Journaling Prompts

Go to prompts – Journal Prompts

Hey Beautiful Soul,

Sometimes we want to journal more or start a journal but we feel we don’t have much to write about. Anything goes for your journal write lists, thoughts, vents… the list could go on and on.. but today I wanted to share a handful of “go to prompts” that you can pull out anytime you are stuck or just want a starting point.

  1. Right now I need
  2. Right now i feel
  3. Truth
  4. On my Heart
  5. More of less of
  6. Senses (feel, hear, touch, smell, taste, see)

Here is to living with Intention



Creative, Creative Prompts

10 Things to put in your journal- Creative Prompt


10 Things to put in your journal: 
  1. Articles
  2. Recipes
  3. Ideas
  4. Gratitude
  5. Magazine images
  6. Words/phrases from magazines
  7. Your words (what’s on your heart, mind, bucket list)
  8. Bits of everyday life (pictures, receipts, junk mail) Doodles that depict what you wore, ate, feel, love, saw etc.. 
  9. Paint (you don’t have to have a clue how to paint in order to use it.. get stencils or use bits of life like bottle caps, toilet paper rolls etc to dip in the paint and “stamp” on the page.
  10.  Washi tape or stickers. Those are both easy ways to make make it fun, creative but not time consuming or feeling like you need to know how to … 

It’s your journal, anything goes that feels right to you!

Here is to living with Intention


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Inspired to give this to you- Free eCourses


Hey Inspiring Souls!

I feel inspired/called to offer 2 of my for free. There is so much going on in the world these days. And no matter what I believe that self-care and self-expression are the foundations we can build on to rise up. Choose either or both Showing up for yourself through self and soul care or showing up for yourself on the page (a visual journal eCourse)

Learn more here!

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered


Friday 5

5 Ways to start a notebook – Friday 5


Hey Inspiring Souls!

To say that I really love journals and notebooks (and planners and office supplies and..) would be a slight understatement I LOVE them! Maybe a little too much (is there such thing?!)

Here are 5 ways I start (or as I like to say.. unblank) a new notebook..

  1. Start a “Catch all” type of notebook use it for braindumps, to do’s , ideas, things you want to read, make, research..
  2. Gratitude journal, your way.. what’s going good, what are you rocking, what blessings and beauty have you noticed lately.. write it down!
  3. Vent out all your feelings or what’s going on in your head.. a “basic” journal to sort through the ups and downs of life.
  4. Gather inspiration, soul notes. Bits of magazine clippings with articles, ideas, products,colors,  create soul notes (what I like to refer to as soul cravings- what’s tugging at you.)
  5. Visual journal.. Doodle, glue, spread paint.. An easy way to visual journal is to get an image that fits on the page (covers totally or not) and one word or phrase from a magazine or junk mail (or write it out if you can’t find one that speaks to you) Sometimes you will have an idea of what you want to express, sometimes you will not,  just trust all of it if you can even if just a little.. One doodle, image, word, mark at a time. Think of it as an experiment!

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered


Journaling Prompts

Enough- Journal prompt


Hey Beautiful Souls..

Sometimes all it takes is a word, or image or color to spark an idea, introspection, joy, anger..

So this week that’s going to be the journal prompt one word..


There are many ways you could interpret it, I would encourage you to go with the first one that came to you and let it flow from there.

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered

Heather Shafer


In my Journal- The Car edition!

Hey Inspiring Souls!

I am a fan of having some kind of creative supplies you enjoy on you at pretty much all times. The other day I had to wait unexpectedly  for hubby in the car, so instead of zoning out on my phone (my too often go to way to pass the time) I grabbed my creativity to go supplies that I had from my purse and did a few small visual journal pages!

Here are the results..





What are your favorite creative mediums? Do you have your go to supplies handy for your creative expression sessions?!

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered


Journaling Prompts

Let it out- Journal Prompt

image_1 (2)

Hey Inspiring Souls!

This week’s prompt is something that I know many either feel they do too much of or don’t really do in their journals at all because it feels too negative.

What’s really frustrating me is? What am I feeling drained by?

I am a fixer so oftentimes when I vent I my journal I feel like I need to then have a list of what or how I will fix it, work through it.

Let’s give ourselves permission to feel free to get it out in our journals without trying to fix it or ourselves. Let it be the safe space, the place where you can express the big stuff or even seemingly “petty” stuff.

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered



Detox your self-talk – Part 2


Part 2 in the Detox your Self-Talk series for Kind Over Matter!

Well hello again, beautiful souls!

Last week we talked about the power of self-talk. This week we are going to continue the process of detoxing our self-talk. We are going to start the process of tuning into that self-talk and really start to notice what we are saying to and about ourselves.

The key to being able to shift anything is to be aware that it’s happening, right? How can we change what we are not even aware of, what we don’t notice?

First off I want you to take a deep breath, I want you to remind yourself this is simply about noticing so you can start the process of shifting. This is NOT about beating yourself up. Be gentle, yet fierce with yourself and this process.

Ways to Start to notice what you are saying to and about yourself:

1) Start your day with a statement of awareness: I will lovingly observe my self-talk today. Repeat that a few times through the day ideally!

Read the rest here..

Soul Notes-Notes to and From my Soul to yours

It’s time.. Seriously- Soul Notes



Hey Beautiful Soul.. These are some messages I needed to remind myself of, maybe for you too?

It’s Time..

To Celebrate where you have expanded, released grown

To Open yourself to the messages that are on the Surface of your Soul

To Let it go






Ask for what you want

Say NO to what you don’t want (to what does not inspire, support, grow you)

To feed yourself what you are truly hungry for (it may or may not be food)

To engage in the actions that truly support the vision, not just stand on the edge of them but be all in-fears and all

To make some hard choices (hint.. those are sometimes disguised as simplifying)

To say YES (hint sometimes it’s loud and juicy, other times it’s quite and but you can feel it with all  that you are)

To explore the resistance a bit (there is often what you seek most within it)


Take Baby steps

To start

To stop with the excuses

To Name “it” for what it is (likely fear-this little f-er shows up in all sorts of ways!)

To engage in daily acts of courage (and sometimes that is just getting up, other times it’s making that phone call it’s going to look different for many of us and that is truly OK!)

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered


Journaling Prompts

Around here lately- Journal Prompt


Hey Inspiring Souls!

I think a great way to document the different areas and times in our life is to capture photos and lists. So that is the prompt this week. Of course you can respond to it however feels right to you, in your journal with a list, brain dump, images and a list, just images, on your blog etc.

 Around Here lately…

Some ideas what you are noticing, loving, celebrating, watching, hearing, projects your working on, things your avoiding, what your surroundings are like right now.

I will be doing a blog post on it next week

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered