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Monthly Review and Intentions

Hey Lovely Souls!

It’s November already, how that happened I don’t know! But here we are!

Grab your journal, planner, notes app or whatever feels right and take a few minutes to reflect and set intentions.

In October what were my wins and woes? We are all great about focusing on our woes and undones. It’s important to look at our wins. It helps us know whats working and whats not.

For November…

What do I want to…






Adjust my expectations to

Let go of


How will I set myself up for success, how will I support myself?

That might mean making your holiday meal a potluck, getting some things prepped, going non traditional, skipping some gatherings you usually go to because you feel maxed out already, creating traditions that feel right to you even if they are not “traditional”

Here is to living with Intention


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This month.. Journal Prompt


Hey Beautiful Souls..

These questions are ones I want to start asking myself at the end of each month (as they fly past me!) I thought you might find them  helpful as well.

 What do I want to remember from this month?

 What do I need to release from this month?

Here is to living Inspired, Creative Empowered


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Dear 2014..


Hey Inspiring Souls.. Every year around this time I write a letter to the year coming to a close.

I encourage you to do the same.. Use words, Your pictures or simply a list..

Dear 2014,

First, Thank You. Thank You for all you gave me and taught me. Though I didn’t always enjoy the way the lesson was represented I do appreciate the lessons that I have been able to learn and the ones that I am still “chewing on”.

You felt like a couple of years of emotions and decisions at the same time you felt like you just flew right by me!

The word that I chose for you was “Flow”. That showed up in some really lovely ways and yet didn’t seem to make an appearance in other ways that had hoped and maybe even expected (hmm maybe that was part of the problem!)

Some of the ways “flow” showed up is in my Soul Work, Inspiration, and Opportunities to listen and to see.

Decisions were made some small and some HUGE!

You held Layers of realizations and healing. (And the realization that there are many more layers to reveal and heal)

You held hurt and you held hope.

You held confusion and you held clarity.

You held so much beauty within the chaos may I continue to be open to that every single day.

You held so much release and so much holding on..

It occurs to me that the way that Flow showed up in you was much like the waves of the ocean flowing in and flowing out. Sometimes they were gentle and sometimes they were felt too strong, too powerful. Ready to suck you in or sweep sweetly over you.

2014 you taught me that small steps matter, to keep showing up, to be open but stand my ground, to forgive… again and to trust myself a little bit more.

As I step excitedly and even a bit nervously into what is next for 2015 may all that is no longer mine to carry be lifted from me and may I have the courage to lean into what is mine to create, accomplish, learn, teach and discover.

Thank You


Journaling Prompts

Reflection: rocked it, showed up.. – Journal Prompts


Hey Beautiful Souls..

This is the time of year where I am digging into a lot of reflection of the year coming to a close. I will have a variety of posts on that and ideas to help inspire and support you in doing so. For the next 2-3 Journal Prompts  I will give you some questions to start digging in to!

This is a multi- part prompt: Create a list, glue in some pictures, doodle your response. Just take some time to give yourself some credit! We are wired often to look for what’s undone or not where we want it to be. Let’s change the perspective a bit!

Ask yourself..

In what ways have I rocked it (don’t be shy maybe it’s in one what seems like no big deal way to you but step back and look again)

How have I shown up for myself this year?

What have I created?

What have I accomplished?

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered



Friday Five Faves

Friday 5 Faves- Takeaways from 2013


Hey Wonderful  Soul!

It’s that time of year.. I thought I would share 5 of my favorite takeaways from this year (not all of them learned easily 🙂

1-      Healing, healing of or the  beginning of the healing for a few areas physical and not physical. Relationships, body, dreams

2-      It always pays off when I show up for myself/my dreams etc. Even if I have to really talk myself into it. Even if I want it so badly but it’s so out of my comfort zone

3-      My Comfort Zone can be expanded each tiny or big act of courage

4-      Investing in myself and my dreams is vital to being in truth for my life (this does not always have to mean money or a lot of money, sometimes this meant faith, trust, time etc.)

5-      I love creating and I love finding the sacred in every day, when I stop myself from doing so I am out of alignment the takeaway is it’s vital to keep these things going (even amongst the chaos-especially amongst the chaos) There was a period of time this year where I really lost sight of that.

What are your fave takeaways from this year?

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered


December Visions -November Reflections- Journal Promt


Wowzer, it’s already December! Where does the time go? As I have mentioned before I create a monthly list and a mini vision board (in my planner) of what I want to do, create, accomplish etc. For each month! Not everything always happens, but it certainly helps to keep me heading in a mindful and inspired direction for the month!

Ask yourself: What do I want to, Do, accomplish, feel, create and explore this month?

What was November like? What did I learn, create, accomplish, feel?

This time of year I am really focused on reflecting and visioning, I encourage you to add that into your December visions!

November marked mine and hubby’s 18  year anniversary! I felt fairly good overall, there were times where I felt like I was going in circles and other times where I felt really focused and in the zone! I created several craftier things in November than I have in a while so that was great! I am really close to completing some other projects that I had hoped to have done by now (technology issues!) There was an extreme amount of family health stuff, but all of it seems to be going in a good direction so that is really great (and along with that it has brought some healing to the surface as well as more challenges!)

So what are your December visions/intentions? What was your November like?

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered


Journaling Prompts

Allowing Space-Journal Prompt


Hey Beautiful Souls!

Something that has been coming up more and more for myself and in conversations in my life is to allow space for “it“. “It” healing, dreaming, connecting, allowing, releasing (any or all the above!)

So todays prompt is to really give yourself some space and time in your journal to  reflect on what you need to allow the space for…

For me, I am needing to allow space in my head by letting go (for now) of a certain picture of a dream I had, I am not sure this dream the way I have looked at it, for it and to it really looks the way that I have been what feels like trying to force it. I need to release this dream in the way I think it looks or “should” look now to make rom for what wants to grow. I need to create space in my life, in my head by releasing the way it’s been pictured to allow for what it really is.. And that is exciting and scary all at once!

What do you need to make space for?

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered