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Look up- Weekend Empowerment Challenge

Weekend empowerment challenge!

Hey Inspiring Souls,

This weekend challenge is to… Look up,

So often are looking at our phones and the stuff at eye level. This weekend look up and notice the sky, the clouds, sunsets, birds, trees. Bonus points of you snap a pic!

Here’s to living with intention



Try it 2018- Living with Intention

Hey Empowered Souls,

I cant’ tell you how many times I have said about a zillion things. I would really like to try that, go there, explore that.

And while it may not be an option for us to follow every one of those whims. We an choose one or a few that keep showing up for us. Let these be simple, doable and only ones that really keep tugging at you (and don’t take away from what goals and dreams you have decided to keep and accomplish this year) Some ideas that might spark some of your try it’s!

That place to eat that you keep saying you want to try (yet you keep going to your same ol beloved places!)

Yoga (you don’t have to sign up for an entire series just go to one class, try that one video)

Playing with paint (seriously get inexpensive supplies and just play, don’t put the expectation of masterpiece or nothing. Just try it, explore an afternoon, an hour, 15 minutes)

The new look (make up, accessories, whatever) who says you have to even go anywhere. Rock it around your house, try it!

Meditation (tip: I LOVE the app called insight timer it’s free and full of so many varieties for meditation)

That recipe

The list could go on an on!

What do you want to try? (remember keep it simple!)

Here is to living with Intention


Finish that 2018 – Living with Intention

Hey Inspiring Souls,

Most of us have some (or a lot) of things that are undone, that are not finished. That we started this year or last or… but have been avoiding the finishing/completion of it.

Not all those things for all of us will be possible (or even desired) to be finished this year. However you can choose one or two things.

Intention Prompt:

Create a list of things that are undone, not finished, lingering and tugging at the back of your mind all the time.  Choose 1 or 2 and finish it/them. 

Maybe it’s a phone call

Financial thing you need to put in place, take care of or complete.

Health appointment you keep avoiding.

A household project you started but haven’t finished.

A personal project , course, book that you started but you stepped away from yet it keeps lingering in your mind.

Finishing it can mean completing it or it can also mean being done with it. Deciding that where things are with it is good enough and you are mindfully saying I am finished with this!

This week- Empowerment Prompt

Hey Beautiful Souls!

With so much that needs to be done and that is consuming our minds, it’s often automatic to get stuck in the do list that feels overwhelming.

I offer you these questions (and will be using them more mindfully myself) to support you in planning and living your week with more intention.

I need to create space for
I will nourish myself by
I want to accomplish
I want to savor
I want to feel
Here is to living with Intention

Nature-Weekend Empowerment Challenge

Hey Lovely Souls,

With weather being hot in some areas this time of year or simply lots to do and he distracted by it’s easy to sort of spend all your time indoors!

This weekends empowerment challenge is to get outside.

Go to the park or beach

Go into your yard (or balcony or patio)

Go for a stroll around your block or community

If it’s too hot sit outside when the warm evenings happen

Just give yourself at least 5 minutes to soak in some nature.

Even if you are a city dweller you likely still have trees or flowers and you definitely have a sky!

Connect with nature even for just a few moments.

Are you in?

Here is to living a life of intention


Mini Declutter- Weekend Empowerment Challenge

Hey Beautiful Souls!

Last week I introduced a new category that I have added (one I am excited about and need for myself!)
Weekend Empowerment challenge. These will be published every Thrursday or Friday and will be a prompt that you can complete in a weekend!
This weekends challenge is:
A mini declutter session!
This does not mean tackle that huge project that you have been meaning to do. No, the aim here is to start small. Choose one small area to start and finish this weekend.
Some ideas: Choose one, then if you are done with it, choose another if you feel so called to do so.
A junk drawer
The top of your dresser
Your desk
One tiny corner of that bigger project (so one  bag, one pile)
Your magazine pile (or one stack of them or certain titles, dates)
Your makeup bag
Your purse or just your wallet
Snack drawer/cabinet
Gather all the trash and recycling and get it out of a space.
There is power in release and shifting of our spaces even in the tiniest of ways.
Here is to  living Inspired, Creative and Empowered

Read- Weekend Empowerment Challenge


Hey Beautiful Souls!

I would like to introduce my newest category/series… Weekend Empowerment  Challenges: Each week I plan on sharing a challenge that anyone can participate in that can be done in a weekend!
They are going to be all things inspired to mindsets to our spaces and all the goodness in between.
I will be joining in these with you!
I love reading, yet I find that I often don’t make time for it. This weekend I want to get myself back into the reading groove!
Our first -weekend challenge is:
Read at least 2 chapters in your current book (if you don’t have one, then another part of this challenge is to find a book that you really want to read, likely one on your shelf or virtual shelf) and read 2 chapters!
I would love it if you left a comment here and/or if you wanted to post a pic of your challenge in action! If you post, please use the hashtag
Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered