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Currently reading

This year I’ve been reading at a snails pace. Hoping to find inspiration in this one.

What are you reading?

Here’s to living with intention



To do list…be

Be intentional in your actions,words, time interactions
Be you, stop editing your soul
Listen more, to your truth, tugging , to others joys and sorrows
Laugh, laughter is great medicine
Love, show it, speak it, express it
Be Present in your own life, in causes you care deeply about , in the discomfort

Here’s to living with intention
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March Reads

Hey lovely Souls!

Each month I’m attempting to read at least 2 books. I find that I’m more likely to read if I have a few books designated each month. Last month didn’t unfold as I had intended for many things, including reading! But here we are in a fresh new  month.. 

My unintentional theme for my March reads is shown in the image above! I will also be finishing listening to the “Braving The Wilderness” Audio-book by Brene Brown. 

What’s on your reading list? 

Here is to living with Intention 

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A few ideas for creative organization

Hey inspiring souls!

I thought I’d share a few ideas I’m using for creative organizing.

The top image is dollar store pencil pouches with rings to secure together. I’m using mine for Washi. There are a lot of uses for these though. Some being small images, floss for cross stitching, watercolor paints and brushes, a little journal and pens etc….

Second one is a pretty dish I got from a thrift store. I use to hang my earrings on. This could also be used for various things. Washi, change, crystals etc

I will be exploring my supplies to see what I can us creatively. I invite you to do the same.

Here is to living with Intention


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January reads

Hey lovely soul!

My goal every year (for the past 4 ish years) is to read at least 2 books a month. Last year was a vortex and I didn’t create enough space to read as often as I could have.

So I didn’t get close to that, however it’s a fresh new year! One thing I’m doing to help increase my chances of meeting my intention is to choose my reads each month.

I also have audiobooks and kindle books, this month however my two focus reads are physical books.

This a beautiful book, one I’ll be going to again and again. If you haven’t read the first one I’d recommend checking it out as well. (note the bookmark, it was my Dads who loved Einstein, figured it was fitting to use in this grief book!)



I just love the cover and title of this book.  I am liking it so far (only about 15 pages in thus far)

What are you reading?

Here is to living with Intention


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15 Mini Life Edits- Living with Intention


15 mini life edits
Hey Lovely Souls!
For some reason I love the idea of a life edit, but editing and overhauling everything isn’t likely or realistic. (not to mention it’s overwhelming!)
So I created a list of 15 ways to create little min life edits for yourself. These are all fairly simple (and not too time consuming) ways to add what would help support you and subtract what isn’t.
  1. Clean out your purse/bag/wallet -Only put back in what is needed, deal with the rest (put it away, throw it away etc..)
  2. .Create a yes stack of books!
  3. Delete apps you never use.
  4. Turn off notifications that distract you and suck you into the vortex!
  5. Get/Use a reusable water bottle to be a constant reminder to hydrate.
  6. Unsubscribe from emails that you always delete anyway (or that just make you feel bad, obligated or any type of should feeling… )
  7. Put your creative supplies (some of them) out in a place where you will see them daily.
  8. Write down your ideas (use a notes app on your phone or carry a notebook with you)
  9. Choose the books you want to read each month and write them down. I have so many books. I constantly say I want to read more.. and yet I don’t. Part of that is because I have not intentionally selected what I want to be reading.
  10. Remove (when you can) the items from your space that derail what you say you want. (example: You want to eat healthier but all you have around is junk food… not helpful to eating healthier is it?!)
  11. Add in the items (where you can) that support what you want. (going with the example above, add in fruits, veggies or less processed stuff) But this can go for all sorts of items!
  12. Set up reminders on your phone to hydrate, take a deep breath, to check in with yourself.
  13. Get rid of the books and magazines that feel like shoulds (I should learn this, be this way or read/use it because I paid so much…) Sell or give them away. Let what feels like an obligation be a blessing to someone else.
  14. Automate what you can where you can. Bills, supplies… you always get. This isn’t about being on autopilot it’s about making things easier, less stressful.
  15. Make a list of go to’s.. .Menu, grocery items, self care practices… It can be a great tool to check in with when you are trying to engage in those things. Instead of always trying to come up with something new or off the top of your head. You have your sort of master list of… to pull from.


Here is to living with Intention
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5 ways to express gratitude & A Gratitude project


5 ways to express gratitude & A Gratitude project
1) Write it down, make a list or list one thing and expand on it.
2) Take a picture of something/someone you are grateful for… “bonus” for a why.
3) Put your hand on your heart and name at least 3 things in your life, about yourself, your body etc… that you are grateful for.
4) Share on social media and invite others to do so.
5) Look someone in the eyes and tell them you appreciate them (general or specific) (can’t be near them.. text em!)
Gratitude Project:
A project that I have done and modified as the holidays have shifted. Is to have everyone (or a several) people write done something that they appreciate or admire about someone else in the family (you can do this for each family member) and if you can designate someone (yourself or not.. ) to gather the words and put it into a document and print it out (or you can hand write too)
Don’t put who said what though… they get a list of words about them…
Loving, Creative, Good Listener etc..
This could of course also be done at Christmas or anytime of the year!
Here is to living with intention
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6 questions to ask yourself now- Intentional Living

Hey Lovely Souls,
There is a lot of hype about there is only x more days until 2020… While that is shocking and a bit horrifying, I don’t want to get too caught up in that energy. It feels almost a panicky for some!
What I would love to do is create some posts and prompts that will support you where you are now.
Let’s start with these 6 questions, don’t overthink them (I know easier said than done!) Just be open to what comes up!
1) What do I need to let go of from this  year so far? Goals, expectations, project, anger,  stuff?
2) What do I want to savor the rest of this year? The holidays, time with loved ones, the flavors?
3) How do I want to feel the rest of this year?
4) What can I start or ask for today, this week in order to support myself in that feeling?
5) What’s something that I put off this year that I could still accomplish, create or ask for that might help support who I am unfolding into next year?
6) Where have I really showed up, rocked it and aligned this year?
Here is to living with Intention
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Monthly Review and Intentions

Hey Lovely Souls!

It’s November already, how that happened I don’t know! But here we are!

Grab your journal, planner, notes app or whatever feels right and take a few minutes to reflect and set intentions.

In October what were my wins and woes? We are all great about focusing on our woes and undones. It’s important to look at our wins. It helps us know whats working and whats not.

For November…

What do I want to…






Adjust my expectations to

Let go of


How will I set myself up for success, how will I support myself?

That might mean making your holiday meal a potluck, getting some things prepped, going non traditional, skipping some gatherings you usually go to because you feel maxed out already, creating traditions that feel right to you even if they are not “traditional”

Here is to living with Intention


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Lately-Through the lens

Reminders in my journal

A Soul Renewed ~Self &Soul care circle (more info on workshop page and coming this week!)

Fascinated with nature

Watercolor play

Stacks and reminders

Our adorable dog,

Bits of life lately in images…

Not pictured

Messy bits in my space, notes on venting, overwhelm with various areas of my life, moments of co care-taking , a fridge that needs to be cleaned out!

What’s your life lately?

Here’s to living with intention