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6 Caregiver Hacks – Empowered Caregiver

Hey Amazing Soul!

If you are a caregiver you know how many roles that one word encompasses. It can be exhausting (and rewarding!) I don’t know about you, but anything that can make those many roles a bit easier I’m all for it!

Here are 5 Caregiver Hacks (Ideas to make things a little easier) They might not fit your exact situation,  but i hope you can find a little inspiration here. I would love to know any of your tricks!

  1. Have a reusable water bottle around to encourage your loved one to hydrate. We use glass bottles that we got from amazon. We use a dry erase marker to put what bottle number it is (we aim for 3 bottles a day)
  2. Use a large calendar to write down all the appointments, follow ups, medication needs. We use a dry erase one for the fridge. 
  3. Use a Pinterest Board to gather ideas for care-giving ideas or your loved ones condition. Invite family or friends to it.
  4. Use a notebook to write down the things you need to do, follow ups, things you wan to research.. You can even separate it into ASAP, Short Term, Longer Term and Eventually.
  5. Take mini breaks throughout your day. We often feel we need larger chunks of time to really take care of ourselves. Deep breaths, stepping outside for a few moments, 5 minutes of exercise, Journaling for a few moments, checking in with your shoulders. Are they up by your ears?
  6. Check out what local agencies are around to help give you respite. You might qualify for a short term respite grant, maybe you can get support from a local church or the like. Someone to help out with your loved one a few hours a week. Adult Day Care ( often called  Social Centers). I know that even figuring that out can feel like yet one more thing to do. But it’s worth at least spending a little time each week on with the hopes that you will find something to give you a bit of a breather!


Here is to living with Intention