Empowered Caregiver

6 Caregiver Hacks – Empowered Caregiver

Hey Amazing Soul!

If you are a caregiver you know how many roles that one word encompasses. It can be exhausting (and rewarding!) I don’t know about you, but anything that can make those many roles a bit easier I’m all for it!

Here are 5 Caregiver Hacks (Ideas to make things a little easier) They might not fit your exact situation,  but i hope you can find a little inspiration here. I would love to know any of your tricks!

  1. Have a reusable water bottle around to encourage your loved one to hydrate. We use glass bottles that we got from amazon. We use a dry erase marker to put what bottle number it is (we aim for 3 bottles a day)
  2. Use a large calendar to write down all the appointments, follow ups, medication needs. We use a dry erase one for the fridge. 
  3. Use a Pinterest Board to gather ideas for care-giving ideas or your loved ones condition. Invite family or friends to it.
  4. Use a notebook to write down the things you need to do, follow ups, things you wan to research.. You can even separate it into ASAP, Short Term, Longer Term and Eventually.
  5. Take mini breaks throughout your day. We often feel we need larger chunks of time to really take care of ourselves. Deep breaths, stepping outside for a few moments, 5 minutes of exercise, Journaling for a few moments, checking in with your shoulders. Are they up by your ears?
  6. Check out what local agencies are around to help give you respite. You might qualify for a short term respite grant, maybe you can get support from a local church or the like. Someone to help out with your loved one a few hours a week. Adult Day Care ( often called  Social Centers). I know that even figuring that out can feel like yet one more thing to do. But it’s worth at least spending a little time each week on with the hopes that you will find something to give you a bit of a breather!


Here is to living with Intention


Journaling Prompts

What is in my way… Journal Prompt

Hey Lovely Soul!

When it comes to being more in alignment with ourselves, our truths, values ,dreams and desires there can be a thousand excuses as to why we are not more so.

I encourage you to get real and name it!

What is standing in my way of living in more alignment with myself? 

Really responding to this prompt can be really empowering and frustrating.  Frustrating because we will often see it’s excuses not real legit reasons and that we are stopping ourselves.. Empowering because we will see that we have much more of the power to shift it (through revealing and healing) than we realized.

Here is to living with Intention



Friday 5

Bring Intention into your weekend- Friday 5


5 ways to bring intention into your weekend
1) Determine how you would like to feel.
2) Make a mini list of what you want/need to do this weekend. (*hint, check in with your word of how you want to feel. Do these actions bring you closer or further to it)
3) Plan your week ahead, Personally I like to do this Sunday evening. It helps me approach my week with far more intention than if I just react to everything that comes up.
4) Spend at least a little time doing something that nourishes you. Go outside, read, take a bath, cook/order a yummy meal etc..
5) Check in how often you are checking out with your phone or other device/screen. It’s not about beating yourself up. It’s about noticing how often you do this by default. The more we check in about these things the more intentional you become when you do pick up your device or remote.
Here is to living with Intention
Empowered, Empowerment Prompt

Release Some Shoulds- Empowerment Prompt

Hey Inspiring Souls!

I think that a many of us are surrounded by “shoulds” in our life. It can show up in the way we speak to ourselves and others, the expectations we have of how we spend our days, how we show up in relationships to what we surround ourselves with. (and so much more!)

Today, this week. I want to encourage you to release a little bit of the should in your life.

Some ways to do that:

  1. Go to your bookshelf and pull out 1-5 books that feel like shoulds
  2. Replace one should with I choose (I should drink more water, instead I choose to drink more water because it’s good for my body)
  3. Go to your closet and take out at least 1 should (I should keep this I paid a lot for it, it was a gift etc.. )
  4. Delete a should on your desktop or some other place in your digital world.
  5. Unfollow people or pages that feel like shoulds.
  6. Don’t say yes to something this week that feels like a should

Where do you Should on yourself?

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered


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Layers of Your Truth… A new Course/Group

Hey Beautiful Soul!

I am really excited to announce the upcoming release of one of a few passion projects I wanted to create and share this year.

Layers of Your Truth: Practices and Prompts to support you in coming home to yourself.

This is a pay what you can course go HERE for all the info. 

If you are ready to feel more support, alignment, and direction in your life,  this is the course for you.

This round I will be doing a “pay what you can”.

We will be exploring with various creative, introspective and practical prompts and practices in this journey.

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered


Empowerment Prompt, Friday 5

Empowerment Phrases- Friday 5

Hey Lovely Souls!

It’s really easy to allow ourselves (and not even realize it) to use language, words, even mantras/affirmations that are actually really disempowering. Try swapping even one of your disempowering phrases with one of these.

  1. I choose (instead of I should)
  2. I can (see #1 and #3)
  3.  I am capable (instead of focusing our energy, words on all of the cants)
  4. I will/can figure it out (Instead of I don’t know how… don’t get me wrong there are times where I don’t know is really a great response, but we often use it as a way to not deal with things that feel too scary or big to us)
  5. I have what I need right here, right now. (When you start falling into the mindset or language of lack, can’t, not enough… )

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered


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17 Awesome things to try in 2017


  1. Sign up for Creativebug.com they have a ton of classes and are incredibly affordable. ($5 a month)
  2. Try a 30 day Yoga Challenge (doyouyoga.com has one for free)
  3. Try a 30 Meditation challenge (doyouyoga.com also has this for free!)
  4. Project 365 or project 52 photo a day or photo a week for the year (I am doing 365 again this year after years of not really trying to do so!)
  5. Spend 5 minutes daily on your finances. (5-minute finance check-ins is something I am putting into place this year!)
  6. Sign up for a reading challenge (I am attempting 32 books at least this year!)
  7. A new recipe, or once a week, month, season.
  8. Visual Journaling (I happen to have a course  that I created here!)
  9.  Don’t complain for 24 hours (this is something I am going to attempt, likely several times lol)
  10. Work with a Coach (My current offerings in supporting you!)
  11. Go on to Udemy.com  and sign up for a class on a skill you think would be fun to learn or would support your other desires this year.
  12. A blog, YouTube Channel, Podcast. A way to share your ideas with others!
  13. Try a new “look” maybe it’s switching up your accessories, getting a new hairstyle or color, revamping your wardrobe or getting one or two pieces you love but are not your usual.
  14. Explore the various ways to move your body to support your well-being. Dance, walk, YouTube videos, in person classes, a group, In Home Yoga, Dancing to your own beat!
  15. Try asking for what you want a little more often. Start small if this feels intimidating to you. If you go out to eat and someone says where do you feel like going.. if you do have an opinion then speak it! Sometimes the person we need to be the most honest with about our needs and desires is ourselves.. start there if that this feels true for you. Ask yourself what I Really need is, what I really want is…
  16. We are surrounded by so many choices. One thing you might try this year is to limit yourself. This can be a personal challenge of not spending anything (unnecessary) for a day, week, month. It could also be not allowing the overwhelm of all your supplies to stop you from starting…Pare down your supplies and dive in!
  17. Making a practice of telling yourself what you appreciate about you (daily and in the mirror would be even more powerful, but start with what feels right)

What are some awesome things you might want to try in 2017?

Here is to living Inspired, Creative,and Empowered


Thursday Thoughts

Starting from where you are- Thursday Thoughts…


Hey Lovely Souls,

How are you? Really, I want to know.

I think that in many ways in our lives (at least i know this to be true in mine, especially lately) we feel we need to catch up. This catching up may be with goals, the joneses, with where we thought we were going to be or should be, even with Courses or books we have that we really do want to dig into.

Are you willing to stop, take a breath and ask yourself.. where am I at with (fill in the blank with that thing you are trying to catch up on) where do I truly want to be? Now think about where you think you “should” be. See the different energy these two carry? I want to encourage you (and myself) to really look at where I truly want to be within that. And instead of worrying about catching up, can you allow yourself to start from where you are (with where you want to be in mind)

And guess what? With being in truth with yourself about where you truly want to be you already have started where you are in a great way!  Maybe you leap into what’s next maybe you inch your way there.. Doesn’t matter just keep starting from where you are and being again.. and again.

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered