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Bloom at your own pace- Thursday Thoughts

Hey Beautiful Souls,

I have found myself many times in my life feeling like I was behind on well, life! I see so many other inspiring souls just blossoming in their businesses and life (or at least it appears that way to me) I start to get caught up in the maybe I should, I wish I could, I should have…

Here are some truths to remember during these times…

  1. Social Media and certain interactions often are curated to highlight what’s going good, right, rocking etc. So the picture we are getting is not the entire one (and that’s totally ok as long as we can remember this!)
  2. We all have very different life circumstances from living situations to money to health to everything else in between and expanding from that. Our situations are very different in many ways, so comparing your beginning with someone else’s middle (so to speak) is not even an accurate comparison, to begin with!
  3. We each bloom at our own pace. It’s perfectly ok if that dream you have takes you longer to unfold or even to discover what that dream is than it took or is taking someone else. You are unique, your truth is unfolding in the time that is right for YOU and not according to the shoulds and did it’s of someone else.

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered



Your time to bloom- Inspiration through the lens

Hey Wonderful You! A reminder that it’s not later, it’s not when everything is all figured out .. it’s now!


Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered


Where do you wish to bloom?

Hey Wonderful Souls! Happy Spring!

As many of you spring makes me think of a few things, blooming and spring cleaning! For me and I am sure many of you, that is not just external it’s internal as well.

So I have some questions and ideas for you, as well as my response to some of what I am asking all you wonderful souls!

I have a love of lists, it would be great if you wanted to journal any of these questions and responses, if not at the very least let them marinate in your mind and heart.


-Where do you wish to bloom? What do you wish to open up to?

-What seeds internal or external (or both) do you wish to plant and nurture?

-What needs to be cleaned up or released internally and externally?

-What do you want this season to hold for you? How does that show up? How will you do that? (even a few small ways.. )


-Plant something, or buy something that is all ready “to go” so to speak and nurture it, I really love succulents and they are easy to take care of, but beautiful to look at and so many types.

-Buy some fresh flowers, or one lovely little flower you can pick or buy and put in a small vase or “old” glass jar.

-Go to the farmers market (where you can buy really inexpensive flowers that are beautiful) and just take it all in, buy some fresh berries or if you are brave a new to you fruit or veggie.

-Go on a spring photo “hunt” look for signs of spring, things that represent spring to you, just take 15 minutes if that is all you can set aside.

-Find or create an affirmation that reminds and encourages you to bloom, a sentence a word whatever feels right to you. This is a two for often, it will help sort of clean out some of the negative and bring in more of the positive.

-What are you grateful for about spring or life in general, if the weather permits go outside and sit for 5 minutes close your eyes and make a list from your soul of gratitude.

Choose all or just the one or ones that speak to you , or come up with your own ( I would love it if you shared it with me!)

I hope to do all of these, but the ones i will make priorities are the affirmation and the gratitude ones on the list. I wish to bloom into possibility..

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered