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Inspired to give this to you- Free eCourses


Hey Inspiring Souls!

I feel inspired/called to offer 2 of my for free. There is so much going on in the world these days. And no matter what I believe that self-care and self-expression are the foundations we can build on to rise up. Choose either or both Showing up for yourself through self and soul care or showing up for yourself on the page (a visual journal eCourse)

Learn more here!

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered


17 Awesome things to try in 2017


  1. Sign up for they have a ton of classes and are incredibly affordable. ($5 a month)
  2. Try a 30 day Yoga Challenge ( has one for free)
  3. Try a 30 Meditation challenge ( also has this for free!)
  4. Project 365 or project 52 photo a day or photo a week for the year (I am doing 365 again this year after years of not really trying to do so!)
  5. Spend 5 minutes daily on your finances. (5-minute finance check-ins is something I am putting into place this year!)
  6. Sign up for a reading challenge (I am attempting 32 books at least this year!)
  7. A new recipe, or once a week, month, season.
  8. Visual Journaling (I happen to have a course  that I created here!)
  9.  Don’t complain for 24 hours (this is something I am going to attempt, likely several times lol)
  10. Work with a Coach (My current offerings in supporting you!)
  11. Go on to  and sign up for a class on a skill you think would be fun to learn or would support your other desires this year.
  12. A blog, YouTube Channel, Podcast. A way to share your ideas with others!
  13. Try a new “look” maybe it’s switching up your accessories, getting a new hairstyle or color, revamping your wardrobe or getting one or two pieces you love but are not your usual.
  14. Explore the various ways to move your body to support your well-being. Dance, walk, YouTube videos, in person classes, a group, In Home Yoga, Dancing to your own beat!
  15. Try asking for what you want a little more often. Start small if this feels intimidating to you. If you go out to eat and someone says where do you feel like going.. if you do have an opinion then speak it! Sometimes the person we need to be the most honest with about our needs and desires is ourselves.. start there if that this feels true for you. Ask yourself what I Really need is, what I really want is…
  16. We are surrounded by so many choices. One thing you might try this year is to limit yourself. This can be a personal challenge of not spending anything (unnecessary) for a day, week, month. It could also be not allowing the overwhelm of all your supplies to stop you from starting…Pare down your supplies and dive in!
  17. Making a practice of telling yourself what you appreciate about you (daily and in the mirror would be even more powerful, but start with what feels right)

What are some awesome things you might want to try in 2017?

Here is to living Inspired, Creative,and Empowered


7 Questions to help support an Empowered 2017


Hey, Beautiful Souls!

As this year comes to a close and we go into a fresh new year I have been stewing on these questions to help me rise up in my own life in 2017… I thought I would share these questions with you. Maybe you are feeling that introspective,  hopeful space.  At the same time trying to figure out how you can not repeat the same frustrations of not diving into many of the things you say you really were seeking.

  1. What do I need to do differently in 2017?
  2. What have I been allowing to distract me from what I say I want? 
  3. What, who can support me? 
  4. What do I need to put in place, what systems might support me? 
  5. How might I engage in the healing work that would best support what I am here to do, what I desire? 
  6.  What’s working, what worked this year? 
  7. What isn’t/didn’t work this year? 

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and, Empowered


PS: I will be creating a new series called “Create an Inspired Year” I will have monthly themes via my Soul Notes/Newsletter! Sign up here.


This month I want to…Setting Monthly Intentions (printable)



Hey Inspiring Souls,

Yet another month has rushed up upon us 🙂 or at least it feels like that! This month starts for many of us the Holiday mindset so it’s easy to just let that take us over. However I have found it really helpful to take even just 5 minutes and think about and to capture my intentions for the month.

I have a Printable for that in my Freebies section  So please go along with me this week and take time check in with ‘This Month I want to…”sheet. It has multiple prompts for setting your monthly intentions.

Please feel free to print it out and stick it in your journal or better yet your planner or on someplace you will see often. Or take the prompt or prompts that you feel called to dig into and go from there.

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered


Things to do with Magazine Clippings- Friday 5


Hey Beautiful Souls!

Many of us have magazines lying around that we are inspired by or find good bits in them but we either don’t want or need to keep the entire magazine around. Heres 5 things to do with those clippings and bits!

  1. Pull out any tips or articles that are inspiring. Grab a file folder or my preference a journal and glue in those random bits of info to reference back to.
  2. Pull out any images that you like and washi them to a closet door.
  3. See an article or image that a friend or family member might like? Pull it out and send it to them. Any type of snail mail these days is an unexpected especially if it’s a little moment of thoughtfulness.
  4. Pull/cut out words you are drawn to and glue them down in a journal, on an index card, in your planner.
  5. Visual journal or collage with the words and or images that you find in a magazine.

That’s just some of the ways that we can use magazine clippings, do you have a favorite?

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered


10 in 10 Mini Challenge!


Heya Beautiful Souls!

I am committed to getting healthier, one of the reasons is the recent health crises in my family and  the things I have learned from it  .

So I decided to create a mini challenge for myself and invite others (gotta start somewhere right?!) I am calling it 10 in 10. It’s 10 minutes of mindfully moving our bodies for 10 days (yoga, a walk, dance it out, go for a run, swim,  YouTube  is a great resource for this actually)

Simply comment below or on my instagram post if you wanna join in! (There will be no emails, but I will do a daily check in about it on my Instagram)

Small Steps are often the most sustainable way to shifting things we want to change!

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered,


Start Fresh, Tiny Inspired Actions


Hey Beautiful Souls!

This week choose one tiny thing to start fresh on. There is likely something you have been meaning to redo, start fresh on. Maybe even something that is bugging you or tugging at you.

Choose one tiny area to start fresh on, one tiny inspired action.

For me it’s going to be a simple one, redo one of the small inspiration boards I have in my living room/office area. Nothing earth shattering but I am feeling in need of a fresh start, fresh inspiration.

What fresh start/tiny inspired action will you take this week?

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered