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Look up- Weekend Empowerment Challenge

Weekend empowerment challenge!

Hey Inspiring Souls,

This weekend challenge is to… Look up,

So often are looking at our phones and the stuff at eye level. This weekend look up and notice the sky, the clouds, sunsets, birds, trees. Bonus points of you snap a pic!

Here’s to living with intention



Permission Slip- Weekend Empowerment Challenge

Beautiful Souls,

Often we are looking for others to give us the go ahead, green light  permission. So often though the permission for the things we crave most must come from within ourselves.

This weekends empowerment challenge is:

Create a permission slip for yourself. It can be for whatever is tugging at you.



To speak your mind

To ask for what you want/need

To do nothing

To just start that project that you can’t stop thinking about.

To stop (reading that book, committing to that thing that totally drains you because it’s filled with the energy of shoulds)

What do you need to give yourself permission for?

Here is to living with Intention


Play list (list of play!) -Weekend Empowerment Challenge

Hey Inspiring Souls!

This weekends challenge is to create a play list, as in a list of play! (The other type of playlist your thinking about will be a future prompt!)

This weekend create a play list (list of play) and do 1 thing from that list for “bonus points”!

Some ideas to get you started

  • Blow bubbles
  • Go on a swing
  • Get sidewalk chalk and doodle, write positive words for yourself , family or stranger
  • Get kids art supplies and get messy
  • Paint with your fingers
  • Build a pillow fort
  • Play is good for the soul!
  • Here’s to living with intention.
  • Heather
  • Nature-Weekend Empowerment Challenge

    Hey Lovely Souls,

    With weather being hot in some areas this time of year or simply lots to do and he distracted by it’s easy to sort of spend all your time indoors!

    This weekends empowerment challenge is to get outside.

    Go to the park or beach

    Go into your yard (or balcony or patio)

    Go for a stroll around your block or community

    If it’s too hot sit outside when the warm evenings happen

    Just give yourself at least 5 minutes to soak in some nature.

    Even if you are a city dweller you likely still have trees or flowers and you definitely have a sky!

    Connect with nature even for just a few moments.

    Are you in?

    Here is to living a life of intention


    Get it done (or at least started!)- Weekend Empowerment Challenge

    Hey Lovely Souls!

    If you are anything like me, you have some (or a lot!) of stuff that sort of lingers in the space of it needs to be done or I really want to do it and I don’t have the time, space, energy, money etc…

    We forget that we have to make it ourselves! I have a list of things that are undone, that linger and tug at me, yet I have not made the time to just get them done or at least started.

    That’s my challenge to you this weekend. Start or complete something that has been bugging you, something you have put off. Ok technically the intention for these was to complete something each weekend. But if it’s just not feasible for this prompt then that’s ok the intention is to start to shift the energy around that project, task etc..

    It’s likely as soon as you see this post something will come to mind. If it doesn’t however, I have some ideas to spark your list.

    Take that donation stuff and drop it off, get the haircut (that’s mine this weekend!), Make that call, try that recipe, get the lab work done or scheduled,  write that post, work on that class, choose the date, print the photos, start the memory keeping project (perfectly imperfect!)

    Are you in? What’s your get it done or start it this weekend?

    Here is to living your days with intention,


    Intentional Connection – Weekend Challenge

    Hey Beautiful People!

    I hope you are enjoying the Weekend Empowerment Challenges!

    With so many devices to stick our faces in (phones, tablets, tv’s) it’s really easy to go there constantly and mindlessly. Most all of us do it. We tell ourselves that we are connecting, and to a degree that might be true, depending on what we are actually doing in these devices. However, it’s also very easy to disconnect from those surrounding us.

    This weekend empowerment challenge is: 

    Look at those you interact with (in the store, in your home, yes even if you see them every day) and look them in the eyes, slow down to really see them and listen to them, smile at them. 

    Here is to living with inspiration and intention


    Life IS a special occasion- Weekend Empowerment Challenge

    Weekend empowerment challenge

    Hey Beautiful Souls,

    Welcome to the weekend Empowerment Challenge! This weekends challenge is to:

    Use something that you have been saving for a special occasion. Life IS that special occasion. Many of us tend to hang onto so many things that we are saving for that “special” occasion.

    Your life is a special occasion. The things you have made it through, created, learned this year are things to celebrate!

    Maybe for you it’s those fancy dishes, outfit or accessory that is just for “dressing up”, the journal you want to have the perfect words or images to put in.

    My challenge to  you is to use something even a little tiny something this weekend. If that thing you have is something you really can’t use right now, my challenge to you is to plan something where you can use it (plan it this weekend!)

    Remember , this is for you, so it does not matter if you are “overdressed” to go to the diner or to run your usual weekend errands, it doesn’t matter if the meal on those dishes is for 1. Choose something and just go for it!

    Here is to living a life of intention