Friday 5

Bring Intention into your weekend- Friday 5


5 ways to bring intention into your weekend
1) Determine how you would like to feel.
2) Make a mini list of what you want/need to do this weekend. (*hint, check in with your word of how you want to feel. Do these actions bring you closer or further to it)
3) Plan your week ahead, Personally I like to do this Sunday evening. It helps me approach my week with far more intention than if I just react to everything that comes up.
4) Spend at least a little time doing something that nourishes you. Go outside, read, take a bath, cook/order a yummy meal etc..
5) Check in how often you are checking out with your phone or other device/screen. It’s not about beating yourself up. It’s about noticing how often you do this by default. The more we check in about these things the more intentional you become when you do pick up your device or remote.
Here is to living with Intention
Friday 5

Way to use a clipboard to organize or inspire you! – Friday 5

5 way to use a clipboard to organize or inspire you!
Hey Inspiring Souls,
You likely have a tool in your home right now (or easily purchased from dollar store0 that will help you organize your life and can be a tool for inspiration..
A humble ol clipboard…
Here are 5 ways to use it:
  1. Display magazine images or photos in an easy to change out way.
  2. Display list of goals and values in a place where you can see it often.
  3. Hold action papers, papers that need following up, post them somewhere you will see on the daily.
  4. Checklists ( a tip for checklists that are ongoing, use a sheet protector and a dry erase marker to cross out, check off)
  5. By the door for papers and coupons you want to take with you.


Here is to living with Intention


Friday 5, Holistic Living, Inspired, living with intention

Prompts to Empower Yourself – Friday 5

Friday 5: Prompts to Empower yourself
Truth within and for yourself is an aspect of empowerment for sure. Often we go on default mode and don’t check in with ourselves about what we really want or need.
Here are 5 prompts to help you do just that..
1) What do I really need right now?
2) What is my energy and time going into lately?
3) In response to the above… Is this what it is best invested in at this point in my life? Or is it just distracting me from where I really need and desire to invest it?
4) How can I best support myself right now?
5) What is tugging at me lately? (What’s on my Heart lately is another way to phrase this)
Here is to living with Intention
Friday 5

Questions to ask yourself- Friday 5

Hey Lovely Souls!

Life is often chaotic. I have found myself being in the mode of react instead of responding. Today, I am taking a little bit of time to take a deep breath, literally I am stopping right now to take one.

Ok I am back. Things have been feeling out of whack lately and i need to get myself grounded in order to get focused and in action (instead of inaction!)

Here are 5 questions you can ask yourself that I am asking myself right now.

  1. Where are you feeling this tension, stress, chaos?
  2. What can you do to bring some love and a little bit of ease to where you are holding the tension, stress and chaos?
  3. What do I most need right now?
  4. What’s the easiest place to start?
  5. Is the level of stress and energy I am currently giving this/these situations helping get it solved or just depleting me making it more difficult to work towards a solution?

Here is to living with Intention


Friday 5

Easy (and low/no cost) ways to get creative- Friday 5

Hey Lovely Soul!

Creativity is an important ingredient in living a life of intention and inspiration. Sometimes we may feel we just don’t have time for it. This is usually because we either have a certain vision of what we think creativity looks like (I need a ton of supplies and space to create a masterpiece… ) or we are resisting it because we know it might open us up to some other layers we don’t yet feel ready to deal with.

We are all creative, I truly believe that. This weekend, give yourself the gift of allowing space for some creativity. Feeling stuck as to what to engage in? Here are 5 ideas…

  1. Rearrange things in your space, on your wall. Doing this can take hours and hours. It can also take say 15-30 while you just find a few things to shift. Maybe it’s creating a mini altar in your space, redoing a wall of inspiration, adding or subtracting decorative and functional items. If you don’t have space for your creativity in the way you would like to, might you find a way to carve out, re-purpose a corner or container to hold your creative supplies for easy access?
  2. Putting together a new look for yourself… play with your makeup, add items together that you haven’t before (more accessories anyone!) Just play around with it… You don’t even have to go out of the house in this new ensemble if you don’t want to.
  3. Create playlists for various moods (this can be done on your phone, spotify, YouTube etc.)
  4. Create a new to you meal, bake something, make a menu. If you get stuck in the same ol or are feeling uninspired choose a new to your meal or ingredient to work with.
  5. Grab a notebook (or loose piece of paper) and doodle, list, play with letters and shapes. Just follow your gut, even if you think this is pointless or looks silly… just go with it.

Here is to living with Intention


Friday 5, Holistic Living

Ways to clear Space this weekend- Friday 5

Friday 5:

5 ways to clear space this weekend

1) Set a timer for at least 5 minutes and delete apps, photos, notes you don’t need.

2) Do a brain dump, this means just write down all the stuff that’s on your mind. It might be groceries you need to get to what is my purpose in life q’s. A brain dump is simply a list a way to allow your mind to rest a bit since all that was swirling around in it is now on paper.  it’s not only helpful to clear space in your head but it’s great self care!

3) Go through your bookshelf (set a timer for 5-15 minutes) and choose any titles that feel like shoulds or give you a guilty blech feeling.. Put those in a box to donate.

4) Choose a small area to clear out, a table, shelf, drawer and declutter it, dust it, move things around.

5) Do a 5-10 minute blitz on your space. We all have stuff just sitting around sometime that needs to be dealt with in some way. Filed, recycled, put up, put away, gone through. Set the timer and go for it.

Even though these don’t seem like they would have an impact. They do, it helps shift the energy and in some instances helps as a catalyst for actions.

Here’s to living with Intention


Friday 5

5 (free) acts of self care to do this weekend- Friday 5

Hey Beautiful Soul,

I am a believer in self and soul care. This is not the type of self care (though for some it certainly can include it) that is all about massages and vacations. It’s about practices and rituals to put into your life on the regular. Ones that support your mind, body and soul.

We have more opportunities for self care than we often realize.

Here are 5 acts of self care you can do this weekend and they are free!

  1. Stop for a moment (several times throughout your day, even set up a reminder on your phone) and take a put your hand on your heart and take a deep breath, eyes closed if you can.
  2. Get some fresh air (if it’s crazy outside or super cold, open the windows when you can even for just 5 minutes if it’s safe to do so) If you can get outside even for a just a few minutes and just breath it in.
  3. Do a brain dump. Most of us have what feel like a zillion things on our minds. Taking even just a few minutes to grab a piece of paper (or notes app if you are more of a digital kind of person) and just write down everything that’s tugging at you. It might seem like a strange mix from what’s my future hold to get milk. But it’s all taking up space! Step away from it for a while and then take a gander at it. Are there things that are simple to just get done or delegate? Are there more action items or it’s not in my hands but it’s on my mind items. Once you have a bit of this perspective you can decide what if anything needs to be done.
  4. Check in with your body, what does it need? Rest, movement, water, veggies, cake (ok maybe we don’t need cake, but if that’s truly what you are craving and it’s not detrimental to your health can you give in just a tiny bit, or find a compromise) Maybe you simply needed to check in with your body to notice that your shoulders and ears are scrunched up together!
  5. Create something… a photo (with your phone counts, visual journal page, vision board, inspiration board, doodle, a meal, a yarn project the list is endless… Even if you don’t have all the supplies for one project I am willing to bet you have available to you supplies to create something (pen, paper, phone with camera, ingredients to bake  or cook something)

What act’s of self and soul care will you engage in this weekend?

Here is to living with Intention