An invitation to Caring for yourself … A Soul Renewed Self & Soul Care Circle

A Soul Renewed a self & Soul care CIRCLE  –  JANUARY 5, 2020

Hey Lovely Souls!  I have an invitation for you. I am opening my A Soul Renewed , Self & Soul Care Circle back up for a bit! If you want to start 2020 with a small group of supportive souls & Loads of inspiration. This circle is for you. Each month we have a theme or few themes that work together. You get weekly emails and if you choose to join the Facebook group you will get check in’s, links etc.. of thoughts or goodness I find as we go through the week. (But do know you will get the value from the content I send weekly if you are not a Facebook kind of person!)

A few 2020 Themes… ( The themes often reveal themselves within the group, it is a group for and about you so we keep it a bit fluid)

  • Self Talk, how your inner and outer talk is influencing your life and tools to notice and shift it.
  • Creating Space in your life for you and your truth.

More info about this circle below…

Self Care is multi Layered it also sometimes gets a bad rap. It is thought of as selfish or frivolous. It is not, it is necessary to be able to be and give the best in our lives. For ourselves, others and our purposes.

If you would like to learn more or you would like to sign up please email me hstoliveinspired @ gmail.com or pay here and put a note of what email you would like the emails for the circle sent to! 

Each month you we will have a focus each week we explore practices, prompts and reminders.

The circle provides support and accountability where you need/want it.

How much: $10 Per month (Jan, Feb, March) at current time, can be paid monthly or 3 months at a time)

Where: Online, we will have a Facebook group. However You will get weekly emails as well so you don’t miss any of the main content.

When: Starts  January 5, 2020

How long:  Ongoing

Here is to living with Intention