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Senses- Mindful Moment Monday

Hey Beautiful Souls!

I feel like time is zipping by so fast, I sometimes feel as if I haven’t had a chance to slow down to really notice the things around me, to engage my senses most days. The truth is, life is zipping by fast, but it’s really about not making this engaging more of a priority (at least that’s true for me)

So this week I would love for you (and myself of course!) to slow down and engage our senses a bit…

What do I hear

What do I see

What do I smell

What can I touch, how does it feel?

What can I taste (one bite of something you eat this week, slow down and really notice the flavor, the texture)

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered



Tending to- Mindful Moment Monday

Hey Beautiful Soul!

Lately, my body has been giving me some powerful messages. It’s been trying to tell me something for a while, I just was too scattered to listen. Until I had to listen.

I was slow on the uptake this time, even though I know better and have a belief that our lives and bodies are constantly communicating with us.

I wan to start asking myself this question each week, maybe each day (or several times a day!)

What needs tending to right now? I want to ask that of my life, but I want to slow down, close my eyes and ask my body that. And I want to listen instead of allowing the next to do to take over.

Right now, today, this week ask yourself, ask your body: What needs tending to? Then stop and listen for the answer.

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered


Tension- Mindful Moment Monday

Hey Beautiful You!

Most of us at some point during the day or week are holding onto stress, expectations and our bodies are holding the tension. We may not even realize it at first (sadly many of us live in that state so often it feels familiar)

Right now, today, this week. Notice… where are you holding the tension in your body? 

I know often for me I notice that my shoulders are way up by my ears. I often don’t even realize it at first. Another place I tend to hold on to tension is in my belly.

Take a moment (or many moments, or moments throughout the day and week) and ask yourself, notice where you are holding onto tension.  Then give yourself a moment to breathe and relax.

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered


My Breath- Mindful Moment Monday

Hey Lovely Soul!

Our breath is really telling. It can signal so many things like possible illness in the body, stress, anxiety, relief.

So today, for at least this moment notice your breath. What do you think it might be telling you? Sometimes when we check in with our breath, we notice we were holding it a lot or a little.

If you find that you have been holding it, take a moment if you feel called to and just simply take a deep breath.

That’s it… Simple and powerful.

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered


Take 5- Mindful Moment Monday

Hey Beautiful Soul!

How are you?

When people ask you that, do you really give them an honest answer or do you just say “fine thanks”?

Today, I encourage you to ask yourself how you are. And to be honest and really check in with how you are feeling in your mind are you feeling anxiety? Are your shoulders up by your ears (feeling tense) are you feeling joyful but haven’t stopped to really soak that in and appreciate it? Try checking in with yourself in an honest way for 5 minutes. Check in with the various parts of your body, ask yourself what’s on your mind/heart? Journal about it or simply just allow some moments for stillness and a truth check-in.

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered


Create Space in your schedule- Mindful Moment Monday

Hey Beautiful Person,

So many things are out of our control these days. It seems like our worlds for some of us as individuals are falling apart and that the world as a whole has lost its mind. It’s really easy and normal for us to get caught up in that, in the chaos, grief, the shit really… When we continue to do that long term we end up losing a sense of ourselves I think… It’s up to us to create space to reconnect with tiny tiny moments of our truths… One way we can do that is by getting our planner a post it, our digital calendars or reminders (or all of the above!) and creating space for ourselves.

This week can you schedule in time to…


Create a meal that feels nourishing

Text a friend

Mindfully allow ourselves to cry and write our hurts on paper

Move our bodies

Read a book

Go outside

Close our eyes and listen to a song that speaks to our Souls

Create found poetry

Drink some water

Diffuse some oil

Create sticky notes (post its) with reminders and words we need and put them all over our spaces.

This week can you create some space for yourself in whatever way your soul is tugging at you too, even just a little?

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered


Listen…Mindful Moment Monday


Hey Beautiful Souls..

Something a lot of us do, without realizing it is half listen. We are often so busy formulating the response to what someone else is saying that we miss what they are saying or at least part of it.

So something I want to encourage you to practice this week (and I will be doing so right along with you is.. )

Listen.. really listen to what someone else is saying. It helps to look at them and try not to let yourself get distracted. Try it for even a few minutes, then a few more etc..

This listening a little closer, more mindfully can also be applied to yourself. We tend to interrupt ourselves when things start to get uncomfortable. Try holding a little space for yourself and listening a little deeper to you as well.

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered