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Reflection and Intentions – Journal Prompt


Hey Lovely Souls!

At the rate time goes by these days it’s easier just to dive right into it and react to what is in front of us. I get this, I do this way more than I would like to admit! However, as I journey towards living with more intention I know that I would much rather respond vs react.

A few practices to do this are Reflection and Intention. I will be diving into both of these this week and invite you to do the same.

  1. Reflection: What were my wins this month, what went well, what could use some improvement? What was a struggle or frustrating?
  2. Intention: How do I want to feel, what can I do to support that feeling? What do I want to create, accomplish, savor?

There is no right or wrong answer. Just give yourself a little bit of space to lean into what is coming up for all of these prompts. Grab one question that speaks to you and forget the rest, respond to them all. It’s up to you!

Here is to living with Intention



Dear 2018…

Hey Lovely Souls!

Each year for the past at least 5 years (I think lol) I have written a letter to the year to sort of close it out and reflect on the year coming to a close.

I invite you to write your own letter to the year to help you reflect.

Here is 2018’s letter…

Dear 2018,

The word this year was devotion. This word showed up in ways I didn’t expect but I am glad that it did show up. It also didn’t show up in some of the ways I had expected and even hoped. This year had some health challenges for myself (nothing major, just a big ol nudge that I need to shift the way I take care of my body) and there were some family health challenges. Thankfully no crises.

I was able to bring forth my major goals of Publishing the book Dad and I were working on for years before he passed away last year and creating an creating an e-Course that I know I will pull from in the year ahead. And throwing my step-mother an 80th birthday bash that she loved! (and she still has the balloons and wont let them go lol it’s been since end of September!)

In many ways it’s been the year of small shifts personally and in several other ways some intentional, some not. From how we live, financial stuff that’s been taken care of that I have avoided for years, moving my body way more often and with more intention.  Oh and let’s not forget finally getting a haircut after a few years too long!

I am (and we as a family) are still adjusting to the absence of Dad. While he is not physically present. He is still very much a part of our lives, the man has a huge legacy.

The last few months of this year have felt like I got hits of inspiration to a level I have not in a while and that’s been awesome! (more of that to be unfolded in 2019) I feel like i am waking up a bit more in some ways, some so subtle it’s even hard to pinpoint to write out in this letter.

Thank you 2018 it’s been a year of  devotion, stepping up, waking up, sifting through layers of stuff (from physical a , most not belonging to me but I have taken on the responsibility to emotional/interpersonal stuff)

I know you have prepared me for the next iterations of what’s to come.




20 Lists to make for 2019

Hey Inspiring Souls!.

I love to make lists, I also think it can be a great way to process through, get clear and focused on things.

Here are 20 lists you can make for 2019 (or anytime really) to help you get a little more clear and focused.

  1. Books you want to read
  2. More of list
  3. Less of list
  4. Local things/places you would like to explore
  5. What you want to savor
  6. What you want to explore
  7. What you want to create
  8. How you want to feel
  9. Ways to nourish yourself
  10. Ways to nourish and honor your dreams
  11. Reminders to yourself (be gentle, get focused, start again, start where you are etc… ) for the inevitable times where you will feel like you are not making the progress you want.
  12. Your basics (for self care, feeling grounded, nourishing yourself)
  13. Things you want to learn
  14. Ways to start your day
  15.  Ways to end your day
  16. Appointments you need to have
  17. People and practices that support you
  18. Things you want to finish (or declare you are finished with)
  19. Things and people that make you laugh
  20. The tools, skills, resources you have right now to help support you to create the life that you desire (even if you feel like you are inching your way there)

Do you have any that you feel called to make? What is your favorite kind of list to make to support you?

Here is to living with Intention


10 Meaningful gift ideas (on a budget)

Hey Lovely Souls,

I wanted to share some ideas for some meaningful gift ideas that you could give others that fit most any budget! I know times are tough for many and this time of year often makes things  bit tighter. That doesn’t mean that you sacrafice meaning though!

  1. A journal. You can go to the dollar store and grab a cute notebook or composition book (or buy what one you can find and decorate the cover.) Some ways to spruce up this gift, grab some kids art supplies and put together a mini visual kit. You can also write, print out and glue, rip from magazines some prompts throughout the journal (or give them a little envelope or jar of prompts)
  2. Print out a favorite photo and get a frame for inexpensive and gift that to them.
  3. Make something sweet or make a meal, offer to help in some way (watch the kids, help with their elderly parent, do some errands for them.
  4. Rent a movie and get some snacks and spend time watching something with them.
  5. Grab a nice cup, a box or some bags of tea and some cozy socks.
  6. Get them a book that will inspire them.
  7. Take them out for sweets/snack and tea/coffee.
  8.  Start a secret Pinterest board with them (or another idea Trello, this is an idea I got from a lovely group I am part of she suggested Trello but this idea can easily be used for Pinterest as well.)  Here’s the concept you start the secret board and add things you know that they want to learn, that they are interested in, inspiring quotes, pretty pictures, links to things to support them. Then invite them when you are ready to gift them You can keep adding to it. Another lovely idea I saw in a magazine one year was a woman who emailed her mother something inspiring or pretty everyday for 30 days.
  9. Create a playlist for them.
  10. Give them a subscription to a magazine you know they love or would love. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

Here is to living with Intention


10 Ways to reflect on the year coming to a close


Hey Beautiful Souls,

It’s that time of year that many of us are pondering what we want to create in the new year. Or being in denial of the fact that we are almost at the end of the year (seriously how did it get here so fast!)

I believe that taking time to reflect , acknowledge, celebrate and release what  has unfolded during this last year. I know it’s been a tough year for so many. So maybe even the word celebrate felt tender. If that word doesn’t fit, how about find the blessings, goodness or beauty. Even in the tiniest or most unlikely places.

Here are some reflection prompts and ideas:

  1. Something i learned this year is…
  2. Something I released or shifted this year…
  3. A word or a phrase that sums up the  year
  4. Something I embraced (habit, mindset, practice, ritual, relationship)
  5. How present was I with my word, goals or intentions this year
  6. Where did I rock it, what ways did I show up, how did I support my mind body and soul…
  7. Write a letter to the year (one of my favorite ways to close out the year) You can use the above as a starting point.
  8. Put together a photo book, digital album or video of photos of your 12,52 or more favorites. Print out your favorites and frame them or glue them in a journal.
  9. Write down what you are ready to release from this year and then rip it up throw it out, burn it if you can do so safely.
  10. Go over your journals (visual and written) and extract the ideas, insights and lessons that you processed through in them.

Here is to living with intention


5 ways to set yourself up for success this week

5 ways to set yourself up for success this week

Hey inspiring Souls,

Most of us have a lot going on in our lives these day. We tend to get into react not responding. What we do that all the time it’s not unusual for things we intended to do or create just feel like too much. One way to help shift this is to engage in things that set us up for success. Here are 5 ways to do just that.

1. Plan your week, put in the tasks you need to get done calls to make etc…but don’t forget to schedule in self snd soul care

2. Set up your supplements or medicine for the week.

3. Go grocery shopping and get meals for the week (making a menu is helpful < note to self!

4. Set up reminders through the day to get up and move, breath, appts etc

5. Set intentions: how do you want to feel, what do you want to accomplish and what do you want to savor?

Here’s to living with intention


December Intentions

Hey inspiring souls!

While a part of me wants to deny that we are in freaking December it’s here none the less!

So let’s live it with intention.

Reflect: On the good moments, gratitude, wins. Also on what was tough or tender, didn’t work , what we want to let go of.

Connect: with what and who matters, hold your loved ones close, make time, laugh with them , give extra hugs.

Connect with yourself by taking time for self care, stillness and asking yourself what you really need.

Vision//Plan: what do you really want to feel, create and accomplish this next year? What most needs your attention? What have you put off but are ready (enough) to dive or tip toe into?

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