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Fill you… Journal prompt(found)

Hey, Beautiful Souls!

This week’s journal prompt is this tea tag wisdom. How might you empty yourself, what comes up when you read this? Do you feel inspired, drawn in, curious or do you feel put off by it…

Explore what comes to your  mind: Tip set a timer for say 5-10 minutes and see what flows out.

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered



Collage-Creative Prompt

Hey Creative Souls!

Lets do a collage! This can be images and words that inspire you, it can be themed for example: Visual goals for the month, for a project, your health, relationship, just things that inspire you, an event etc..It can be all words, all images or a mix of both.

Here is what to gather:

1-Surface, inside of a journal, posterboard, file folder or piece of plain paper, cover of a journal etc..

2-Glue stick


4-Magazines, words images etc (junk mail, your photos all of that can work too!)

5-Time and an open mind!

Gather some words and or images that fit with the theme that you are doing, I like to gather a bunch and then see how they look arranged different ways on my surface I rarely (but do sometimes) just start gluing. But if that is what you want to do, it’s good so you won’t over think it too much and just have fun!

I of course would love it if you shared a picture of yours with me! The above images is one I did in my visual journal.I actually started to do random gluing, but I like the way it turned out!

Here is to living Inspired,Creative and Empowered