Monday Mindset

My Focus- Monday Mindset


Hey Amazing Soul!

I know for many of us, myself included we get focused on the negative, on the fear. These days especially with the news and all that’s going around and on.

So this Monday’s Mindset

Prompt is: 

Is my focus on fear or on faith? 

The Mantra is: 

I choose faith over fear moment by moment

Here is to living with Intention


Monday Mindset

Defeat- Monday Mindset

Hey Beautiful Soul!

How are you doing these days? Really?

I have noticed many people (including myself way more often than I care to admit) with the mindset of defeat.

We often declare defeat before we even start. Is this true for you? What might you be “shutting down” before you have even really thought it all the way out or tried or started?

This weeks Monday Mindset Mantra is:

I choose to see possibility within and around me, even in unexpected ways and places.

Here is to living with Intention


Living with Purpose, Monday Mindset

Waiting until -Monday Mindset

Hey Beautiful Souls!

For many of us life’s circumstances tend to dictate a lot of things for us. Our mood, out attitude and our level of participation in the goals and dreams we have on our hearts and lists.

I have been doing that a LOT more than I would like to admit especially this year. There are several situations that have come up (one thing after another it feels like sometimes) and things that were supposed to be sort of settled. However, things keep shifting into the unknown.

I realized that what I need to do is learn to live with WAY more intention and calm in the midst of the chaos.

I had/have been waiting until… I will study these things more when… I will focus on this more when… When this happens or is figured out I will…

There may be times where this thinking is actually valid and helpful. However, in many circumstances it’s just not. It’s the total opposite. If I hang my goals, self-care, relationships, growth on other people or circumstances then what happens if those “whens’ don’t happen?

This Monday Mindset is to server as a reminder for these times:

Ask yourself, what areas am I living a when this happens, I will mindset? Does this really need to wait until… to be started?

Mindset Mantra:

My life is happening right now. I choose to focus on living with intention, peace and alignment each day. (Even if I am inching there!)

Here is to living with Intention


Monday Mindset

Just Breathe… Monday Mindset 1

Hey Lovely Souls!

There are times in life where it’s so full, or so difficult (overwhelm, grief, stress etc.. ) that sometimes it feels like wall we can do is get through it.

In these times, when you are not sure what’s next, or even what’s happened/happening we can hold our breaths. We don’t even realize it’s happening sometimes.

When you go through this, I encourage you to repeat as often as needed (and even set up reminders for you!) to repeat this weeks Mindset Mantra

Just breathe… 

It’s sounds almost too simple. But it’s often just the reminder we needed.

Here is to living with Intention




Journaling Prompts

Need to hear – Journal Prompt



Hey Inspiring Souls!

This week in your journal.. I invite/encourage you to come up with some affirmations, a mantra, a phrase that holds words you need to hear.

You may find it in a tea tag, you may find it in bits from a magazine, a quote, song lyrics or by listening deeply to what message is simmering just under the surface of your soul!

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered