness 21 Day Challenge – Day 15

21 days

Make a list of all your undones, those things that are bugging you, things/projects you started,  things you have promised or have been put aside ( but not consciously) This alone will create spaciousness in your head

Take it to another level by crossing out those things that are simply “shoulds” and give yourself permission to let go.