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Tending to your Heart Health- Saturday Self and Soul Care


Saturday Self and Soul care:

Tending to your Heart Health…

One of the things I have chosen to be a voice/advocate for is Heart Health. Knowledge is power, ignorance is NOT bliss. One of the biggest ways we can engage in self-care is to take care of our health. That doesn’t mean that we necessarily make huge changes all at once. What it does (or can mean) is that you get empowered about your own health. Some ways to do that (plus some links on heart health that may be helpful to you and yours…)

What are your numbers (Cholesterol, BP)

Eat heart healthier foods, consider the amount of sodium that is in the things you eat.

Talk to your doctor about your risks, symptoms, health goals.

Move your body more

Find ways to reduce stress in your days.

Get your checkups

If something feels off, trust yourself and speak up.

Here are some links about Heart Health. And another.Give yourself and your loved ones the gift of taking the time and making the changes (even if tiny moves at first!) that will support you and a healthy (or healthier) heart.

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered





Support Your Change(s)- Friday 5


Hey, Beautiful Soul!

We have all been there.  Saying yes, I commit to this change in (the way we eat, write, move our bodies, interact etc… ) only to get past the first maybe few weeks of that and feel like it’s just too overwhelming. I see it over and over with clients, with family and with myself. We expect the fact that we declared it (and often unintentionally sort of half-heartedly not knowing what it would really hold) to then feel overwhelmed, defeated and over it. What we often don’t realize is that we have not really set ourselves up for success, we haven’t really put in the support system(s) we need to make said changes longer lasting and less overwhelming. This isn’t to say that sort of relearning, undoing what is often for many of us years of being, doing, eating a certain way will be filled with total ease… but we can support ourselves by putting some things into place that will support us in those shifts.

  1. Remember your why. Why do you want to make this change? To feel better, be healthier, to have more peaceful interactions, to…. (the list could be endless there are so many types of changes/shifts that we journey towards.  Once you remember your why, put a reminder someplace. It can be totally cryptic to others if you want it to be. An image, word, phrase, shape whatever!
  2. Learn from what has been difficult. So now you know what doesn’t work, what’s been a struggle. Sometimes it’s easier to find a solution by looking at what doesn’t or hasn’t worked then trying to anticipate potential issues. So you might write down here what hasn’t worked… the opposite or solution would be…
  3. Allow space to feel what you feel. Just don’t get stuck there. Nothing wrong with feeling frustrated, sad, angry. However allowing ourselves to get stuck there in the process towards these changes only serves our fear and defeat. (this one is the hardest for me, I am a fixer so I want to get it figured out and move on!)
  4. Set yourself up for success. For example, if I wanted to eat healthier adding in or cutting out certain things (because of a health diagnosis or just to feel better, more energetic etc.) surrounding myself with those very things I vow to avoid is not really helping myself any, it’s setting myself up for failure. I get that we can’t be surrounded by only those things that will not tempt us all the time. But those areas you do have control over such things is what I am suggesting you focus on! This same concept applies to many other areas
  5. Put good support systems and people in place. While this is your journey, nobody said you had to go that alone or without some really supportive tools and people! Is there a vent buddy, accountability buddy you can find? What about a coach or professional (in the field of your change you are wanting to make), what about a book, magazines or articles with helpful, supportive info. Another great tool is to use your phone with reminders through your day. Remind you of your why, to get up and move, to check your total…. for the day. Entering in appointments for rest, self-care, goal tasks, connection whatever in your calendar (digital or paper) is also a great way to support yourself through change. You can go low tech too with post it’s! Put up reminders on your computer, mirror, near where you sit, on something you pick up throughout the day.

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered


Undones- Journal Prompt


Hey Inspiring Souls..

We often put out way more energy than we realize avoiding, passing by, in the back of our minds thinking of the stuff that is unfinished.  A great place to start with the transforming of that energy sucking is to create a Undone list.  Ask yourself..

What are energy sucking undone tasks, calls, decisions etc.

My suggestion is to step away from this list for a day or two then go back to it. What can be crossed off because it’s a should or simply doesn’t matter?

Now what can be started on or completed?

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered

Heather Shafer

Coaching Q and A-Mindset while Job Hunting

Hey Beautiful Souls! It’s Coaching Q&A time!

Q:Like so many others,  am looking for a job.  I hate it.  How can I approach the search positively (which I believe will lead to a positive outcome)?

A: First, I totally understand where you are coming from, it’s not a fun place. However it is an opportunity to sort of start over in your life at least in this way right now. Mostly what this takes is a switch of mindset when approaching your job seeking. In fact lets start there… You can switch the words from “I am Job Hunting” to I am Seeking a Job” to me that feels more like an opportunity… A few tips on shifting your mindset while Seeking a new Job! At first they may seem sort of simplistic and maybe a bit (to some people) mamby pamby. But pay that mental critic no mind, let’s get started on some easy ways to keep you motivated on swapping a mindset of dread and frustration to one of empowerment!

-Try some affirmations:  A few ideas would be: (print or write them out and put up where you will see often during the job seeking sessions)

*”I am now attracting the perfect source of income that is line with my values and gifts” (you could replace income with the word opportunity as well)

*I am grateful for each opportunity I find while seeking the perfect job for me.

*I trust that the opportunities I seek are seeking me

-Put on a power song before you start your job seeking, something that gets you in a mindset of energy and power!

-Keep yourself hydrated and fed, sometimes we can get so into the tasks (whatever it may be) that we are not properly hydrating and nourishing ourselves. And let me tell you, that just makes us more frustrated then we may have already been.

-Get up every 30-60 minutes and stretch, look outside (go outside if you can) just for 5 minutes or so. Take a deep breath and dive in again!

-Bonus Tip! Create a vision board (digital or cut and paste magazine + images) of how you want to feel, elements of the perfect job for you, what this perfect job for you will afford you (material but mostly mental , like peace of mind)

And know that you are not alone and that positive thoughts are headed your way for your to find what you are seeking.

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered


PS: If you have a question you would like me to respond to email me at hstoliveinspired @ gmail .com I will not publish your name or info just your question and just think you could be helping others as well!

Being gentle with your shifts..

Hello lovely souls..

Have you ever had a time where you felt what could only be described a shift happening in your life? Where it was more of a feeling nothing you could see  or have actual “proof” of. You just something is shifting inside of you, you heart, your mind, your soul..

I have had that a few times that I can solidly remember in my life, one of them recently. The thing is I am not the most patient person when it comes to certain things. I want that shift explained, figured out and manifested, like now!

For future reference, that does not work! What I need to do is just let it be on some level, let it marinate ..  You just have to be gentle with it. When you are gentle with these things they will unfold as they should in the time they are meant to.

It’s  a practice in trust and gentleness .. give yourself that gift..

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered


A shift of words.. Journal Prompt..

Hey Creative Souls!

Last night as I was about to go to sleep, I realized something about the way I have been thinking of some of my “stuff” the way I view it, the way I was reacting to it.. I will give an example of my books , I have many books, a lot of books with creative projects or that are interactive in some way and then just “plain” ol books.. I sometimes get a bit anxious about all the books I should be reading, the creative projects I could be doing etc.. Last night it struck me these are not obligations to be filled they are opportunities to be taken, if I want to.  ( I swear I am getting to the actual question!)

That small word shift was a great realization for me, seems simple but I think it’s powerful.. We sometimes have a resistance to what we feel we are expected to do, even if that expectation is put on us by , well… Us!  This can be applied in so many areas of life, Health, Exercise, relationships, learning, I could go on an on ( and I have already!) So…

This weeks  journal prompt is this: Where can a small shift of your words, your language be applied to something that you have been resisting a bit or a lot?  A shift in the way you describe it can be applied to the way that you think about it , react to  or deal with it..

Phew!  I would love it if you felt like sharing with me what your shift was, or will be.. No pressure of course!

Have an Inspired, Creative and Empowered day!


Shedding, the continued journey..

Hey Creative Souls!

I wanted to  do some random spewing  a bit today about shedding and that process for me.

Shedding for me means in several ways, shedding of old habits, thoughts, stuff, chaos..

It’s been a mix of clinging to old ways and really embracing new and healthier , more productive ways. Overall what I am working on shedding is the things that hold me back, the ways that I have been living mindlessly. As I mentioned it shows up in all sorts of ways, so would the remedying/shifting/shedding of those show up in different ways. Below is a list of ways I am shedding, working on shedding ( by putting good habits into place) .. The reason I share all of this with you is because it’s all part of who I am and who I am becoming. It’s real and in sharing I hope to inspire you to shed what is no longer working and to be inspired by your journey, support comments or just by you visiting my blog.

Things I have put into place: Morning affirmations, a bit of journaling  and gratitude, exercising 5x a week ( at least 99% of the time,even if just for a few minutes!), Reading more ( books that inspire me and feed my soul)

Things I am trying to put in place, working on making them a habit – Daily 10 min tech shedding. By that I mean cleaning up my email, my online notes, desktop, bookmarks, photos etc.. , while some days I may do more. My goal is to get the 10 to be a habit of mine, and if I do that consistently I will be whipped into shape in no time, or in slow time but better than never! ( same idea for clutter shedding, 15 min)  – Creating everyday, tracking my food and also my spending, Daily Dream work.

I am proud of myself for the things that I have put in place that are serving me and letting go of the things that are not, but it’s a process, so I must remember to be gentle with myself all while giving myself a kick in the rear to get and keep going!

What about you, have you had success or struggle with your own shedding process?

Here is to being Inspired, Creative and Empowered