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9 ways a notebook/journal can support your care-giving journey- Empowered Care taking

Hey Wonderful Soul! These tips are geared towards my fellow caregivers out there, but most of them could be used by anyone. Here are 9 ways to use a journal/notebook to support your care-giving journey.

  1. Vent, it’s perfectly ok to spew out your frustrations. Especially if you don’t feel you have anyone who get’s it.. sometimes just getting it out of your head helps one feel calmer.
  2. Gratitude, sometimes finding that gratitude will feel like an excavation. Try and express it anyways.. One thing in depth, a list of 2-5 things, doodle it (maybe it’s that cup of… or the sun-shining or a good day for your loved one)
  3. Doodle, you DO NOT have to have any (like zero, zilch) drawing skills to doodle. Just create spirals, draw bits from your day to day (remember embrace imperfection here)
  4. Write your favorite quotes or song lyrics
  5. Write down your wins from that day or week. (and they can be seemingly tiny)
  6. Make a list of what things you need to do, want to look into, follow up on.
  7. Track your loved ones symptoms, behaviors etc..
  8. Make a list of self care actions you can take. (even in a few minutes a day, deep breaths, music, gratitude, creativity etc..)
  9. Glue in pictures, images from magazines, words you are drawn to.. this is a space, budget and time friendly way to engage in creativity on the regular.

I will leave the list at that for this post, though I could probably go on!

Essentially you really can’t do the journal/notebook thing wrong.  Choose one or a few ideas that you are drawn to and start there. It also doesn’t need to be anything fancy… The journal can be a composition notebook, spiral bound “cheap” one, pretty journal, blank book.. anything goes!

Here is to living and caring with intention


Empowered Caregiver

15 ways for Caregivers to engage in self care- Empowered Caregiver

Hey Beautiful Souls,

I am a co caregiver and an advocate for caregivers (in my own way) Self care is not a luxury  for any of us. But for caregivers it’s survival and supporting you in not burning out.  This list could go for anyone really but is geared towards those of you who are caregivers.. ❤

Also remember none of these have to be super time consuming, so when you feel the urge to zone out after a long day (and night) of care try one of these a try instead.

15 ways for Caregivers to engage in self care: 
1) Deep Breaths, this sounds too simple and trite. But it’s more powerful, simple and can be done for free and anywhere. It’s a tiny way to check in with yourself.
2) Listen to something inspiring: Music, podcast, audio books.
3) Surround yourself with uplifting messages/images. (more on this in the near future)
4) Read, even a paragraph a few times a day will add up! Maybe in this season of caregiving you are not able to sit down and devour a book. But you can chip away at it. Some is better than none!
5) Create something… As caregivers we often need to get creative to get responses out of our loved ones, solve various problems that come up etc. So we are ALL creative! Some ideas to get your creativity on… Color, Doodle, knit, Draw, get a notebook and write (vent, lists, gratitude, wishes, dreams etc.. ) In that same notebook or another one… Glue images from magazines or words. It doesn’t have to make sense or even be pretty!
6) Find a group online or in person so you have people who get you and understand where you are coming from.
7) Make and keep your medical appointments.
8) Move your body, yoga, walking outside or using a video to do an indoor walk,dance etc..
9) Hydrate, we are often good about getting those we are caring for to hydrate all while neglecting our own hydration!
10) Nourish your body, eat good healthy (ish sometimes at least) food.
11) Educate yourself how to best support the one you are caring for. While this doesn’t sound exactly like self care, being informed and thus empowered often will make various parts of the care a little easier on you and the one you are caring for.
12) Meditate, Pray, Gratitude.. do something to nurture your spirit.
13) Be kind to yourself. We are often thrown in the role of caregiver without warning, training or a clue what is to unfold. Expecting yourself to automatically be armed with a slew of information and skills right off the bat isn’t realistic. And beating yourself up about it doesn’t help anything. It just adds to your stress!
14) Repeat mantras and affirmations to yourself: I am doing the best I can in this current situation, this too shall pass, I’ve got this, I am a loving and caring person, I am guide, I am held, I am capable.
15) Tend to your physical appearance. Shower, brush your teeth, brush your hair, put on something that feels good even if you home all the time. Do it for you.. not for anyone else.
Here is to living with Intention

An invitation to Caring for yourself … A Soul Renewed Self & Soul Care Circle

A Soul Renewed a self & Soul care CIRCLE  –  JANUARY 5, 2020

Hey Lovely Souls!  I have an invitation for you. I am opening my A Soul Renewed , Self & Soul Care Circle back up for a bit! If you want to start 2020 with a small group of supportive souls & Loads of inspiration. This circle is for you. Each month we have a theme or few themes that work together. You get weekly emails and if you choose to join the Facebook group you will get check in’s, links etc.. of thoughts or goodness I find as we go through the week. (But do know you will get the value from the content I send weekly if you are not a Facebook kind of person!)

A few 2020 Themes… ( The themes often reveal themselves within the group, it is a group for and about you so we keep it a bit fluid)

  • Self Talk, how your inner and outer talk is influencing your life and tools to notice and shift it.
  • Creating Space in your life for you and your truth.

More info about this circle below…

Self Care is multi Layered it also sometimes gets a bad rap. It is thought of as selfish or frivolous. It is not, it is necessary to be able to be and give the best in our lives. For ourselves, others and our purposes.

If you would like to learn more or you would like to sign up please email me hstoliveinspired @ gmail.com or pay here and put a note of what email you would like the emails for the circle sent to! 

Each month you we will have a focus each week we explore practices, prompts and reminders.

The circle provides support and accountability where you need/want it.

How much: $10 Per month (Jan, Feb, March) at current time, can be paid monthly or 3 months at a time)

Where: Online, we will have a Facebook group. However You will get weekly emails as well so you don’t miss any of the main content.

When: Starts  January 5, 2020

How long:  Ongoing

Here is to living with Intention


Friday 5

Simple Self Care- Friday 5

Hey Inspiring Souls!

The words “Self Care” get thrown around a lot. It’s easy to feel like it’s selfish and or just another to do.

Truth is it’s vital to being able to support, serve and be our best with others in all types of situations from family to work to our passions the list goes on..

Here are 5 easy ways to slip in self-care in your life, busy, tired or not!

  1. Deep Breaths, we vastly underestimate the power of consciously breathing.  There are videos, articles and books on Breathwork (something I will be studying more of) but a simple way to start is to simply put one hand on your heart and one on your belly and take a deep, slow and mindful breath.
  2. Hydrate, I will admit this is one area of self-care i really need to improve (again!) carry a bottle with you, have a glass near you, drink some upon waking up (we wake up dehydrated)
  3. Ask yourself, what do I really need right now. We are often responding or reacting to what others need. We rarely ask ourselves what we truly need in that moment or in a situation.
  4. Find a song to match your mood, or to help inspire the mood you desire to be in.
  5. Connect to nature, look up at the sky, look down at the plants and flowers in your surroundings, open the window, feel the breeze or sun or whatever the weather is providing that moment.

Here is to living with Intention


Self & Soul Care Saturday

Tending to your Heart Health- Saturday Self and Soul Care


Saturday Self and Soul care:

Tending to your Heart Health…

One of the things I have chosen to be a voice/advocate for is Heart Health. Knowledge is power, ignorance is NOT bliss. One of the biggest ways we can engage in self-care is to take care of our health. That doesn’t mean that we necessarily make huge changes all at once. What it does (or can mean) is that you get empowered about your own health. Some ways to do that (plus some links on heart health that may be helpful to you and yours…)

What are your numbers (Cholesterol, BP)

Eat heart healthier foods, consider the amount of sodium that is in the things you eat.

Talk to your doctor about your risks, symptoms, health goals.

Move your body more

Find ways to reduce stress in your days.

Get your checkups

If something feels off, trust yourself and speak up.

Here are some links about Heart Health. And another.Give yourself and your loved ones the gift of taking the time and making the changes (even if tiny moves at first!) that will support you and a healthy (or healthier) heart.

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered




Self & Soul Care Saturday

Make that appointment- Self and Soul Care Saturday

Hey Lovely Soul!

A part of self-care that is not often talked about is medical/health self-care. Many of us likely have some health-related appointment that we are putting off (aka: Avoiding!) maybe it’s your yearly check up, dental visit, labs you need to get, talking to your doctor about some issue you have been having, finding a doctor…

Following through with this is the ultimate self-care.

So today(if you are reading this on Saturday at the least put it in your planner to make the appointment if you can’t call and leave a message or do the research you need to) make that appointment you have been avoiding!

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered