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6 ways to do a Mini Reset

Hey Beautiful Souls!

Every so often (or often :D) we feel like we need a little or big reset, refocus. I am feeling like that a lot lately in many ways. However trying to do huge shifts in the midst of several unknowns just can stress us out more. You may know that I am a fan of small inspired actions, moves, shifts.

So here are some really doable ways to give your mind and life a mini reset:

  1. Make the bed, it sounds unrelated and too simple. But it starts the day (or afternoon if that’s when you remember!) with one of having something done and it just simply looks calmer.
  2. Write out a brain-dump, pour out what you need to do, what you are feeling doesn’t matter just give your mind some space and perspective by getting it out on paper (or digital if that’s truly more your thing)
  3.  Decide what really needs to be the focus for your day or week. Allow yourself to zoom in on what needs tending to .
  4. Take a deep soulful, belly breath. Then say to yourself… I’ve got this! Then start where you are.
  5. Hydrate, get a healthy snack or meal. Start nourishing yourself in a way you know supports the energy you desire and need for what’s next (even if you don’t know what that is exactly!)
  6. Create something, anything! (I love a journal, glue-stick and some images/words) Creating can be the best kind of reset for just about anyone… if you allow yourself to be open to it.

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered


7 Questions to help support an Empowered 2017


Hey, Beautiful Souls!

As this year comes to a close and we go into a fresh new year I have been stewing on these questions to help me rise up in my own life in 2017… I thought I would share these questions with you. Maybe you are feeling that introspective,  hopeful space.  At the same time trying to figure out how you can not repeat the same frustrations of not diving into many of the things you say you really were seeking.

  1. What do I need to do differently in 2017?
  2. What have I been allowing to distract me from what I say I want? 
  3. What, who can support me? 
  4. What do I need to put in place, what systems might support me? 
  5. How might I engage in the healing work that would best support what I am here to do, what I desire? 
  6.  What’s working, what worked this year? 
  7. What isn’t/didn’t work this year? 

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and, Empowered


PS: I will be creating a new series called “Create an Inspired Year” I will have monthly themes via my Soul Notes/Newsletter! Sign up here.


10 ways to Add a little beauty into your day.


Hey, Beautiful Souls!

This week I encourage you to add in a little bit of beauty in your surroundings, routines etc. It’s easy to allow the rush of this time of year or our everyday activities to become either chaotic or a little too routine (more like a chore) so intentionally add in a little bit of beauty…

Some ideas:

  1. Put your beverage in a pretty cup
  2. Get a plant or some flowers (or both!)
  3. Seek out beauty (go on a little beauty inspiration hunt in your home or neighborhood)
  4. Add in some or one crystal(s) in your space
  5.  Put up a stack of favorite books in a space you will see them often.
  6. Get a really lovely pen and notebook to make lists, notes, doodles in and leave them out.
  7. Put on something that you really feel good in, that feels like you.
  8. Find a printable online or go get a greeting/postcard that inspires you and put it up in a place you will see it.
  9. Smile at yourself, at those around you. (be kind to you and others!)
  10. Light a candle

How might you add in a little bit of beauty in  your day?

Here is to living Inspired, Creative, and Empowered



Soul Nourishment- 5 Minute Challenge


I have a challenge for you all this week (and for myself) It’s so easy to let our day take us over, to somehow forget how certain practices really nourish us and to replace those bits with busywork. So this week let’s commit to:

Spend 5 minutes (or  more) doing something that nourishes your Soul. 

It’s going to look different for each of us, maybe even different each day or week.. here are some ideas to get you started.

  • Read a page from an inspiring  book
  • Listen to a song that you love, close your eyes and soak it in or dance it out!
  • Grab a magazine page, word or image that you feel drawn to from magazine and glue it down. (no overthinking!)
  • Make a list of Gratitude
  • Sit outside for a bit and take some deep breaths (this is one that really nourishes me but I tend to put off lately for some reason.)
  • Meditate, Pray, Affirmations
  • Spread some paint down

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered




Schedule- Create Space for Truth


Hey Inspiring Souls!

Creating Space for truth can show up in so many different ways. Sometimes those ways are physical, other times they are mental. Much of it  effects and reflects the other. It also often happens in seemingly small steps.

We hang onto so many things clothes, books, jewelry, beliefs, commitments/obligations that don’t’ really reflect us or the life we want to create. We can shift that by bringing awareness to those things that no longer fit or reflect and releasing them where we can or shifting them.

So this week I want to encourage you to look at your schedule, your current obligations and see if there is something that is feeling heavy, unaligned, like a big ol “should” and let it go, delegate it, step back for a while or if none of those are options can  you shift the way you think of it? Sometimes those obligations one we really think about them we can see the opportunity in them. 

Here is to living Inspired, Creative, and Empowered,



2 books- Creating Space for truth


Hey Empowered Souls!

A phrase, a craving I likey have shared with you that has come up for me again and again is ” Creating Space”

Creating space can be done in so many ways. And I thought I would share some prompts that I too will be following along with on tiny (and not so tiny) ways to create space.

Choose 2 books to release, donate, give to a friend, leave with a encouraging note on a bench somewhere. Take 2 books you are done with or have never started, loved or just doesn’t fit your interests any longer.

Here is to  living Inspired, Creative and Empowered


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