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10 in 10 – Holistic Living

Hey Lovely Souls!

We can explore and accomplish (or start) more in 10 minutes than we usually realize.

So often we think that we need to have big blocks of time to get healthier, read more, explore our creativity, declutter. etc…

While big blocks of time are awesome,  they are not always easy to come by (or shall I say to carve out the time for) However, most any of us can carve out 10 minutes (and likely many times throughout the day).

Here are some things you can do in 10 minutes to support yourself in living holistically.

  1. Meditate for 10 minutes (or 5 in am, 5 in afternoon/evening)
  2. Spread paint in  your journal or on a canvas  (or glue images, add some stitches etc.)
  3. Journal, braindump, make lists.
  4. Be still, no looking at the phone. Just allow yourself to be for just 10 minutes.
  5. Move your body, walk around your house, neighborhood, do yoga, dance. Move your body! (if you are currently getting no movement and you can squeeze in 10 several times a week, isn’t that better than nothing?!)
  6. Plan meals for your week, make a menu
  7. Set up your supplements for the week.
  8. Read something inspiring  (book, blog, magazine)
  9. Do a blitz (this can be done in as little as 5) Maybe it’s doing a quick pick up in your living room, desktop (digital or physical!) unloading the dishwasher, wipe down of the bathroom or kitchen, shifting things around your space, putting stuff away. Set a timer and go for it. Don’t overthink it, just start on the space that’s bugging you the most or that you would be able to see the most progress in for that amount of time.
  10. Call and make the appt, check your balance etc. set up reminders on your phone or in/on your planner.

Here is to living with Inspiration and Intention



6 Intentional AM Habits- Holistic Living

Hey Beautiful Souls,

The way we start our mornings is something that can help set the tone for the rest of the day. Here are some AM habits that you might put into your mornings. I would encourage you to add in one at a time so you don’t try to add a bunch of things at once, that is often a recipe for overwhelm.

  1. Read something inspiring. This can be an oracle card you pull, daily devotion, an inspiring saying on your phone, a paragraph of a page of a book etc.
  2. Hydrate, we wake up dehydrated and it’s a great way to start your hydration intake for the day.
  3. Move your body, for me if I don’t start my day with moving my body it’s a lot less likely to happen as I go through my day. Maybe it’s a 5 -minute walk, yoga or dance, just move it!
  4. Journal, make a brain-dump, allow a stream of unedited thoughts to flow out for 5-10 minutes, write down what you are grateful for or prayers.
  5. Check in with your planner what is on your list for today, does it feel right, what might need to be shifted, released or added?
  6. Put on something that makes you feel good. It doesn’t matter if you are home most of the time or out often. Putting on something that feels good to you is for yourself!

How do you like to start your mornings?


15 Ways to savor summer

Hey Beautiful Souls!

Over in this part of the world it’s Summer solstice today. I feel a bit in shock that we are actually talking about summer already! Each season it’s easy to have big plans and then not check many of them off. (hello Spring list) This summer I would like to do things differently! Here are 15 ways to savor summer.

  1. Open windows and blinds, let some sunshine in!
  2. Go to the farmers market, fairs visit the local goodness you have around you.
  3. Create a summer photo series: You can make it themed in so many ways. Mornings, light, by color, general snapshots of your day, nature.
  4. Clear some space: In your schedule, in your surroundings, choose a select number if items to pare down to for a set number of days (the entire summer, a week, a month etc) This could be art supplies, clothing, projects etc.
  5. Choose a book or three to read. Make it something you really want to read no shoulding on yourself!
  6. Get some sidewalk chalk and play (this works if you have kids or not!) Put tic tac toe, hopscotch (note to self, be mindful of your knees lol) write out sayings or words and photograph them (bonus for doing a where I stand foot shot with them!)
  7. Start a new journal (sometimes we just feel we want a fresh start so start a new one, you can always go back to the one you might be sort of using now, or not!)
  8. Blow bubbles, let it be a meditation to you, just watch them as they float around or if you are feeling energetic chase them down!
  9. Lighten up: Eat lighter food (experiment with salads) , get a haircut or play with the color, wear breezy layers, add some fun color or pattern to your current wardrobe, change around your linens a bit. This list could go on and on!
  10. Look up what fruits and veggies are in season and add those into your meals more, sit and savor the sun (safely of course)
  11. Choose a project to start and finish.
  12. Create a summer playlist
  13.  Create a holistic first aid kit (but make it for prevention and solutions so essential oils, ointments, sunscreen, aloe etc. )
  14. Plan something, maybe it’s a summer stay-cation, road trip, a trip you want to take. Spend some time planning (and if you can following through on that plan)
  15. Notice, if you were to take nothing else except for this one from this list that would be a beautiful way to savor your summer. Notice the sounds, the laughter, the creative chaos, the breezes, the flowers and fruits of the season. Simply notice the goodness and even the struggles that are surrounding you. Open yourself to what they have to teach you.

What’s on your summer bucket list?

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered


Infuse Intention into your weekend (or week) – Friday 5

Hey Wonderful Souls!

The weekend is upon us (though these ideas can be used any day!) and I know that if I don’t have at least a bit of an idea, intention in my week or weekend that I can just spend the time reacting to whatever instead of responding and being intentional. When I do that I always feel drained and annoyed about it. So here are 5 ways to infuse your week(end) with intention.

  1. Create a list, if it’s the weekend then create what I used to call “weekend wanna” list. What do you want to do, explore, feel, accomplish? This can be really simple, try not to flood yourself with expectations.
  2. Plan something ahead of time, look around at what’s happening locally, plan to spend time in your yard or on your balcony.
  3. Create something, a meal, a journal page, a photograph…
  4. Notice how you are feeling, what your breath is like, where your shoulders are (as in are they up by your ears?!)
  5. Look at those you love and those you are interacting with, put down your phone for a moment and really listen, engage.

How will you infuse your day, weekend with intention?

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered


Lists to make- Friday 5

Hey Beautiful Souls!

I may have expressed before that I love lists! I have a list of lists I can make!

Lists can be fun, revealing, helpful and healing.

Here are 5 different list you can make.

  1. Things that nourish you, what makes you feel cared for?
  2. Things you want to do, create, accomplish for a season or some other specified amount of time!
  3. A list of things that you are grateful for
  4. More of/Less of list (ok this is actually two!)
  5. Things that you appreciate about yourself

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered


It’s Time- Thursday Thoughts

Hey Beautiful Souls!

It’s time to…

To own your power

Say No

Say Yes



Let it go, Release

Embrace it, Lean in

Explore whos expectations you are working so hard to live up to

Go beneath the surface

Nourish yourself, mind, body, soul.

Give yourself your own support



Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered



Connect- Friday 5

Hey Beautiful Souls!

Even though we live in a world that is hyper connected, it’s easy to feel disconnected in so many ways. I want to share 5 ideas of ways to connect.

  1. Connect to yourself, Just breathe. When we stress or are really distracted we tend to hold our breaths. Be intentional and notice your breathing.
  2. Put your device down and look at people you are interacting with. When you are at the store and checking out, make eye contact, when you are asking your loved ones how their day was, look at them.
  3. Ask yourself (in a journal or just ponder) what do I most need right now?
  4. Go outside, connect with nature! It doesn’t matter where you live, I bet you can find a flower, a tree and you can always find the sky! Take a moment to just connect, notice the sounds, colors, feelings of nature.
  5. Reach out, notice people. Reach out to a friend or loved one just to check in. As you are walking around doing various errands notice people, smile, say hello… simply notice others.

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered