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A few basics in a crisis- Tuesday Tips

Hey Lovely Souls.

My family is in another health crisis and it’s been consuming our energy. In that it’s easy to lose all sense of caring for ones self. While I really get that, I am in that what I need to remember (and am great about reminding others of!) is that when we don’t take care of our most basic needs during these times we can then get so stressed, sick or overwhelmed that we are no good to the one who is having the health crisis or anyone around us.

  1. Just Breathe, when we are stressed, worried, sad, angry we sometimes forget to actually consciously breathe. I am reminding my loved one of that too when I start to see the shallow or what appears to be stressed energy breathing.. In through the nose out through the mouth!
  2.  Hydrate and nourish your body as well as you can. Hydrate, try to make healthier choices for your food, move a little bit.
  3. Pray, Meditate, use a mantra, repeat an affirmation. When our energy is too focused on the worry, sadness, anxiety we are not helping ourselves or our loved one in the crisis. I am not saying those things won’t come up, they will. But having a prayer, meditation etc… to repeat helps refocus our energy and mindset.

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered



Inspiration Board (on the cheap!) – Tuesday Tip

Hey Beautiful Soul!

No matter what size space we live in most any of us can find a small to add some inspiration!

Today’s Tip is about not being tied to there only being one way to display it or to think that it has to cost you a bunch of money.


You can get cork boards (or little panels) for pretty inexpensive these days at craft stores, big box stores etc. Find a little section in your home (room, kitchen, living room, hallway) to put one up.

Get some washi tape and use a closet door (inside and or outside of it)  or small section of the wall.

Use a file folder and add inspo to the inside, outside and you can even clip articles and things and put them inside the folder. Keep it on your desk or in a place you go into regularly.

Get an inexpensive frame, glue images on the back of the paper that comes with it and frame it.


There are SO many places to gather inspiration from.

Magazines, images, words etc.

Postcards or greeting cards with an image or phrase you love (these are also great to use as budget friendly art)

Printables from online (go to Pinterest for a bunch free and paid) and Etsy also has a great selection of printables (paid, usually really budget friendly)


Because surrounding ourselves with inspiration is a great way to nourish ourselves (mentally and spiritually) You can choose a theme if you want or just choose what really tugs at you!

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered


(image above is my current Inspiration board, one of them anyway!)

Beauty-Tuesday Tip 


Supplies-Tuesday Tip

Hello Beautiful Souls!

This week’s tip is a favorite to share with those who are wanting to explore their creativity more but are reluctant to use their “good” art supplies, journals etc.  This week’s tip will take the preciousness out of using the good stuff and allowing you to just explore!


Seriously, grab $10 and get what you can and play, explore let it unfold!

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered


Create a 5 minute Visual Journal Page- Tuesday Tip

Hey Lovely Souls!

For many of us, we tend to feel we need to do something really artsy or crafty in our visual journals. But it can be really simple to create a page or express a feeling by limiting yourself a bit..

This week, do a 5 minute visual journal page.. Don’t wait for that hour of uninterrupted time, the perfect supplies or journals. Grab what you have (notebook, journal, composition books are great, molkeskine.. whatever.. ) and follow this weeks Tuesday Tip:


Will you try it this week?

What would you like short tips on in the future?

Here is to living  Inspired, Creative and Empowered


Your Voice- Tuesday Tip


Hey Inspiring Souls..

As some of you  may know I have done Tuesday Truths for a while. I will still share them, and will be adding in Tips as well so the hope is have one or the other just about every Tuesday from here on out!

This week’s tip is..

Start building up your “voice muscles” by choosing one (tiny) thing today, this week that you prefer instead of defaulting to “I don’t care”.

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered