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5 ways to express gratitude & A Gratitude project


5 ways to express gratitude & A Gratitude project
1) Write it down, make a list or list one thing and expand on it.
2) Take a picture of something/someone you are grateful for… “bonus” for a why.
3) Put your hand on your heart and name at least 3 things in your life, about yourself, your body etc… that you are grateful for.
4) Share on social media and invite others to do so.
5) Look someone in the eyes and tell them you appreciate them (general or specific) (can’t be near them.. text em!)
Gratitude Project:
A project that I have done and modified as the holidays have shifted. Is to have everyone (or a several) people write done something that they appreciate or admire about someone else in the family (you can do this for each family member) and if you can designate someone (yourself or not.. ) to gather the words and put it into a document and print it out (or you can hand write too)
Don’t put who said what though… they get a list of words about them…
Loving, Creative, Good Listener etc..
This could of course also be done at Christmas or anytime of the year!
Here is to living with intention
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6 questions to ask yourself now- Intentional Living

Hey Lovely Souls,
There is a lot of hype about there is only x more days until 2020… While that is shocking and a bit horrifying, I don’t want to get too caught up in that energy. It feels almost a panicky for some!
What I would love to do is create some posts and prompts that will support you where you are now.
Let’s start with these 6 questions, don’t overthink them (I know easier said than done!) Just be open to what comes up!
1) What do I need to let go of from this  year so far? Goals, expectations, project, anger,  stuff?
2) What do I want to savor the rest of this year? The holidays, time with loved ones, the flavors?
3) How do I want to feel the rest of this year?
4) What can I start or ask for today, this week in order to support myself in that feeling?
5) What’s something that I put off this year that I could still accomplish, create or ask for that might help support who I am unfolding into next year?
6) Where have I really showed up, rocked it and aligned this year?
Here is to living with Intention
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5 Questions to support you in caring for yourself- Friday 5


5 questions to support you in caring for yourself
Hey Beautiful Souls!
Sometimes caring for ourselves is asking ourselves simple but powerful q’s. Checking in with ourselves. Here are 5 Q’s to help you do just that!
1) What am I needing right now (not what I think I should do, but what do I really need right now?)
2) Are my shoulders up by my ears right now? This sounds like a really silly question… However it’s a great and simple way to check in with your body stress and tension. Most of us of we are stressed our shoulders are scrunched up by our ears. We often don’t even notice at least for a while because frankly we are used to being in some sort of tension.
3) Am I numbing or Nourishing? This is a great question for when you find yourself reaching for the phone, tablet, TV remote etc. It’s not about shaming yourself if you are numbing it’s about noticing it to bring awareness to it. The more we do that the more likely we are to shift it.
4) What is something I can do right now, today to care for my present self? (might be as simple as a deep breath, glass of water, stretch, go outside, doodling or gluing some images in your journal)
5) What is something I can do that will care for my future self? (Maybe that’s exercise, make that doctors appointment, sign up for that class you have been wanting to explore forever but never make space to do)
Here is to living with Intention
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Monthly Intentions Prompts (August)


Hey Beautiful Souls!

How are you? Another month is upon us already! Time is flying by so much this year (pretty sure I say that all the time!)

Each month I like to sit down and plan my to do’s, want to do’s intentions and a bit of a wishlist for the month.

With time flying by so fast it’s easy to just react to the days, months, year. However with a little bit of time set aside you can go into and through the month with some intention.

  1. What do I want to feel this month?
  2. What do I want to create this  month?
  3. What do I want to accomplish, need to do this month? (this can be calls, appointments, research, errands, projects etc.. )
  4. What do I want to explore this month?
  5. What do I want to savor this month?
  6. What needs my attention this month?
  7. How can I nourish myself this month?

I will share a few of mine!

I want to feel grounded this month. There is a lot going on in my life/family and it’s easy for me to get caught up in a panic/anxiety energy.

I can nourish myself this month by going to the beach at least once, putting foundation practices into place daily (like water, movement, journaling, deep breaths)

I want to savor time with family this month in the form of conversations, laughter, tears if that’s what the moments present, watching things that inspire us.

Here is to living with Intention


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Respond – Monday Mindset

Hello Beautiful Soul,

Something I have been working on (over and over!) is to remind myself to respond, not react.

Reacting is a very different energy than responding. This is true in verbal interactions and many situations. There are times in life where you need to react. But many of us (myself definitely included) tend to react when in reality responding is what we need to do.

To me, reacting is more of the energy of panic, anxiousness, frustration. Response is more calm, thought out, planned.

So this Monday’s Mindset Mantra is:

I choose to respond in a way that honors what really matters in this situation (interaction) 

Here is to living with Intention


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Prompts to Empower Yourself – Friday 5

Friday 5: Prompts to Empower yourself
Truth within and for yourself is an aspect of empowerment for sure. Often we go on default mode and don’t check in with ourselves about what we really want or need.
Here are 5 prompts to help you do just that..
1) What do I really need right now?
2) What is my energy and time going into lately?
3) In response to the above… Is this what it is best invested in at this point in my life? Or is it just distracting me from where I really need and desire to invest it?
4) How can I best support myself right now?
5) What is tugging at me lately? (What’s on my Heart lately is another way to phrase this)
Here is to living with Intention