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15 Mini Life Edits- Living with Intention


15 mini life edits
Hey Lovely Souls!
For some reason I love the idea of a life edit, but editing and overhauling everything isn’t likely or realistic. (not to mention it’s overwhelming!)
So I created a list of 15 ways to create little min life edits for yourself. These are all fairly simple (and not too time consuming) ways to add what would help support you and subtract what isn’t.
  1. Clean out your purse/bag/wallet -Only put back in what is needed, deal with the rest (put it away, throw it away etc..)
  2. .Create a yes stack of books!
  3. Delete apps you never use.
  4. Turn off notifications that distract you and suck you into the vortex!
  5. Get/Use a reusable water bottle to be a constant reminder to hydrate.
  6. Unsubscribe from emails that you always delete anyway (or that just make you feel bad, obligated or any type of should feeling… )
  7. Put your creative supplies (some of them) out in a place where you will see them daily.
  8. Write down your ideas (use a notes app on your phone or carry a notebook with you)
  9. Choose the books you want to read each month and write them down. I have so many books. I constantly say I want to read more.. and yet I don’t. Part of that is because I have not intentionally selected what I want to be reading.
  10. Remove (when you can) the items from your space that derail what you say you want. (example: You want to eat healthier but all you have around is junk food… not helpful to eating healthier is it?!)
  11. Add in the items (where you can) that support what you want. (going with the example above, add in fruits, veggies or less processed stuff) But this can go for all sorts of items!
  12. Set up reminders on your phone to hydrate, take a deep breath, to check in with yourself.
  13. Get rid of the books and magazines that feel like shoulds (I should learn this, be this way or read/use it because I paid so much…) Sell or give them away. Let what feels like an obligation be a blessing to someone else.
  14. Automate what you can where you can. Bills, supplies… you always get. This isn’t about being on autopilot it’s about making things easier, less stressful.
  15. Make a list of go to’s.. .Menu, grocery items, self care practices… It can be a great tool to check in with when you are trying to engage in those things. Instead of always trying to come up with something new or off the top of your head. You have your sort of master list of… to pull from.


Here is to living with Intention
15 min Inspired Action

Freedom..15 minute Inspired Action..

Hey Inspired Souls!

In honor of 4th of July, lets look at our own freedoms and where we each feel grateful for freedom and independence, to celebrate those things in some way!

You could…

-list what freedoms you are grateful to have, ones that we so often take for granted as we are used to those freedoms.

-Dance, in public or in  private and remember how blessed you are to have the freedom to do that , to let the fact that you can listen to what you want to and move the way you want to be celebrated!

Those are just a few ideas, how will you express freedom today?

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered


15 min Inspired Action

Slow Down… 15 min Inspired Action!

Hey Creative Souls..

I know it seems like a contradiction to have an action be to slow down! The thing is I often get antsy if I am not “being productive” even if in reality it’s just purely busy work I am engaging in. Sometimes we need to just slow down, eat the food and do nothing else, take in the small moments surrounding us, not be in such a hurry to get to who knows what.. Even if this is just for 15 minutes, I really encourage you to just slow down and take a deep breath..

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered


15 min Inspired Action

Helping Japan.. 15 minute Inspired Action

It is the greatest of all mistakes to do nothing because you can only do little – do what you can.  ~Sydney Smith

Hey Inspiring Souls..

With the major disasters we have been seeing or hearing about in Japan, it’s easy to feel either hopeless or disconnected from it since it’s so far away from here. In order to not feel either of those, and to remember even the smallest actions can make a difference I am posting a few different ways to help those affected by the devastation of the 8.9 Earthquake and the Tsunami.

Donate to The Red Cross, even $10 can help

A list from Yahoo of ways to help here

From a wonderful soul, a guided meditation on holding compassion and love.

Those are just a few ideas of ways to help, if you believe in prayer, pray for comfort,strength and peace. Send out those vibes if you are not comfortable praying, do what feels right to you, but do not mistake that what you are doing is too small..

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered


15 min Inspired Action, Creative Prompts

Ordinary? -15 min Inspired Action/Creative Prompt

Hey Creative Souls!

Last few weeks I was sort of un-inspired too distracted to take pictures no big reason really just one of those little zones we get into. After reading “A Year of Mornings” book ( that my wonderful little Mom got me for Christmas!) I was inspired to start looking at things differently again. The result is the image above! Embracing all of my photo nerdiness and loving it!

15 minute Inspired Action/Creative prompt: Look around your environment right now, what can you look at differently? What “ordinary” object, moment, shape can you see and photograph differently? Maybe it means getting up really close to something, standing above something, manipulating the shape of something ( like I did with the spaghetti noodle) Using an app on your phone to get a different effect then normal.  My challenge to you is to look for something inspiring in something seemingly “ordinary”.

I would LOVE if you wanted to share with me what you create for this one! You can share it here on this flickr group

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered


15 min Inspired Action

Shed/Maintain- 15 Minute Inspired Action

Hey Empowered Souls!

It’s easy for a lot of us to feel on overwhelm or to put things off that if we just “tackled” it 15 minutes at a time would help us maintain or shed some unwanted clutter.

I think there are at least some things and some areas we can conquer 15 minutes at a time!

So that is this weeks 15 minute Inspired Action! Select one area to start sifting through the stuff to shed or to maintain, just to keep it under control.  I will give you a few examples, but give yourself a minute to look around your surroundings and see what you feel you can tackle 15 minutes at a time!

-The pile of paper on your desk, kitchen counter.. wherever, file what needs to be filed and get rid of papers that you no longer need in that pile.

-Shed some old emails in your inbox

-Clean out your bag, wallet or planner.

-pick any virtual or “real” area and just start on a section, don’t let the entire thing overwhelm you. Just pick one small area, set a timer and do what you can.

Here is to Living Inspired, Creative and Empowered


15 min Inspired Action

Show some love to yourself-15 min Inspired Action

Hey Wonderful Souls!

In honor of Valentines day today I want you to show yourself some love, in the form of self-care (though this is for any day and everyday really!)

Self care is very important, we are often the last people on our lists to really nurture and take care of.  In order to have the energy mental, spiritual and physical you must take care of yourself.   Now that you filling up your well a bit you will have more to give to others on the day of love! It’s the opposite of selfish.

Here are some ideas for taking just ( or at the least!) 15 minutes of self-care

-Put on a face-mask for your skin type

-Slather on lotion

-Do something creative, like a fast collage or spread paint in your journal

-Slow down, check in with your body, hear any message?

-Close your eyes, flow with your breath ( notice it, is it hurried, strained.. )

-Thank your body, your life for all it gives you that you never give a second thought ( breathe, movement and so on)

Those are just some ideas, I know there are a lot more that fit into that tiny but important 15 minute window! ( and beyond of course!)

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered