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Capable and Supported- Tuesday Truths

Hey Beautiful Soul.

A reminder for you (and myself) for whatever area(s) you are feeling the need for it (and for me lately, that’s a lot of areas!)

Simple, Powerful and True…

You’ve got this ❤




Ways to connect- Friday 5

Hey Lovely Soul,

Connecting is something that really matters to me. However, as with many of us, it’s easy to get caught up in the gotta do and should do and lose sight of what we need or what matters right now.

Here are 5 ways to connect (this weekend or anytime)

  1. Connect with Beauty. Buy some flowers, go outside and seek out something beautiful(tip, start looking at details instead of the overwhelm of everything in your view!)
  2. Connect with yourself. Allow yourself to just be still for even 5 minutes ( I know this can feel like hours if you’re not used to it. I love to find stillness in child’s pose) Journal, put your hand on your heart and one on y our bell and ask yourself what you need, sit and listen to a song with your eyes closed and feel it.
  3. Connect with others. Spend time with loved ones or friends, look people in the eyes (this includes people who are ringing you up at a store or the like) Reach out in person or via text, phone or some other way!
  4. Connect with your creativity. Take a photo (or 20!), Get a journal, magazines and a glue stick and glue down some images and words that you love, feel drawn to, doodle, color, knit.
  5. Connect with your body. How are your shoulders feeling, are they up to your ears? What is your body craving, take deep belly breaths, what food or beverage would really nourish you today?

Here is to living Creative, (Connected!) Inspired and Empowered


It’s time to… In my journal

Hey, Beautiful Souls!

A message in my journal (Messages emerge if we allow them)

Sometimes the messages I am not allowing to surface will surface through allowing space to visual journal. They can come in the form of words, images or both (or even color and patterns etc…)

These feel like perfect, timely messages in my life.

I would encourage you to take a little time with your journal (or a piece of paper, index card whatever!) and grab a word or image and allow that to be the prompt. Spend 5-10 minutes or add to it throughout the week. See what messages surface for you.

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered


6 ways to do a Mini Reset

Hey Beautiful Souls!

Every so often (or often :D) we feel like we need a little or big reset, refocus. I am feeling like that a lot lately in many ways. However trying to do huge shifts in the midst of several unknowns just can stress us out more. You may know that I am a fan of small inspired actions, moves, shifts.

So here are some really doable ways to give your mind and life a mini reset:

  1. Make the bed, it sounds unrelated and too simple. But it starts the day (or afternoon if that’s when you remember!) with one of having something done and it just simply looks calmer.
  2. Write out a brain-dump, pour out what you need to do, what you are feeling doesn’t matter just give your mind some space and perspective by getting it out on paper (or digital if that’s truly more your thing)
  3.  Decide what really needs to be the focus for your day or week. Allow yourself to zoom in on what needs tending to .
  4. Take a deep soulful, belly breath. Then say to yourself… I’ve got this! Then start where you are.
  5. Hydrate, get a healthy snack or meal. Start nourishing yourself in a way you know supports the energy you desire and need for what’s next (even if you don’t know what that is exactly!)
  6. Create something, anything! (I love a journal, glue-stick and some images/words) Creating can be the best kind of reset for just about anyone… if you allow yourself to be open to it.

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered


3 ways to Spring Clean Your Digital life

Hey, Inspiring Souls!

This season (and the season I am at with my life) are really times where I feel I want to create space, clear things out and start a bit fresh.

I am of the belief that too much chaos (inner, outer, physical, digital etc…) saps energy from us,  sometimes we are not even aware of it.

I have been feeling that lately… so I started with a bit of a digital detox/declutter.  Maybe you need something like this too… For me, it’s already made me feel a little lighter (and a tiny bit antsy lol) but i know that this is just the beginning for me!

  1. Step away from social media. Don’t get me wrong, I love Instagram and I really like some things about Facebook. But sometimes, in order to check back into our lives, we need to check out of social media for a bit. You can deactivate your account (that can be for as long or short as you desire) Log out, block the sites, put the apps in a folder. I am doing a 10 detox from Social Media (at least, maybe a little longer we will see!)
  2. Unsubscribe/Unfollow newsletter, notices, social media pages/groups,  (if you happen to be on there after your detox!), blogs. If you afraid you might want to go to it later, in the future write them down. See if you miss em!
  3. Give your Desktop and or phone a “clean out” look through the PDF’s, Documents, Images you have saved and see if you really want /need them. Delete apps off of your phone that you just don’t use.

And as you do this, notice what the change in your energy might be. Just observe it, lean into it.

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered



Inspiring Links- Friday 5

Hey Inspiring Souls! For this week’s Friday 5 I have some inspiring links for you. What’s been inspiring you lately?

  1. 35 Surprising  uses for Essential Oil
  2. Sunday night habits of successful people 
  3. How to make friends as an adult
  4. 10 Signs of caregiver stress 
  5. Creative Exercise (Flora Bowley)

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered


And she knew…


Hello Beautiful You!

This is in a nutshell (or square image!) how I am feeling about this year and my dreams.

So often we (read, I) have let the head win over the tuggings of the soul. After a while, it gets “easy” to just keep going that direction. We pretend that those tuggings are no big deal or we will listen another time, that they aren’t practical (umm they aren’t necessarily supposed to be!)

Those tuggings come in various ways, including cravings, words, and themes coming up again and again,  they show up as joy (sometimes mixed with fear!) They can show up in a feeling that we can’t quite name, an image in a magazine or a word, song or so many other ways. You likely know them but are so used to saying you can’t, don’t know how, you are scared.

What if you listened to those tuggings just a little closer, what if you allowed tiny bits of them in and some more and so on…

You know what it’s time for, you know your Soul is ready to support you, to guide you with everything she’s got. It’s ok that your head isn’t ready, just allow yourself to show up for your Soul even just a little.

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered