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Intention and Release- Journal Prompt

Hey! Beautiful Soul!

We are in (or just about) a brand new month (June, how the heck did that happen!!??) It’s been a heck of a month for several reasons. There is lots of energy around it, positive and negative. I want to go into this next month with intention and some spaciousness. In order to do that, I have to focus in on my intention and let go of some things.

The prompt this week is:

What do I want to feel, Create, Explore and Accomplish in the new month coming up? Then what do I need to loosen my grip, let go of, release from the month coming to a close? 

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered



No longer mine… Journal Prompt

Hey Inspiring Souls!

We all carry so much. I believe that we are not alone, it’s not all ours to carry and what is ours to carry we are supported in seen and often unseen ways.

This week in your journal, I would encourage you to make a list, brain dump, stream of consciousness writing on what is no longer yours to carry. 

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered


Leave Behind… Journal Prompt

Hey Beautiful Souls!


I have a simple, yet powerful prompt for you.

What would you like to leave behind in 2016 as you transition into 2017? 

Tip: Get as specific as you can with this. And you might even want to try one of these ways to do intentional releasing. 

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered,


Releasing -Journal prompts +


Heya Beautiful Souls!

As we rapidly approach the end of 2016 (part of me is thankful, it’s been a really intense year in SO many ways and another part of me is like whoa how did that happen and I so not ready yet!) This is the time of year that many of us like  to reflect and to start dreaming for the year ahead. In fact, I have usually done a lot more of this by now, but life has been a bit hectic and being in denial of the time of year doesn’t help lol.

In This post, I go over ways and questions and ways to reflect on your year.  I find this a really important part of the process.

So with this year holding so much for so many of us. We are bound to unintentionally take some of the heaviness into the new year with us. So I thought we would look at a few ways to release before we go into the new year. Now don’t get me wrong, often within these things we are letting go of were lessons, beauty, and realizations. Let’s capture those as well… However what I am suggesting we intentionally release is the judgment or heaviness around these things as best we can.

A few ways to release…

  1. Write a goodbye letter to those things. Dear ___ it’s time for me to let you go. Thank  You for the (lesson, beauty, wake-up call etc.. ) However, I am ready to release the hold you have on me…  fill in any more feelings, vent it out…give it a piece of your mind. Seriously.. this might feel a little strange but is a great way to release. Now burn it.. (safely of course) if you can’t or don’t feel comfortable doing that… Rip it up into tiny pieces and throw it away but do so saying Thank You, Goodbye and I am ready to move forward while taking the lessons and beauty that you gave me.
  2. Get a bottle of kids bubbles.. stay with me here 🙂 and go outside.. preferably where you have a little space to really speak out loud…Now as you blow the bubbles name the things you are letting go of.. visualize when those bubbles pop that’s the hold they have on you disappearing.
  3. Create a list of things, beliefs and people you want to let go of… Sometimes simply naming it feels like you have loosened your grip and create some space in your life for what and who truly feels aligned.

Be on the look out this week for prompts and ideas for creating an inspired year.

Here is to living Inspired, Creative, and Empowered,


No longer fits… Journal Prompt


Hey Lovely Souls!

So many times we keep stuff, relationships, goals around that just don’t fit us anymore. This feeling struck me pretty intensely this week for several areas of my life.

I am really sinking into the prompt this week:  What is feeling ill fitting, feels like it no longer fits in my life? 

Some things that have come to my mind and heart so far are… Several goals I have (or had!), The layers of fear I tend to wear around much of the time, some physical objects (including clothes and journals).

What about you, what feels like it’s no longer fitting you?

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered




Release- Tuesday Truth


5 things to get rid of this week- Friday 5


5 Things to get rid of this week..

Hey inspiring Souls.. Creating Space in our lives can look so many different ways. Here are 5 (mostly) easy ways to do that by getting rid of some things!

  1. Any books that feel like a should, start with just one if it feels like too much.
  2. Try for one day to get rid of using the word “Should”! (start with one hour if you need to!)
  3. An app on your phone you never use
  4. Something from your computer desktop, or physical desktop
  5. The idea that you have to go it alone, get support  where you need it.

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered