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It’s Time- Thursday Thoughts

Hey Beautiful Souls!

It’s time to…

To own your power

Say No

Say Yes



Let it go, Release

Embrace it, Lean in

Explore whos expectations you are working so hard to live up to

Go beneath the surface

Nourish yourself, mind, body, soul.

Give yourself your own support



Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered




Listening- Thursday Thoughts

Hey Beautiful Soul,

Sometimes the most beautiful, important practices seem too simple to even give more thought, time and practice to. We are so used to complicated in so many ways that we forget that sometimes something simple can be really powerful. We search for that thing that will give us the feeling that we so deeply desire, looking right past where it is showing up (or can show up)

Listening is one of those things. How often do you really slow down and listen, actually deeply listen.

It’s time to slow down, and breath and Listen…

To Others (Strangers and those we love)

To Your Soul

To Your Body

To Your Desires

To Your ideas

To Your Dreams

To Your Surroundings

To Your Breath

To Your Joy

To Your Sorrow.

What are you hearing?

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered


Notice- Thursday thoughts

Hey, Beautiful Souls.

How are you? What’s feeling heavy for you right now? What goodness are you seeing, experiencing, creating?

I think so often we are so busy trying to figure things out that we don’t take the time to stop and notice all feelings, shifts, gratitude, sadness or whatever else our lives and bodies are showing to us, holding for us all the time.

Life is full for most of us for many reasons especially these days it seems. Noticing can be healing and revealing.

What’s your body holding onto these days?

What is making  you laugh or smile (even in the midst of grief, chaos )

What songs, words, images are tugging at your soul, nourishing you, breaking you open?

What will you allow yourself to be open to noticing within and around you right now, today, this week?

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered


PS: tag @toliveinspired and #toliveinspired if you capture your noticing and decide to post it on Instagram.

Seeking the blessings- Thursday Thoughts

Hey, Beautiful Soul. How are you? Truly?

When the world and your heart feel heavy, tender and exposed it’s our default, natural really for us to look at what is wrong. To look at what’s not there, what’s wounded, what’s weighing on us in our own lives, in our communities, and in our world. And this is important for us to do, we can’t heal it if we don’t reveal it. But what is also important is to look at where the blessing, the goodness is showing up in our lives, world, responses etc.

Can you allow yourself space, permission to seek the blessings within your life, turmoil, chaos?

Sometimes, it will seem like an excavation for the blessings. A lesson could be a blessing (even if in the learning of it was or is painful) that doesn’t always mean you are grateful or glad for that “thing” but you can be grateful for being able to find the blessing in the heartache.

For me, besides what many of us are processing with what is going on in the world. The heartache I am working on finding the blessings in is my fathers passing. I am not saying I am grateful he did, that’s the furthest from what I feel. What I am grateful for is that I have a loving and supportive family to walk this road with, that my father and I grew closer over the last  year and a half when we moved in to help them out (having no idea what was really in store for any of us!), that despite the “film” of grief and sadness that is often present on various levels that I can still find laughter and moments of joy (often in the small things) blessings in the various levels of support the community has helped with in a time where we felt shell shocked.

I would love to know where you are finding the blessings in the midst of the shi#@… Chaos and turmoil?

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered


Bloom at your own pace- Thursday Thoughts

Hey Beautiful Souls,

I have found myself many times in my life feeling like I was behind on well, life! I see so many other inspiring souls just blossoming in their businesses and life (or at least it appears that way to me) I start to get caught up in the maybe I should, I wish I could, I should have…

Here are some truths to remember during these times…

  1. Social Media and certain interactions often are curated to highlight what’s going good, right, rocking etc. So the picture we are getting is not the entire one (and that’s totally ok as long as we can remember this!)
  2. We all have very different life circumstances from living situations to money to health to everything else in between and expanding from that. Our situations are very different in many ways, so comparing your beginning with someone else’s middle (so to speak) is not even an accurate comparison, to begin with!
  3. We each bloom at our own pace. It’s perfectly ok if that dream you have takes you longer to unfold or even to discover what that dream is than it took or is taking someone else. You are unique, your truth is unfolding in the time that is right for YOU and not according to the shoulds and did it’s of someone else.

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered


Sometimes- Thursday Thoughts

Hey Inspiring Souls!

Sometimes what feels safe (familiar) is not the path that is leading us towards, into the deeper truth that we seek. (in fact it could be said that it is never the path that is leading us where we seek to be)

Sometimes what feels right, even peaceful is really painful and difficult.

Sometimes your Soul needs you to show up ready or not.

Sometimes the support you need the most is your own.

Sometimes what we resist the most is what we seek/need/crave the most.

Sometimes we need to start from where we are.

Sometimes we need a fresh start.

Sometimes we need to just be.

Sometimes we need to stop thinking and take action and trust.

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered



Reevaluating the Reevaluation!- Thursday Thoughts…


Hey Inspiring Souls!

I feel like I have been in re-evaluation mode for months and months now. And I am realizing something. There are some areas of my life that reevaluating has become a “legit excuse” to just not decide, move forward or look really look at the hard stuff.

It seems I need to reevaluate my reevaluation!

We all can (and usually do at some points of our lives) go into autopilot mode. It’s one of those modes that looks really productive, and it can be, but it’s often not purposeful. And though our society often praises being productive, I believe what most of us want is to feel purposeful. I think that living purposeful is productive, not always in the ways we or society expects. However living productively does not always = purposefulness.

Some questions  I will be asking myself to help  in this process are:

  1. What do I really, really,really want?
  2. What’s draining me?
  3. What’s working? (umm, and put more of that in!)
  4. What’s not working?
  5. Look over the clues I have collected in Soul notes, vision journals, visual journals even in my pinterest boards.
  6. What am I avoiding, what’s undone? of that what can I totally release? What can I push up my sleeves and get “in it”
  7. Continue to create space in my life digitally, physically, mentally etc.
  8. Put a time frame on this process to check in, otherwise I will be in a forever loop of indecision, avoidance and settling.

Do you have any areas of your life you feel you are in the loop of reevaluating? Any good practices or tips to aid in this process? I would love to hear them!

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered