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Ways to connect- Friday 5

Hey Lovely Soul,

Connecting is something that really matters to me. However, as with many of us, it’s easy to get caught up in the gotta do and should do and lose sight of what we need or what matters right now.

Here are 5 ways to connect (this weekend or anytime)

  1. Connect with Beauty. Buy some flowers, go outside and seek out something beautiful(tip, start looking at details instead of the overwhelm of everything in your view!)
  2. Connect with yourself. Allow yourself to just be still for even 5 minutes ( I know this can feel like hours if you’re not used to it. I love to find stillness in child’s pose) Journal, put your hand on your heart and one on y our bell and ask yourself what you need, sit and listen to a song with your eyes closed and feel it.
  3. Connect with others. Spend time with loved ones or friends, look people in the eyes (this includes people who are ringing you up at a store or the like) Reach out in person or via text, phone or some other way!
  4. Connect with your creativity. Take a photo (or 20!), Get a journal, magazines and a glue stick and glue down some images and words that you love, feel drawn to, doodle, color, knit.
  5. Connect with your body. How are your shoulders feeling, are they up to your ears? What is your body craving, take deep belly breaths, what food or beverage would really nourish you today?

Here is to living Creative, (Connected!) Inspired and Empowered



Connect with nature- Self and Soul Care Saturday


Hey, Lovely Souls!

This week’s self and soul care practice is to connect with nature.

This will likely look different for each of us. However, here are some ideas for ways you might connect with nature today, this weekend etc…

  1. Open the windows, let some breeze and fresh air in.
  2. Get a plant or some flowers and bring nature inside.
  3. Go outside for even 10 minutes and notice (maybe you feel like capturing through your lens) the flowers, trees, sky, clouds.
  4. Go to the beach (if you happen to have one near!)
  5. Go for a walk around your neighborhood
  6. Sit outside for 5 minutes and just close your eyes and feel the breeze.

Those are some ways to start connecting with nature, what are your favorite ways?

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered


Me-Around the web-Inspired links


Hey Wonderful Souls,

I thought I would share with you some places around the web where I have been blessed to do a guest post, get a portrait drawn of me and some other ways to connect because I LOVE connecting!

This amazing blogger is doing a 365 portrait challenge, I am blessed to be day 111 🙂 http://www.studiomme.com/2013/day-111-heather.html


I did a guest post on a series Be Your Own Guru ,check it out over here! 

Creative Self Care post over here!


I would love to connect with you:





Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered


Currently Inspired by…

Hey Inspired Souls!

I thought I would share some things that I am finding really inspiring currently! I am always on the “look out” for inspiration! And when you find great stuff it’s a shame to always keep it all to yourself! So here are some things that I have been finding really really inspiring lately:


-Danielle LaPorte’s book “The Fire Starter Sessions” I am really really loving this book, like a LOT!

Living the Savvy Life I just started this one, but I really like it so far!

How to start a micro business blog post, I really found this really useful and inspiring!

-16 personal empowerment mantras PDF here

Are you confident enough to do the work you love  post


This video

My 36 while 36 pinterest board!

What are you inspired by currently?

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered


Ways I would love to support you in 2012

Hello Beautiful Souls!

I want to support your dreams, your journey, your creativity this year. I want to connect with you and help you connect with yourself and your purpose. I truly deeply do, it’s part of my purpose…

So I thought I would put this post together to gather in one place all the ways we can work together and connect!

-Coaching, I offer several different types and packages of coaching, go here to check them all out. I do my best to make it affordable for you in time and money. It’s my job, my passion to listen between the lines to get to the heart of what you are saying…

Journey to Authentic You workshop, it’s  not too late to join in the fun, creativity and introspection.

My Flickr  group called Virtually Creative, I post a new creative project each month sometimes more.

I am working on starting a new category on the blog for coaching questions, if you have a question you would like to ask me as a coach I would love to hear from you. Keep in mind I will keep your name  private if you prefer but I will post the question on the blog for the benefit of others to learn from one another and our journeys.

Also on the sidebar you can find my facebook and twitter info to connect with me on there!

If you just want someone to bounce some ideas off of, sorta do an email braindump with, I am happy to do so email me at the address below, just let me know it’s for the 2 of us and not to be posted on the blog! (though I would be sure to double-check beforehand anyways!)

I truly want to support you this year…email me with any questions about any of the above information. hstoliveinspired(@)gmail.com

Here is to living Inspired,Creative and Empowered


My Word for 2012 and Heart Resolutions

Hello Beautiful Souls!

For the last 3 years I have chosen One Word to guide my year by, I have also done  what I call Heart Resolutions.

Today I want to share these with you. There is always more then just one word I would like to guide me in my year, that for me is where my Heart Resolutions came into play. But I also really love having one guiding word that really captures what I want to create, feel and experience in that year. For 2012 my main word is:

Light, this word really captures so many layers of meaning for me. Some of them are:  I want to be lighter in my body, I want to be the light in others lives, I want to seek the light with in  myself, I want to see the light in others, I want to be lighter in my shoulds, destructive habits ,wounds and limiting beliefs, I want to lighten up in physical ways in my surroundings. I will be seeking examples of light all around me this year in several ways! I decided on the word a month or so ago and left room for a diffeent word as to not force it, but it really is the word for me this year!

Some of the other words ( Heart Resolutions, the core/heart of what I want to feel) this year as well are:







These words, feelings really feel right to me. Do you have a word, words or feeligns that you want to guide your life by this year?

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered


Ideas and Importance about Self Care

Hey Inspiring Souls!

At this time of year it’s hard to remember to take care of ourselves, well actually it seems like that is a challenge for many of us at any time of year!

I have talked a little bit about self care before, but I think it’s a subject that is worth repeating.

When we don’t engage in self care we:

-Feel drained

-Feel resentful



-Under appreciated (even if by our own selves!)

-Don’t have the physical,spiritual or mental energy to be the best we can be and give back to those around us

It is often that we don’t schedule it in as important, we fell like it’s selfish but it is actually the opposite of that. I use the example if you were on an airplane and the oxygen masks came down they always tell you put it on yourself first that way you can help those around you. It’s the same thing.

It’s up to you to define what self care looks and feels like for you, but I will give you some examples. I also think that self care comes in 3 sort of categories Mind-Body-Soul they are connected but some areas may need a little more TLC, take a few minutes to slow down and just see what message your life is giving you about those areas. Where is your attention being pulled towards?

Here are some examples of what you can do to engage in self care, if I have not touched upon any that speak to you, make your own list (and feel free to share!) of at least a few things that you can do to engage in self care.

-Take time to read, even if you only have 15-20 minutes ( or less) find something uplifting, inspiring or comforting to read

-Take  a bath

-Do a mask on your face, hands or feet ( or all 3)

-Do a collage, paint a page, get crafty and messy, do it with no expectations just play

-Watch a movie that you love or have wanted to see, in the theatre or on DVD

-Sit down with a cup of Tea, or hot chocolate and just sink into that moment , savor it don’t suck it down as you are doing 5 other things..



-Have a 15 minute +   photo hunt , just take your camera ( the one on your phone counts) and look for things to photograph don’t overthink it just play

-Read a magazine cover to cover, with no guilt or shoulds

those are just some to get you started, I would love if you added ones that you engage in or would like to

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered