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Play- Self and Soul Care Saturday


Hi Amazing one!

When was the last time that you played? No seriously, when was it? Chances are it’s been a while!

Playing is an amazing stress reliever! Just do yourself a favor, go in with no real expectations, no results needed. Just simply play!

Play will look different for each of us in some ways I am sure, however here are some ideas.

  1. Blow bubbles… (yup, with that little wand and that messy liquid just. Play “bonus” points if you chase after or try to catch some of them!
  2. Get $5 and some kids art supplies and make a mess, explore watercolor, fingerpaint, doodle, get crayons and some paper and do rubbings of random things you find!
  3. Play with your food… feel like swirling up your ice cream, crushing up your cookies in your milk, having a mini food fight… go for it!
  4. Get some sidewalk chalk and make a hopscotch pattern or play a giant game of tic tac toe!
  5. Warm enough outside, engage in a water balloon “fight” still rainy and “funky” outside.. jump in a puddle of water or mud!
  6. Go to a thrift store and gather several crazy, out of your style items and play dress up!
  7. Read a fun book out loud in various voices.
  8. Chase your shadow, make shadow puppets, take a picture of the funniest or biggest shadow you can capture!
  9. Get on a swing, kick your feet in the sand!

Here is to living Inspired, Playful, Empowered and Creative!



Notes- Little Inspirations


Hey Wonderful Souls!

I was in Church with my family on Easter and I noticed in the handout they had there was a sheet of paper that said “Notes to My Soul” I love that!

Some of the notes to my Soul would be:



Your ready




What would the notes to your soul say?

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered


Your Layers… Wont you join me?

Hey Beautiful Souls!

Starting this Thursday is an exploration of layers of you and your life.. explored through Visual Journaling wont you join me..

Lets look at you, where you are now, what you love, your visions and dreams, bits of your daily life… 

This could be the start of an amazing creative practice that nourishes you…

Ready to explore..

Release – Embrace-Get Messy- Be Open and Dive in!

Ready? Click here to sign up! 

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered


It’s here!!!- Visual Journal workshop!

Hello Beautiful Souls!

I am BEYOND excited to announce my newest and close to my heart workshop!

Layers of Life- Visual Journal Workshop 

Your life is layered, all of us have layers in our lives. So often we have hidden the layers of who we really are and what we really want so much that we have almost forgotten that they are there. But there is a part of us that knows deeply that those layers are there and whispering to us to be revealed.  The layers show up in our dreams, goals, fears, likes, dislikes, relationships and many other ways.

A beautiful way to start to explore and own (or release) some of these layers is through self-expression especially visual journaling (also referred to often as Art Journaling)

This journey will be an exploration of the layers of your life and of your journal.

This workshop offers:

1-Creative prompts -lose the fear of the blank page through collage and various ways to add color to your page.

2-Layers of your life prompts, from photos to “junk mail” we play with things from your real life!

3-Layers of you- journal prompts to explore the different layers in your inner and outer life. From dreams to your everyday. These prompts will be a mix of introspection, reflection and simply noticing your life a bit differently.

There are very few basic supplies needed to get started. Once you sign up I will send you a supply list.

Join me in exploring The Layers of Life

You can purchase it here for a very affordable $28 for the 5 weeks!

I got some requests for a Visual Journal workshop and it’s something I am passionate about so I am really thrilled to share it with you!

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered


3 things to explore Creatively

Hey Inspiring Souls!

I mentioned before that I am doing a guest series on Creativity over at this lovelies site . I wanted to share a recent post on 3 things to exlore in a creative way! Head on over to her wonderful site and check out all the other goodness shes got going on over there!

I hope you are enjoying the series on Creativity so far! I sure am enjoying writing it! This week I thought we would look at 3 creative things to explore. I have some ideas, but if you don’t like my list pick and choose what if any sounds good to you and add your own! I would love to hear in the comments! I will also have more ideas of things to explore creatively in the weeks to come!

Your Style
Your Space

Now each of this could be and actually probably will be expanded upon in posts in the very near future! However lets touch upon a tip or two to explore these areas creatively now!

Your Style: We all get stuck in our ruts of what we wear, I do this way to often actually! I have a few outfits I like and I just keep rotating them instead of looking at the other good stuff I have and how I can mix it up a bit and look at my options with a more creative mindset. Take some time this week to just tweak one of your favorite outfits just a bit from how you normally rock it! Or to take it to another level mix it up and wear a totally different combo then you “usually” do!

Documenting: Oh how I love documenting! There really is no wrong way to document your life and those people around you. Look I think that “traditional” scrapbook keeping is great for so many people, it’s just not for me. There are lots of ways to document your life. A journal, visual journal, Smashbook (I have one that has little bits, sayings and pictures of those i love and actually have one that documents my journey a bit) My favorite tool of all time for documenting is my iPhone, that is where 98% of my pictures come from and with it I am able to document little moments and inspirations around me that I would not have otherwise. Take something you have currently and see if you can play around with a creative way to document the awesomeness in the everyday!

Your Space: As with our wardrobes we can get stuck in a rut in our spaces. A great way to explore your space in a creative way is to ask yourself what you want out of that space. To look at what you have in it and what can be taken out or brought in, moved around etc to help that space function to support what you envision. For me years ago I wanted a space to be able to do some creative stuff (then Jewelry making, now visual journaling and things of that nature) I live in a mini 1 bedroom so I first thought no way do I have the room. But when I really looked at the space I realized that on one particular area that it was really just being filled up with something we did not use or love so when I released those things it made room for a space to set up a little creative nook!
So many things open up when you can look at them with a creative twist and an open mind!

Here is to living Inspired,Creative and Empowered



It might be fun… Journal Prompt

Hey Inspiring Souls!

You may know or have guessed by now is that I love lists! One I started recently was a list of random things it may be fun to checkout, do or engage in.

So that is this weeks prompt to ask yourself:

What are some random things it might be fun to do, explore or engage in

This prompt is not one of pressure, this is not a list of goals you don’t have to set a date for it. It’s just a fun way to explore and name some random things you may want to explore one day (in the future, soon) It could reveal something interesting, a pattern or just could be fun! Put no pressure or judgement on it just let it flow!

A few things on my list:

-Get my palms read, I just think it would be a funky and interesting thing to do

-Go Kayaking

-Learn to Surf

-Put a bright color streak in my hair

-Get back into jewelry making a bit

-Go to Big Sur

Those are just some random things I may want to explore. What about you?

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered


Creative Prompt-Mix it up

Hey Wonderful Souls!

I love creating it’s what keeps me sane and fresh with ideas… However even things you love doing can seem like a routine every once in a while. So I think it’s important to mix it up every now and again. Try something new, change up your routine, explore other hobbies etc.

I love and engage often in Photography and Visual Journaling as my Creative Self Expression/Exploration. However I have on my 36 while 36 list to try embroidery so I did this last weekend. I only did a tiny bit but it was so fun to mix it up and explore a different way to express myself and feed my creativity.  I really see myself getting into it so I bought a few inexpensive supplies this weekend to do some stitching practice!

While in the mix it up mode, I decided that my creative space needed an updating, I have been displaying my photos on a corkboard and have loved doing that, but it felt time to update the way I displayed the photos. I did and then turned that corkboard into an inspiration board. (Look for a post this next week on this if not earlier in wich I will share more of what I did, it’s still in progress!)

Mix it up by wearing a different combo in one of your “usual” outfits (we all have em, the go to outfit, the one we know works so why mess with it)

Cook something new, try a new spice, go somewhere different to eat. You get the idea, just mix it up a bit. It doesn’t mean the way you have been doing it needs to stop or is wrong, just that you want to keep it fresh!

Oh and speaking of mixing it up, I have made some updates to my blog, so if you are reading this in email or a reader then pop on over and check out the new banner and a few category buttons I created!

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered