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5 ways to express gratitude & A Gratitude project


5 ways to express gratitude & A Gratitude project
1) Write it down, make a list or list one thing and expand on it.
2) Take a picture of something/someone you are grateful for… “bonus” for a why.
3) Put your hand on your heart and name at least 3 things in your life, about yourself, your body etc… that you are grateful for.
4) Share on social media and invite others to do so.
5) Look someone in the eyes and tell them you appreciate them (general or specific) (can’t be near them.. text em!)
Gratitude Project:
A project that I have done and modified as the holidays have shifted. Is to have everyone (or a several) people write done something that they appreciate or admire about someone else in the family (you can do this for each family member) and if you can designate someone (yourself or not.. ) to gather the words and put it into a document and print it out (or you can hand write too)
Don’t put who said what though… they get a list of words about them…
Loving, Creative, Good Listener etc..
This could of course also be done at Christmas or anytime of the year!
Here is to living with intention