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It’s Time- Thursday Thoughts

Hey Beautiful Souls!

It’s time to…

To own your power

Say No

Say Yes



Let it go, Release

Embrace it, Lean in

Explore whos expectations you are working so hard to live up to

Go beneath the surface

Nourish yourself, mind, body, soul.

Give yourself your own support



Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered




Soul Notes- Soul Prompt Sunday

Hey Lovely Soul!

I believe that our lives, our souls are speaking to us all the time. We just have and allow so much other noise it’s easy to miss it.

A simple, yet powerful practice is to start keeping Soul  Notes. Use a journal, notes app on your phone, a tiny notebook you carry with you, post its whatever! Maybe it’s a phrase, one word, idea, images etc… go with it. Trust it, trust yourself.

Here is what you do, whenever you find yourself craving, noticing over and over, notice the oh yes feeling, deep breath or deep sigh when something comes up for you (something you read, hear, see, or are just simply thinking about) write it down.

This is a small but powerful act of listening to yourself, to your soul.

Some things i have captured for soul notes…

Read (More)

Deep breaths


Foods that make me feel good


More music

Go to the ocean more..

Deep breath and listen, notice.

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered


Soul Prompt – Practice Trust

Hey Beautiful Soul,

Where in your life today, can you practice trust?

Do you treat yourself like someone you trust? Do you trust in something bigger than you? Do you have another person or people that you trust? Do you trust your body to communicate with you what it needs? Do you trust your desires or ideas, your decisions?

Choose one thing, do your best to practice trust within that.

Maybe for you right now, it’s practicing trust in your breath and just being present to whatever is right now.

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered


Dear 2017, Closing out the year…

Hey Beautiful Souls,

Each year I write a letter to the year to sort of summerize what that year has  held or taught me. This year as many of you may know whats my most difficult yet with the loss of my father. Here is my letter to the year (a practice I invite you to do as well)


Dear 2017,

Here is what I felt like writing to you… WTF? However, there was more I wanted to say (but WTF sums it up fairly well)
You held the greatest loss of my life, losing Dad is not something I expected or was prepared for (or any of us in my family) on any level. I am working on opening up to and living the lessons of this loss in his death and in his life. Grief has been present full on this year for me and for my family. It’s not an experience I have gone through on this level ever. You see I am a fixer and grief, in order to be able to heal requires that you sit with it, process it. It’s broken me down and it’s broken me open.
This year also held so many changes in the world and so so much loss.
And though this year will be marked as the most difficult, saddest year of my life. I do also remember and see the blessings this year held. How my words showed up and honor the realizations that have occurred.
  • Our family finally had a gathering of a bunch of us in January, had we known that was truly our last chance to gather in that capacity that we would lose my father this year. Maybe we would have done things differently. But we did make it happen and we were able to get some really lovely pictures that are now even more priceless and precious.
  • For other members of my family, myself included. There was healing in several ways. For some physical, others healing occurred in relationships or past issues.
  • I created more paintings than I have in years. (Something I love doing, but rarely share outside of the family) I also created a few projects (including my prompted journal on writing your truth)
  • After the loss of my dad, we did have support helping us out with issues that could have made this loss even more difficult.
  • My hubby did the heart walk with me in memory of my dad.
  • And while I drove my father crazy with my constant research and sodium check in’s (he had CHF among other issues) we had sweet moments, laughter and good discussions. Those moments that don’t seem to be that big of a deal at the time, but in reflection especially after the loss are what you treasure (and miss) the most.
My words were: Truth, Release, and Nourish. They all showed up for me, some more than others. I had some powerful realizations about my truth difficult and healing, some still being processed through. Release showed up (also connected to truth) in several ways I have decluttered (not just my stuff… long story!) a lot, though there is still much more to go through and release. I have released old journals, books, vision boards etc. Stuff that just didn’t feel aligned or important any longer.
Nourish has shown up some, but not as much as I would have liked. I do nourish my body more by exercising more and by taking my supplements (that helped me lower my cholesterol) but I have not nourished my body in all the ways I would have liked to. I ate a lot of my feelings, she’s taken the hit for me. So that intention to nourish will be present in 2018.
Some things you taught me (all be it much of it in gut-wrenching ways)
  • Cherish those you love, stop putting off connecting until you have __ figured out or cleaned up or… we have now. You think you have a lot longer to do just that, and maybe you do, but what if you didn’t? How would you respond then? Reach out, ask the questions, hold them a little longer, look them in the eyes and express your heart (in your way)
  • Take care of your health, it’s the ultimate act of self-care, of love not just for you but for those you love.
  • I am (we are, you are) stronger than I/you think.
  • Be your own health advocate, be the advocate of those you love. Trust your gut, ask questions and don’t assume that the experts are always right for you and yours.
  • Creativity is an amazing tool to teach you and support your healing journey.
  • Don’t let your most important projects, dreams go undone because you are busy building up good stuff but not allowing space to do that great (deep soul connected stuff)
  • Express what you want (in life and after) and organize important information.
I know there were many moments and probably even lessons etc. That I have not mentioned here, know that they are all part of the layers of where my life is and has gone and will go.

Thoughts on the rest of this year… and embracing what you need

Hey Beautiful Souls,

For some, this time of year might feel magical, full of hope and reflection. For others, for whatever reason (loss of a loved one, finance issues, family stress etc…) this might not feel like anything but something else you have to get through…

So here’s what I think many of us need… and truly we can only get it from ourselves but sometimes having others remind us that it’s not just you, you are not alone and that what you are feeling is legit and you are worthy no matter what, well sometimes that’s what we need a permission of sorts.

Do the holidays your way as much as you can, just because you have always done something a certain way doesn’t mean that it feels right for you and yours this year. Honor what you most need and leave the rest as much as you can.

I have been used to doing all sorts of reflection at the end of the year… I am not doing that this year. I will stick with a few traditions/prompts and leave the rest until next year, or the year after that or maybe never… I will decide as I come to it. I am going to say it again… Do what feels right for YOU and when appropriate you and yours. For this year, I am only writing a letter to the year, instead of doing the type of vision board I have done in the past I am creating an inspiration/vision board that supports my core desired feelings (something similar that I have done for years and years but supported and inspired more deeply by Danielle LaPorte’s process)

I will be continuing to create space, choose a word (or words) to support me in the year to come, I will choose just a few focuses on what I really want to create, instead of a bunch of ones to fill up space, I will likely continue to collect more journals, books and art supplies that I will use in that year, I will continue to allow space for the tenderness of grief and the tenderness of allowing my truth to unfold, I will work on connecting to the small bits of beauty and practices that support me and I will also likely let overwhelm, uknowns and other stuff get me down for a while, then I will get back up. I will continue to ponder how to live the lessons and hopefully, in that pondering, I will be living some of those lessons full out… I will give myself grace and I will likely be too hard on myself and overthink sometimes too… I will remind myself that I am held, guided and supported even if doesn’t look the way I thought it would.


So, trust yourself, forgive yourself, show up for yourself and allow what it is you need to guide you right now. And give yourself permission to fully embrace your contradictions.

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered



A few basics in a crisis- Tuesday Tips

Hey Lovely Souls.

My family is in another health crisis and it’s been consuming our energy. In that it’s easy to lose all sense of caring for ones self. While I really get that, I am in that what I need to remember (and am great about reminding others of!) is that when we don’t take care of our most basic needs during these times we can then get so stressed, sick or overwhelmed that we are no good to the one who is having the health crisis or anyone around us.

  1. Just Breathe, when we are stressed, worried, sad, angry we sometimes forget to actually consciously breathe. I am reminding my loved one of that too when I start to see the shallow or what appears to be stressed energy breathing.. In through the nose out through the mouth!
  2.  Hydrate and nourish your body as well as you can. Hydrate, try to make healthier choices for your food, move a little bit.
  3. Pray, Meditate, use a mantra, repeat an affirmation. When our energy is too focused on the worry, sadness, anxiety we are not helping ourselves or our loved one in the crisis. I am not saying those things won’t come up, they will. But having a prayer, meditation etc… to repeat helps refocus our energy and mindset.

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered


The best way to complain…Soul Prompt

image1-3Hey, Beautiful Soul!

This quote is new to me, and I love it and find it really thought provoking.

What can you create in response to something you are unhappy or dissatisfied with/about in your





Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered