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One word prompts

Hey Lovely Soul

Sometimes a step by step is a great way to get things flowing with our journaling, creativity and introspection. Sometimes all it takes is one word…

Here are 7 one word prompts to interpret anyway you feel called to.

  1. Truth
  2. Release
  3. Spaciousness
  4. Joy
  5. Grief
  6. Choose
  7. Enough

Here is to living with Intention


Creative Prompts

From where I stand- Photo Prompt

Hey Beautiful Souls,

If you have been following my blog for any length of time you know I have  a thing for taking foot photos (from where I stand, Grounded in this moment) If you haven’t, well now you do know!

I plan on sharing photo prompts more often, it’s easy to get caught up in the drama, busyness whatever of life and not slow down long enough to capture our moments, the seemingly mundane (the exciting, the settle all of it represents parts of your story)

This week capture 1 or more pictures of your feet… if you share it, write what goes along with it, where you are, what you are feeling, whatever feels right to share along with it. From where I stand, Grounded in this moment….

Here are some examples of mine…

Those are some examples, it could be so many ways… on the yoga mat, waiting for someone, in sassy shoes, grounding to the earth, out for a run, with the feet of others that you are with (the list could go on!)

Where are you standing lately, where are you feeling grounded in the moment?

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered


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Up Close-Creative Prompt


Hey Creative Souls!

There is so much to see in life it’s easy to overlook some of the most beautiful or important details of our surroundings.

Today, this week.. Get up close, notice the details of something or someone around you. Take a photo, draw it, write it out. Choose whatever one or combo of those feels right to you.

Some ideas to get you inspired:




Something you love on your desk or in your surroundings


Your cup of…

What details will you notice? (if you are on instagram tag me @toliveinspired to share or use the hashtag #toliveinspired ❤

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered


Friday 5, Inspiration Through the Lens...

Black and White – Friday 5








  1. Bloom baby!
  2. Look up
  3. Morning light
  4. Details and reminders
  5. Stand out, seek beauty

Creative prompt! Take any of the above names as a prompt and take a photo (black and white or other) draw or write your response!

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered


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Looking at it differently- Creative Prompt


Hey Creative Souls!

I have found myself in the last few months not slowing to capture the inspiration around me. When I am not opening myself to that I feel a disconnect from myself. So recently I have been trying to look at things a bit differently around me.

One of the ways I have done that is by capturing images of things that I am around all the time, just with looking at them a bit differently. Closer up on the details, different angles, noticing the texture or color. Anyplace is a great place to do this, but a space I will encourage you to do this is in your home.

That’s where I have been digging into this practice the most lately.

Choose at least 1 thing in your home and explore what inspires you about it. Get a different perspective. This is a great way to remind ourselves what in our home inspires us. It’s easy to take it for granted or to look at all that is not the way we want and not even really notice what is inspiring and beautiful. If you find resistance choose a few things and just play with the angles and details.

Head on over to To Live Inspired FB page and share!

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered


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Creative Prompt-Mix it up

Hey Wonderful Souls!

I love creating it’s what keeps me sane and fresh with ideas… However even things you love doing can seem like a routine every once in a while. So I think it’s important to mix it up every now and again. Try something new, change up your routine, explore other hobbies etc.

I love and engage often in Photography and Visual Journaling as my Creative Self Expression/Exploration. However I have on my 36 while 36 list to try embroidery so I did this last weekend. I only did a tiny bit but it was so fun to mix it up and explore a different way to express myself and feed my creativity.  I really see myself getting into it so I bought a few inexpensive supplies this weekend to do some stitching practice!

While in the mix it up mode, I decided that my creative space needed an updating, I have been displaying my photos on a corkboard and have loved doing that, but it felt time to update the way I displayed the photos. I did and then turned that corkboard into an inspiration board. (Look for a post this next week on this if not earlier in wich I will share more of what I did, it’s still in progress!)

Mix it up by wearing a different combo in one of your “usual” outfits (we all have em, the go to outfit, the one we know works so why mess with it)

Cook something new, try a new spice, go somewhere different to eat. You get the idea, just mix it up a bit. It doesn’t mean the way you have been doing it needs to stop or is wrong, just that you want to keep it fresh!

Oh and speaking of mixing it up, I have made some updates to my blog, so if you are reading this in email or a reader then pop on over and check out the new banner and a few category buttons I created!

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered


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Easy DIY- Washi Covered Wood Bracelet

Hey Beautiful Souls!

This weekend I did a super easy cute project!

While at Michael’s a few weeks ago I purchased a wood bangle bracelet, I knew it would be fun to customize! Yesterday as I was in the middle of a few other things I got the inspiration and decided to go with it. It took me probably about 15 min or so to complete ( not including drying time)

I have some super cute washi tape, I am sorta obsessed with it these days. I went from having a few to having a rapidly growing collection as it becomes more available!

I used 4 different kinds of tape on mine, you could of course use more, less or just even 1.

Supplies Needed:

-Wood bangle

-Washi tape

-Mod Podge or some type of sealant

I could have been a bit slower and more patient in doing my bracelet as some of the areas are not as smooth as they could be, but really overall I am super happy with it.

Step 1- Decide if you want to paint the bracelet, personally I did not, looking at it now I see where the would have made it a bit cuter but I am happy with it anyways  regardless! (If you do decide t paint it, let it dry all the way probably about 15 min or less)

Step 2: Decide on pattern if you have more than 1 type you are using. (I put the birds, lace, music notes in that order at least most of the time!) The big tape is actually not washi I think it’s called gaffer tape by 7 Gypsies but you get the idea, that was only in 2 places)

Step 3: Put the tape down, I personally made it long enough to cover (all be it imperfectly) the inside of the bracelet)

Step 4: Mod Podge or sealant I just did maybe 2 coats on it , I let it dry about 15 minutes and then it was pretty much good to go after that.

Step 5: Rock it!








Seriously, I probably didn’t even need that many steps in this DIY!

I would love to see a pic of it if you do make one!

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered


Creative Prompts

Creative Prompt-Photograph Hope

Hey Creative Souls!

I know so many people who are just going through such a tough time lately and I wish I could make it all better for them. In tough times one thing I know it can be hard to hold onto is Hope. So today I want to encourage you to capture signs of hope around you.

Capture signs of hope around you through the lens (remember it can be on your phone or any type of camera)

I would love it if you shared with me as well! What hope do you see around you? For me it was tiny buds of leaves starting to sprout on the tree outside of my window, hope of spring and change in the midst of the stormy weather.

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered