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Affirmations- Self and Soul Care Saturday

Hey, Beautiful Souls!

We often, without even realizing it are speaking words of defeat and negativity to ourselves, about ourselves. Our words, even when “said” in our own heads have so much power.

A beautiful act of self-care is saying affirming things to yourself… Ask yourself what you need… words of comfort, reassurance, empowerment?

Here are a few to get you started, feel free of course to tweak or add any words that feel more aligned with what you are seeking to affirm. Also, you can google affirmations or affirmations for….

  • You’ve got this (and if you can say this while looking in the mirror)
  • I am guided, I am held (eyes closed, hand on heart)
  • I commit to the me I truly desire to be
  • My body is a wise advisor, I listen to what is being said with curiosity and compassion
  • This to shall pass

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered



Connect with nature- Self and Soul Care Saturday


Hey, Lovely Souls!

This week’s self and soul care practice is to connect with nature.

This will likely look different for each of us. However, here are some ideas for ways you might connect with nature today, this weekend etc…

  1. Open the windows, let some breeze and fresh air in.
  2. Get a plant or some flowers and bring nature inside.
  3. Go outside for even 10 minutes and notice (maybe you feel like capturing through your lens) the flowers, trees, sky, clouds.
  4. Go to the beach (if you happen to have one near!)
  5. Go for a walk around your neighborhood
  6. Sit outside for 5 minutes and just close your eyes and feel the breeze.

Those are some ways to start connecting with nature, what are your favorite ways?

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered


Back to Basics- Self and Soul Care Saturday


Hey, Lovely Soul!

This week for “Self and Soul Care Saturday” I want to look at the basics of self-care. This might differ for each of us.

Look life is crazy maybe it’s a family health issue, a move, getting used to the new dynamic of things, the state of politics,

What are your self-care basics? Those things that you go will/can go back to again and again.  I encourage you to make a list of those someone in your planner on your phone or someplace else you can reference the easily.

Your basics may include some of these ideas…

  • Shower
  • Deep belly breaths
  • Hydrating
  • Exercise
  • Vitamins
  • Nourishing meal
  • Meditation/Prayer/Stillness

Your list might include tea, music, journaling or any other number of “Basics”  If even these basics seem to be eluding you choose one or two and start putting them into place. Create a list of the ones you ultimately want on your basics list.

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered


Music- Self and Soul Care Saturday



Hey,  Beautiful Souls!

Music is really powerful and it can be so good for the Soul! I noticed that I get caught up in the noise, the hum of everyday life (and that can be chaotic, stressful and beautiful sometimes all at once!)  For some of us it’s the tune, others it’s mostly the words ( that’s me.. I listen to all types if i like the message!)

This week’s Self and Soul Care Saturday action is to: Listen to music. Maybe you have some on your phone, maybe you need to log into YouTube or Amazon prime music, Pandora or any other number of ways to get music!

Choose a song or two or even three! Lean into the mood of the music, close your eyes and really listen, get up and dance if that’s what you feel moved to do…

What music moves you?

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered