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17 Awesome things to try in 2017


  1. Sign up for Creativebug.com they have a ton of classes and are incredibly affordable. ($5 a month)
  2. Try a 30 day Yoga Challenge (doyouyoga.com has one for free)
  3. Try a 30 Meditation challenge (doyouyoga.com also has this for free!)
  4. Project 365 or project 52 photo a day or photo a week for the year (I am doing 365 again this year after years of not really trying to do so!)
  5. Spend 5 minutes daily on your finances. (5-minute finance check-ins is something I am putting into place this year!)
  6. Sign up for a reading challenge (I am attempting 32 books at least this year!)
  7. A new recipe, or once a week, month, season.
  8. Visual Journaling (I happen to have a course  that I created here!)
  9.  Don’t complain for 24 hours (this is something I am going to attempt, likely several times lol)
  10. Work with a Coach (My current offerings in supporting you!)
  11. Go on to Udemy.com  and sign up for a class on a skill you think would be fun to learn or would support your other desires this year.
  12. A blog, YouTube Channel, Podcast. A way to share your ideas with others!
  13. Try a new “look” maybe it’s switching up your accessories, getting a new hairstyle or color, revamping your wardrobe or getting one or two pieces you love but are not your usual.
  14. Explore the various ways to move your body to support your well-being. Dance, walk, YouTube videos, in person classes, a group, In Home Yoga, Dancing to your own beat!
  15. Try asking for what you want a little more often. Start small if this feels intimidating to you. If you go out to eat and someone says where do you feel like going.. if you do have an opinion then speak it! Sometimes the person we need to be the most honest with about our needs and desires is ourselves.. start there if that this feels true for you. Ask yourself what I Really need is, what I really want is…
  16. We are surrounded by so many choices. One thing you might try this year is to limit yourself. This can be a personal challenge of not spending anything (unnecessary) for a day, week, month. It could also be not allowing the overwhelm of all your supplies to stop you from starting…Pare down your supplies and dive in!
  17. Making a practice of telling yourself what you appreciate about you (daily and in the mirror would be even more powerful, but start with what feels right)

What are some awesome things you might want to try in 2017?

Here is to living Inspired, Creative,and Empowered



Life Messages- Tuesday Truths


What I see.. Tuesday Truths


Are you willing to look again, shift your perspective a bit?

Keeps coming up… Mindful Moment Monday


Hey Inspiring Souls!

I am a big believer of life having messages for us. These messages show up in all sorts of ways.

One of the ways I believe that they show up is through words and phrases. I think that we often have a word, phrase etc. show up over and over and don’t always make the connection. So we don’t slow down or lean in to really listen to it.

So this week I encourage you to do just that slow down, lean in and listen to a word, words or phrase that has been showing up over and over or does this week.

What might that message be?

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered



You are not- Tuesday Truths


Inspired Living Series- Becky McCleery


Hey Inspiring Souls!

I am so happy to have another installment of the Inspired Living Series.  I am happy to introduce you to Becky McCleery, a lovely Soul I “met” online recently. She has some beautiful thoughts and ideas for us, so read on and be inspired!

In this busy, frenzied, on demand world we live in, how does one even begin to lead an inspired life?  What does it mean to live inspired?

To me, an inspired life is a conscious choice.  It is a choice to step out of the chaos and reconnect with the heart of who you are.  It is the decision to listen to and trust in your inner wisdom, follow the longings of your soul, and share your unique magnificence in everything you do.  Living an inspired life means waking up each day and making the choice to be fully alive.

An inspired life is a choice and a journey.  If you are feeling somewhat stuck or simply uninspired, here are a few ideas to help you begin reconnecting with your inner brilliance (what lights you up and makes you sparkle and shine as only you can):

•What energizes you?  Follow that energy and nourish your spirit.  How can you make more time for this in your life?

•Shake up your routine.  Try playing with possibilities.  Sometimes our daily lives begin to feel monotonous and it is all too easy to live on autopilot.  In order to wake up, sometimes we need to break out of the ordinary.  Try listening to yourself.  What do you need right now?  What are you longing to do?  Allow yourself to honor and follow whatever answers come to you.

•Go outside and connect with nature.  Take a walk, go for a bike ride, or have a picnic and make this intentional.  Notice the beauty all around you.  What amazes you?  What do you love?  Make time to slow down and enjoy where you are now.

•What did you love as a child?  Take some time and think back to what you adored as a kid.  What could you do for hours that made time fly by?  Is this still a part of your life?  If so, how?  If not, could you reintroduce it to your life?  What might that look like?  Don’t worry about how good you are at this activity, simply allow yourself to relax, play, and have fun.

•What are you curious about?  What would you like to learn about?  Where can you begin?  Sometimes inspiration pushes us to stretch and grow.  Stop making excuses or holding yourself back, and give yourself the gift of time to explore and discover.  Enjoy the journey without putting pressure on yourself to achieve a certain outcome.  Open up to possibilities to shine and thrive.

•What are you grateful for?  Make a commitment to choose gratitude and notice the beauty and blessings in your life.  Take photos of what you are thankful for, keep a gratitude journal, or make a habit of saying “thank you.”  Wonder is all around us, but we are often too busy to notice.  This seemingly simple change can open up abundant possibilities before you.

•What do you care about?  What issues or causes move you?  How can you make a difference?  Getting outside of ourselves and focusing on helping others is a powerful way of connecting with inspiration.  Seek ways to spread kindness and be love in action, then notice how this impacts your feelings and your life.

Inspiration is all around us, we simply need to make the choice to slow down and live with intention.  Here is your challenge for today:  Nourish your spirit.  Did something from this list light you up?  Do it.  Is there something you’ve been longing to do?  Begin today.

The world needs more people who are fully alive.  The world needs you, your gifts, and your love.  Let’s join together to wake up, share our unique brilliance, and light up the world with loveliness!


Becky Lyter McCleery is an inspired mama, writer, and teacher.  She is the founder of Raising Loveliness, a gathering place for moms to come together to “bring out the best in ourselves, our children, and one another.”  She invites you to join her in her mission to cultivate a more compassionate world.

Connect with Becky on her Website, Facebook and Twitter

5 things Inspiring Me Right Now!

Hello Wonderful Souls!

As I may have mentioned once or a 100 times before 🙂 is I am always seeking inspiration! And how much better is inspiration when you can share it with others!

Here are 5 things Inspiring me right now!

1- This video.. just imagaine if we could do this in our lives more.

2-This short and helpful article on how to eat real food without spending hours in the kitchen!

3-I am really in love with this song and her music in general and it doesn’t hurt that she is truly a wonderful Soul!

4-Always Inspired by Tama Kieves, seriously good stuff!

5-This book, I got it from  the Library (and have a stack of great books to dive into from there!) I am really enjoying this one- great food for thought a good mix of actions and examples.

Whats Inspiring you lately?

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered