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15 Journal Prompts to explore…



Hey Inspiring Souls!

My journal has been a support system for me for many years now. It’s an anchor of sorts. The thing about journaling is we can’t do it wrong, it’s incredibly forgiving you can write one entry and the next one can be weeks, months or years later and your journal will not judge you!

I also know that sometimes even if we feel we have a lot to say that we open to that blank page and we feel like we go blank! To help you out with that or simply give you a diving in point here are 15 journal prompts…

  1. Right now I need
  2. Right now I feel
  3. Truth
  4. What do I hear, taste, see, smell, feel?
  5. More of, less of
  6. Gratitude, describe in detail one or two things.. (so not just I am grateful for my sight.. what are you seeing that brings you gratitude about that.. why.. ) or a  simple list.. again no.wrong.way!
  7. What nourishes me
  8. What is draining me
  9. Currently loving
  10. Wins and Woes
  11. F*%K it list
  12. Things I appreciate about myself
  13. Lessons learned lately ( you define lately)
  14. Affirmations
  15. What I am resisting, yet crave.

Here is to living with Intention


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30 ways with 5 (to 10) Minutes

Hey Lovely Souls,

This post is to remind myself and you that 5-10 minutes can be plenty of time for so many things.. This post is by no  means telling you have yo have to be productive. It’s not about that.. The list is a range of things that one can do in 5 minutes.

  1. Move your body (put on a song and dance to it, walk around your place, yard or neighborhood, choose from a huge list YouTube videos on Yoga, walking, dance etc.. )
  2. Be Still or put on a meditation
  3. Spread paint in your journal
  4. Glue an image and word in your journal
  5. Write something you are grateful for
  6. Text someone a hello, checking in or encouraging quote.
  7. Change the wallpaper/screensavers on devices you use all the time. Put something that inspires you or makes you smile!
  8. Drink some sips of water
  9. Take deep breaths and put your hand on your heart
  10. Open the windows and blinds, get some sunlight (if there is any!) and fresh air.
  11. File some papers
  12. Write out a menu for the ingredients you have
  13. Clear on small space as much as you can in the time you set aside. Sometimes it’s plenty to finish the project. If not you can continue to chip away at it through the day or week etc.
  14. Doodle something, who cares what it looks like!
  15. Create a brain dump list.. all the stuff that’s on your mind from little stuff tugging at you to big stuff, just let it all out.
  16. Clean something (wipe down the bathroom, clean the mirrors, shine up the sink etc.. )
  17. Put stuff away where it belongs (we all have a few things lingering and bugging us that we mean to put away.. set a timer and deal with what you can in that time frame)
  18. Set Alarms for deep breaths, hydrating, movement, a cal you need to make (make the ones that you want to do everyday on repeat)
  19. Take some pictures of the beauty and chaos of your everyday
  20. Answer the prompt, right now I need…
  21. Read a few paragraphs or pages in a book
  22. Listen to a song that fits the mood you have or want to have!
  23. Set up your supplements for the week
  24. Unsubscribe from emails, groups etc. that don’t feel aligned.
  25. Create a board on Pinterest that feeds your soul right now (images and words of hope, empowerment, well being, things you want to do one day, things you want to learn.. )
  26. Write your wins and woes of the day
  27. Write a review for a local business that you love.
  28. Plan a few outfits for the week… even if you are “just” at home.
  29. Put a little extra care into your daily face care
  30. Tend to your plants

What would you add to this list?!

Here is to living with Intention


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March Reads

Hey lovely Souls!

Each month I’m attempting to read at least 2 books. I find that I’m more likely to read if I have a few books designated each month. Last month didn’t unfold as I had intended for many things, including reading! But here we are in a fresh new  month.. 

My unintentional theme for my March reads is shown in the image above! I will also be finishing listening to the “Braving The Wilderness” Audio-book by Brene Brown. 

What’s on your reading list? 

Here is to living with Intention 

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My body needs- Journal Prompt


Hey Lovely Souls,


A simple and powerful question (and one I am needing to ask myself especially the last few days) is this weeks journal prompt..

Right now my body needs…

Asking your body what it needs. A great way to get into some awareness is to stop for a moment, close your eyes and check in. Where are you feeling discomfort, anxiousness, a need for food or water, a need for a good stretch etc..

Don’t overthink this or even edit it.. just allow whatever pops into your head and spills on the page flow out.

Here is to living with Intention


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20 tiny and intentional shifts to make this year…

Hey Lovely Soul!

  1. Curate your inbox/social media accounts. Unsubscribe and unfollow anything that doesn’t inspire or inform you. (if it’s just inspiring insecurity then it may be best to unfollow!) If you are trying to be more mindful about money for example unsub to those “amazing deals” offers.
  2. Get (and use) a reusable  water bottle. Keep it near you. (this is one I am ok at but need a lot of improvement!) 
  3. Think/write what you are grateful for on the regular.
  4. Look others in the eyes when you are talking to them (more often at least)
  5. Remove the notifications that trigger you to get sucked into the vortex. 
  6. Get a tiny bit of fresh air on a regular basis. Open the windows, step outside, let the light in, get in the light! 
  7. Shoulder check.. are they up by your ears? Check in on where you are holding your tension on a regular basis. 
  8. Start a journal, this doesn’t have to be complicated. Start with a composition notebook, free write or answer the go to prompts on a regular basis, write down lists. It is YOUR journal, there are lots of ways to start/keep one.. not any of the ways are wrong! You can’t mess it up! 
  9. Take deep breaths, hand on heart (eyes closed when you can)  on the regular.. Daily or a few times a day would be amazing… But… every little bit helps! 
  10. Put up images and words that inspire you. There are a lot of different and cheap ways to do this. 
  11. Choose something you have been saving for a “special occasion” (outfit, accessory, art supply.. ) and use it. Life IS a special occasion. 
  12. Write down something you want to do or create… now write what tools and resources etc you have to make one teeny tiny move to start it! 
  13. Create a yes stack of books and always have one you are reading through. A sentence, paragraph or chapter at a time will get you there faster than not starting until… 
  14. Make a list of hard conversations you need to have this year. The conversations are not little things but a start is identifying what ones you need/want (ish) to have. 
  15. Listen to something that inspires you regularly. Audio-books, podcast, YouTube videos, music. 
  16. Set up a space just for you. A room, dresser top, basket, shelf, windowsill. Look around, what is taking up space that really could be shifted around? What could be used creatively to make a little space for you? 
  17.  Take more pictures of the everyday goodness, blessings, beauty, chaos! 
  18. Explore what nourishes you, what’s tugging at you. A great way to start this is to create what I call “Soul notes” write down all the little cravings, tugs etc. It’s likely you will notice a pattern!
  19. If there is a trip or goal, dream etc that has been tugging at you. Create space for it. Do’t look at what your obstacles are right now. Simply create space for it. Maybe that means saving $5 a month for that dream, maybe it’s a Pinterest Board, Journal where you spill it all out without having to figure it all out. It is worthy of having space created of it as are you lovely soul!
  20. Reach out on a regular basis to others. A text, call, Facebook message, an article they would love, a card in the mail,  create a playlist or share a favorite podcast with them. This doesn’t have to cost money or much time.

Here is to living with intention


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January reads

Hey lovely soul!

My goal every year (for the past 4 ish years) is to read at least 2 books a month. Last year was a vortex and I didn’t create enough space to read as often as I could have.

So I didn’t get close to that, however it’s a fresh new year! One thing I’m doing to help increase my chances of meeting my intention is to choose my reads each month.

I also have audiobooks and kindle books, this month however my two focus reads are physical books.

This a beautiful book, one I’ll be going to again and again. If you haven’t read the first one I’d recommend checking it out as well. (note the bookmark, it was my Dads who loved Einstein, figured it was fitting to use in this grief book!)



I just love the cover and title of this book.  I am liking it so far (only about 15 pages in thus far)

What are you reading?

Here is to living with Intention


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15 Mini Life Edits- Living with Intention


15 mini life edits
Hey Lovely Souls!
For some reason I love the idea of a life edit, but editing and overhauling everything isn’t likely or realistic. (not to mention it’s overwhelming!)
So I created a list of 15 ways to create little min life edits for yourself. These are all fairly simple (and not too time consuming) ways to add what would help support you and subtract what isn’t.
  1. Clean out your purse/bag/wallet -Only put back in what is needed, deal with the rest (put it away, throw it away etc..)
  2. .Create a yes stack of books!
  3. Delete apps you never use.
  4. Turn off notifications that distract you and suck you into the vortex!
  5. Get/Use a reusable water bottle to be a constant reminder to hydrate.
  6. Unsubscribe from emails that you always delete anyway (or that just make you feel bad, obligated or any type of should feeling… )
  7. Put your creative supplies (some of them) out in a place where you will see them daily.
  8. Write down your ideas (use a notes app on your phone or carry a notebook with you)
  9. Choose the books you want to read each month and write them down. I have so many books. I constantly say I want to read more.. and yet I don’t. Part of that is because I have not intentionally selected what I want to be reading.
  10. Remove (when you can) the items from your space that derail what you say you want. (example: You want to eat healthier but all you have around is junk food… not helpful to eating healthier is it?!)
  11. Add in the items (where you can) that support what you want. (going with the example above, add in fruits, veggies or less processed stuff) But this can go for all sorts of items!
  12. Set up reminders on your phone to hydrate, take a deep breath, to check in with yourself.
  13. Get rid of the books and magazines that feel like shoulds (I should learn this, be this way or read/use it because I paid so much…) Sell or give them away. Let what feels like an obligation be a blessing to someone else.
  14. Automate what you can where you can. Bills, supplies… you always get. This isn’t about being on autopilot it’s about making things easier, less stressful.
  15. Make a list of go to’s.. .Menu, grocery items, self care practices… It can be a great tool to check in with when you are trying to engage in those things. Instead of always trying to come up with something new or off the top of your head. You have your sort of master list of… to pull from.


Here is to living with Intention
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5 Reminders for your soul…

Hey Lovely Souls,

Sometimes we just need to be reminded

  1. You Matter, you are here for a purpose. Trust that even if your life doesn’t look like you think it “should” that you are here for a reason and have so much within you.
  2. Taking care of yourself isn’t selfish, it’s the opposite. It helps you have a stronger foundation than consonantly giving up yours time, money, energy and self to support (or seemingly support) others. Hydrate, create, rest, move your body, check in with yourself, pray, meditate, nourish your body.
  3. You have what you need within and around you right now to start to lean further into your truth.
  4. Go at your own pace, growth often takes time. The world of social media often fools us into thinking others have it all figured out. Guess what, most of them don’t. They are sharing curated versions of their story. There is more to it!
  5. Slow down and savor the season, those around you, the sights, sounds and flavors of this season (actual season or season of your life… )

Here is to living with intention