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Monthly Review and Intentions

Hey Lovely Souls!

It’s November already, how that happened I don’t know! But here we are!

Grab your journal, planner, notes app or whatever feels right and take a few minutes to reflect and set intentions.

In October what were my wins and woes? We are all great about focusing on our woes and undones. It’s important to look at our wins. It helps us know whats working and whats not.

For November…

What do I want to…






Adjust my expectations to

Let go of


How will I set myself up for success, how will I support myself?

That might mean making your holiday meal a potluck, getting some things prepped, going non traditional, skipping some gatherings you usually go to because you feel maxed out already, creating traditions that feel right to you even if they are not “traditional”

Here is to living with Intention


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This month I want to…Setting Monthly Intentions (printable)


Hey Inspiring Souls,

Yet another month has rushed up upon us ­čÖé or at least it feels like that! This month starts for many of us the Holiday mindset so it’s easy to just let that take us over. However I have found it really helpful to take even just 5 minutes and think about and to capture my intentions for the month.

I have a Printable for that in my Freebies section┬á┬áSo please go along with me this week and take time check in with ‘This Month I want to…”sheet. It has multiple prompts for setting your monthly intentions.

Please feel free to print it out and stick it in your journal or better yet your planner or on someplace you will see often. Or take the prompt or prompts that you feel called to dig into and go from there.

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered