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16 (small) actions to help you live with more intention


Hey Lovely Souls,

Shifting the energy, our lives and starting the path of living a more intentional life doesn’t have to cost us a bunch or any money and doesn’t have to be time consuming. Here are some small actions you can take!

  1. Create a yes stack of books
  2. Release books that feel like “Should”
  3. Clean out your purse, car, junk drawer
  4. Unsubscribe to a email or 3!
  5. Delete apps you never use
  6. Write down a mantra and post it somewhere you will see it often ( I am loved, I am guided, I am doing my best)
  7. Look people in the eyes when you are talking to them (it’s easy to look at our phones or to dismiss the person behind the counter helping us.. make a point to make eye contact)
  8. Send an encouraging text, email,note.
  9. Put on a song you love and move to it or let it move you (sitting and soaking it in…eyes close if safe to do so)
  10. Choose a talisman of sorts, something to wear or easily portable to remind you that you are guided.
  11. Set up “stuff” the night before (clothing, coffee, am tools to help you start your day with purpose and alignment)
  12. Write down what you are grateful for (or paint it, capture a picture, write a poem)
  13. Ask yourself am I numbing or nourishing
  14.  Carry a journal with you to capture ideas, thoughts, doodles, wish lists, soul notes
  15. Carry a reusable water bottle to help you hydrate
  16. Plan your week, make sure you are in the schedule as well. Taking care of yourself is the foundation to supporting your other and to supporting your dreams!

Here is to living with Intention



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6 questions to ask yourself now- Intentional Living

Hey Lovely Souls,
There is a lot of hype about there is only x more days until 2020… While that is shocking and a bit horrifying, I don’t want to get too caught up in that energy. It feels almost a panicky for some!
What I would love to do is create some posts and prompts that will support you where you are now.
Let’s start with these 6 questions, don’t overthink them (I know easier said than done!) Just be open to what comes up!
1) What do I need to let go of from this  year so far? Goals, expectations, project, anger,  stuff?
2) What do I want to savor the rest of this year? The holidays, time with loved ones, the flavors?
3) How do I want to feel the rest of this year?
4) What can I start or ask for today, this week in order to support myself in that feeling?
5) What’s something that I put off this year that I could still accomplish, create or ask for that might help support who I am unfolding into next year?
6) Where have I really showed up, rocked it and aligned this year?
Here is to living with Intention

Creating Space- Soul Musings


I have often said that our lives and bodies are giving us messages all the time. The thing is so often other noise is flooding our minds and lives and we don’t hear what they are saying.

One way to try and start to listen to your life is notice themes. Is there a word, phrase, book, anything that has come up again and again for you? I encourage you to start to notice these things a bit more. Maybe that comes from simply mentally noting it, creating little post it’s, writing these things on a napkin or notes app on your phone! In other words, it matters less how you capture them than that you start to open yourself to noticing these things.

A theme that has been coming up for me again and again is to create space. This summer I am working on doing that big time in several areas of my life. In both a physical way and a mental way.  What I am seeking in this spaciousness this summer is to create space for clarity. If I am “busying” myself with too much “stuff” I don’t allow the space to be open to hear, really hear and feel the answers I seek. I have been thinking lately of why this is. What I have unearthed so far is that sometimes the answers I seek, while right on path are uncomfortable. They will stretch me and put me outside of my “happy little comfort zone”. So on some level without actually meaning to I keep waiting for a more comfortable answer!

I have also noticed that I have a lot of resistance to being still more or not filling my time more. It has been and continues to be a learning process with the dance of resistance and craving all with in the same thing!

Do you have anything that you have been noticing lately?  I encourage you to open yourself up to noticing the messages, beauty, themes, inspiration even frustration in your life.

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered


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Frustrations often reveal Desires…

Hey Beautiful Souls!

The other day I was having a conversation with someone and I was venting about some things that just seemed to really be getting to me that day. None of it new  really, but it was one of those days where you just are hyper sensitive to “stuff”.

I had so many little and big frustrations. And it hit me (this may be a Duh moment for some, but for me it was more like an “Ah Ha” moment)

My frustrations were revealing desires. When I reframe it that way and have been stewing on it ever since it really opened up something new for me. An entirely new perspective on those things/situations.

Think about it for your own life, where are you frustrated? What is the underlying desire within that? This is a new way for me to think about it, so this is something I must ask myself again and again.

Let me give you some of my personal examples:

-Frustration: A family “situation”  >Desire: To have those relationships as they used to be or as they “should” be.

-Frustration: Some people around me not taking ownership of their lives, yet complaining about it. >Desire: To see where I am doing that in my life, and knowing where I am (not fun, but good!) and moving through it.

-Frustration: Not feeling good > Desire: To feel good

Those are just some ways lately that I have realized what desires the frustrations are revealing.

Peel that frustration to get to the desire, that is my mission for myself as I know there are many more to uncover!

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered


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Offerings- Free e-Course and More…

Hello Beautiful Souls!

Today I am happy to announce my brand new (just about to launch!) *Free*           e-Course! It’s called Word Play: Here is a bit about it:


Word Play: Launching July 25th 2012! Free e-Course this is a fun and free workshop that goes right into your email box 1-2 times a week for 5 weeks. You get prompts using just a few words with ideas, tips and techniques on how to explore those words using Writing, Photography and Visual Journaling to express how you see/define and feel it!

This is a do it at your own pace, take what you want type of e-Course! It’s meant to inspire you and to push you out of how you would normally see things just a bit!  Click the title above or go to the blog and on the sidebar there is a sign up for it!

Some other ways you can start creating a life of Creativity, Inspiration and Empowerment are:

Clarity Sessions:

These “mini” coaching sessions are designed specially to help you gain clarity in one or a few areas of your life.

They consist of 8 e-Coaching sessions (Coaching via email)  *The number of emails does not include the first introduction exchange

I will ask you questions that get to the heart of the matter to help you gain clarity. I am very good at “listening in between the lines” and can often help you get to the core of the message.

It’s a great way to have support in gaining clarity and courage for change or for a decision you need to make. Clarity Sessions cost $37 (special intro price of $27 until August 12)  Go HERE  to sign up! I will have the intro email to you with in 48 business hours or less!

You can also check out the workshops page and coaching page as well as any of my categories  for the other ways to get support in creating a life you love!

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered


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5 ways to show up for yourself

Hey Inspiring Souls!

The phrase “showing up for myself” has well shown up for me a lot recently. I notice myself resisting what I really want to do, what I crave. I am working on not doing this and pushing myself (at times) to show up for myself in the following areas..

Here are 5 ways you can show up for yourself!

1-Get your body in motion, yoga, dance walking whatever is nourishing or fun for you. Often when we know we will feel good and will be happy we did is the time we have to talk ourselves into it the most! At least that has been true for me!

2-Make room in your schedule for yourself, it’s so important to do this even if you don’t feel like you can schedule in more than 15 minutes it’s a start, it’s something.

3-Take time to go within, listen to the messages of your life, grab your journal and capture what is on your heart, this is one of the most important ways you can show up for yourself. Our lives are whispering to us all the time (then they get loud and obnoxious if we ignore them long enough!)

4-Show up for yourself in the way of expressing your creativity, whatever that is for you. Take time to capture photos , explore words, visual journal, knit, make a great meal, plant something (and a zillion other ideas!)

5-Show up for your dreams, you know that list of things you would love to do, learn, create and explore allow yourself to show up for yourself and start taking action on them or at the very least writing them down and owning them! (see #3)

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered


Coaching Q & A

Coaching Q and A- Direction

Hey Amazing Souls!

It’s time for another coaching Q & A!

Q: I Have counseled People for the past nine years, I am a preacher and I have encountered problems that have made me stop preaching for a while, I have to take care of my home (Marriage) before i can take care of others. But my question is I have back problems and I am a maintenance man for a local news paper company, I own four houses of my own, and my back is not getting better I have to find something that is not so strenuous on my back, I am seriously thinking of going to school but I am wondering what I would do at 44 I am young enough to do something and be succesful at it but with my back ground as a counselor would you recommend Life coaching or something different? I can sell things also, I am a people person I love talking to others, I was thinking of something in marketing but with our economy the way it is I am kind of stuck in a rut here. I am open for suggestions

A: I first want to acknowledge you for the willingness to ask the question and for being open about what is going on. I am sorry to hear about the back issues and the pain that  you are going through. Taking care of your health (mind, body, soul) is very important, I really encourage you to give yourself a little extra TLC when it comes to these things as it sets the foundation for other areas in your life.

There are a few questions here, a few different layers. So lets look at them one layer at a time.

It sounds like to me that you are seeking a long-term change and not something to just get you out of where you are career wise. It also sounds you are dealing with doubt and overwhelm.

You say you are 44 and are you young enough to go back to school and do something and be successful at it. First, I think that as long as we are still breathing it’s never too late to try to go for what we are called to do and if for you part of the involves you going back to school then I think it’s never too late. You also mention in that about being successful, I encourage you to look at how YOU define success as opposed to how society judges it. What does success look and feel like to you? I think education is a wonderful thing, I really do I love learning, but I also think there are those times where we are looking for it to be the answer or the validation. I just encourage you to really look at that (and of course some of it would depend on what field you decide to go into) But on the flip side I really encourage you to look at if you are letting a dream of going back to school stop you because you feel it’s “too late” in some ways.

You mention several different kinds of possible careers, I get the sense that you really want to go into something not as a fast fix to get you out of where you are but to find something that fills you up. I can’t tell you what one to pick out of all of those. I will however suggest and highly encourage you to explore with an open mind your different options. Choose 1 of the 3 or so you mention and start exploring it. You are simply in research mode. My suggestion is to pick the one you feel the most excited about. Even ask someone you know and trust to talk out some of those options with you and to watch your body language when do you seem the most animated? When do you light up? Those are signs that you are on the right track! While you are in this research mode remember at this point it’s about gathering and noticing what gets you pumped up! Don’t allow yourself to start the negative what if’s and allow defeat before you really get started.

As far as the part in your question about being stuck in a rut, my response would actually be similar to the one above. Allow yourself to explore a bit, read something different then you usually do, try something new , allow yourself to be open and explore. Oftentimes even if we do that in an area in our life that is seemingly unrelated to the area of “issue” we find it opens us up in other areas!

I hope this helps, please feel free to send me any follow-up questions that you have.

Thanks for stopping by Coaching Q & A you can find out more about my coaching here and more about this series here.  Do you have a question for the coaching Q & A? Ask me here, in the comments below or email me hstoliveinspired @

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered