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Bloom at your own pace- Thursday Thoughts

Hey Beautiful Souls,

I have found myself many times in my life feeling like I was behind on well, life! I see so many other inspiring souls just blossoming in their businesses and life (or at least it appears that way to me) I start to get caught up in the maybe I should, I wish I could, I should have…

Here are some truths to remember during these times…

  1. Social Media and certain interactions often are curated to highlight what’s going good, right, rocking etc. So the picture we are getting is not the entire one (and that’s totally ok as long as we can remember this!)
  2. We all have very different life circumstances from living situations to money to health to everything else in between and expanding from that. Our situations are very different in many ways, so comparing your beginning with someone else’s middle (so to speak) is not even an accurate comparison, to begin with!
  3. We each bloom at our own pace. It’s perfectly ok if that dream you have takes you longer to unfold or even to discover what that dream is than it took or is taking someone else. You are unique, your truth is unfolding in the time that is right for YOU and not according to the shoulds and did it’s of someone else.

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered



Sometimes- Thursday Thoughts

Hey Inspiring Souls!

Sometimes what feels safe (familiar) is not the path that is leading us towards, into the deeper truth that we seek. (in fact it could be said that it is never the path that is leading us where we seek to be)

Sometimes what feels right, even peaceful is really painful and difficult.

Sometimes your Soul needs you to show up ready or not.

Sometimes the support you need the most is your own.

Sometimes what we resist the most is what we seek/need/crave the most.

Sometimes we need to start from where we are.

Sometimes we need a fresh start.

Sometimes we need to just be.

Sometimes we need to stop thinking and take action and trust.

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered



Can I… Journal Prompt


Hey Beautiful Souls!

This week’s journal prompt is one that we may need to ask ourselves over and over as we venture out of (or on the perimeter of) our comfort zone.

Can I, Am I willing to show up despite the fear?

Sometimes the answer will be a shaky but for sure yes… other times it may be a not this time or not yet . This could apply in so many areas for our lives from creativity to a move or career change, starting our own business, going back to school or simply speaking up about our beliefs or needs.


Trust yourself

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered



I believe in… Journal Prompt

What if.. Soul Notes



What If..

Hey Inspiring Souls

These are what if’s I have been asking myself lately (and possibly avoiding the responses in some cases!) They are simple yet really powerful

So often we are guided by our what if’s but the dis-empowering what if’s.. What if this goes wrong, what if I can’t. I am not saying we should not ask these what if’s. Honestly though, how often do you create space for yourself to work through and past these? If your anything like me than you probably all too often allow those what if’s to become why bothers or never minds!

What if you dressed to really express

What if you responded to what life is asking of you instead of reacting to the circumstances

What if you started anyways

What if you listened a bit deeper

What if you forgave

What if you ate to truly nourish your body

What if you said no to something good so you could say a Soul yes to something better?

What if you signed up for that class, group, volunteer position whatever has been tugging at you to see, hear and explore it.

What if you stopped waiting until..

What if you showed up

What if you stepped back

What if I trusted myself a bit deeper

What if it did work?

What if you celebrated showing up, and taking those tiny steps instead of beating yourself up for not taking huge leaps.

What if?

What are your what if’s?

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered



Resist-Tuesday Truths

Resist, Tuesday Truth, What do you resist

What are you affirming?


Hey Beautiful Souls,

Something has been on my mind lately, listening and observing   myself and some people in my life I noticed that there has been an unconscious tendency to affirm the negatives in our lives.

So I ask, what  are you affirming in your life?

Are you affirming the stress, the cant’s , the lack, the chaos, the shoulds?

We do this with our:




WORDS: (Self-Talk)

Do you hear the way that you talk? Many of us don’t we are semi (or totally )unconscious to the words we are saying to and about ourselves.

Words are incredibly powerful, our thoughts are where our words are coming from right? So why do we give them so little mindful attention. Our words are directly related to the other areas.  If I have feelings and beliefs of lack (of worth, time etc.) then you are way more likely to “find” situations that support/prove that right? (It’s like if you are looking for a red car, you are way more likely to find if that is what your attention is on then if you were not looking for it right?!)

Our Self-Talk teaches others how to treat us, more importantly we are teaching ourselves that it’s ok to look for lack, not enough etc.  It also is being mirrored by those young ones around you (kids or not) we think they do not notice but they really do (scarily so!) Is this really the legacy you want to pass on to them?

Listen to your self-talk for even a few minutes a day and listen in for what you are affirming. How can you switch it to something more empowering?

Question it, are these things really true about you?

For a moment stop looking for the things diminish your worth and look for things that support your worth and truth.


We often will show what we value and what we are committed to (affirming) by our actions. (Trust me I want to punch this concept in the face too!)

What are your actions affirming? If looking at it this way still stumps you look at it with the idea in mind what Actions are you NOT taking because you have declared defeat (often before even really trying)

Do your actions match what you say you want for your life or are they affirming that this is it, this is as good as it’s going to get? Are you taking actions that are affirming, saying YES to the bigger vision? This is going to look different for all of us and can show up in so many areas of our lives. Even “tiny” actions are a beautiful way to affirm the vision.

We are unconsciously committed to the reality and not the dream, we are putting more energy into the fear then into faith. So our actions mirror that.

Ask yourself, what is one small action I can take this week (or better yet, today!) to affirm what I want to create in my life?


I believe our surroundings are way more powerful and impactful than we realize much of the time.

I get that we cannot control our outer circumstances in some areas of our lives. However we do have a great amount of control over what we surround ourselves with.

Our inner and outer can be very reflected and effected by one another. I know for me personally when I am overwhelmed, stuck, checked out you can see it in my surroundings. I am not saying when I am peaceful that everything magically falls into place perfectly but it’s way more likely to run smoother and seem less chaotic if I am feeling that way mentally and often vice versa!

In thinking about this piece of it I would say that sometimes our surroundings seem to be affirming (unconsciously) lack, not enoughness, settling, sadness, chaos. This shows up in many ways and again it may look different for each of us. Ask yourself do you have a space in your home that you are inspired by (even a tiny one?) do you have reminders of the things and people you love? Or do you have blank walls, piles of chaos, stuff that you got, wear or put up “just for now”… years ago? Do you engage in any of the activities you love (music, painting, cooking).

Look around your surroundings, ask yourself. What am I affirming in this space?

This could also apply in many ways to whom you surround yourself with.

I think there is great power in even starting really small here as I know this is not something that will be solved overnight for any of us (trust me I have tried wishing my clutter and lack mindset away but it’s a practice!) What sights, sounds , images even smells, would support you in affirming what you want to create? Maybe it starts as small as a scented candle, one image (even tear one from a magazine that speaks to you!, Put on the music that moves you, clear out even 1 thing that you don’t love or use (make sure it’s yours to do that with I have been tempted to do this with some of my husband’s stuff lol)

Affirm what you want to create in your life, affirm the good that you have and have had in your life. Affirm yourself your worth in your  talk, actions and surroundings!

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered