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My body needs- Journal Prompt


Hey Lovely Souls,


A simple and powerful question (and one I am needing to ask myself especially the last few days) is this weeks journal prompt..

Right now my body needs…

Asking your body what it needs. A great way to get into some awareness is to stop for a moment, close your eyes and check in. Where are you feeling discomfort, anxiousness, a need for food or water, a need for a good stretch etc..

Don’t overthink this or even edit it.. just allow whatever pops into your head and spills on the page flow out.

Here is to living with Intention


Journaling Prompts

What do I…- Journal Prompt

Hey Beautiful Souls,

This week’s journal prompt is journaler’s choice 😀 Choose the one that is tugging at you or all 4… If you keep a journal but don’t feel like you have time to respond to these right now then write them at the top of your journal page throughout your journal to go back to.

  • What do I need to release?
  • What do I need to nourish?
  • What do I allow that I no longer want to?
  • What do I Trust?

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered


Journaling Prompts

How would you… Journal Prompt


Hey Inspiring Souls,

I have been thinking a LOT about fear lately and how often it becomes the deciding factor in what I do and don’t do.. so I decided today I would shift my perspective a little and ask myself.. (and you of course!)

 If fear no longer had the final say how would you..



What would you create?




Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered

Heather Shafer


Soul Musings

Declaring Defeat before we even start.. what are you telling yourself?


Hey Beautiful Souls!

What message are you constantly giving yourself?

Something I noticed about myself recently is how often I will say to myself things that are declaring that the future is where I will have _ when I have _ I will then be able to call myself a_ That all my good ideas are in or for the future. In doing this I negate the things, ideas, the person I am NOW. By always unconsciously assuming that in the future I will be “there” By doing this it struck me, I am keeping myself in that seemingly “safe” space of not having to really show up and be full in for what it is I clearly on some level desire but on another level fear. The question I am asking and will continue to ask myself is why is it that I let the fear win over the desire? And each day show up just a bit more for my life, truth and courage.

I often hesitate to share these types of thoughts as I never want to appear to not have it “together” well forget that because authenticity, truth is so much more important to bring into what I do than the illusion of “I have it all figured out”, because the truth is we are all figuring it out as we go along, peel back those layers and dive into the life we so deeply desire.

Here is what I want to remind myself of and you if you need it!

Stop declaring defeat before you even start.

We declare defeat before we have even finished the entire thought, idea or inspiration, project etc. We start our sentences with I can’t, I wish I, One day I .

Who you are, what you have to offer, learn, teach, explore and bring right now is enough. You are supported in ways you can’t even imagine. Learn to lean into your truth and trust.

You’ve got this, seriously..

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered