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Ways to reflect on the year- Friday 5

Hey Beautiful Souls,

I actually hesitated on sharing any posts about reflecting on the year . I am not as anxious to reflect in the same ways I have been since the loss of my father this year.

However, I think being able to take a little bit of time or honor a ritual I have had for years (even if it isn’t the exact same as it has been in the past years) is important (even if it’s tender)

Here are 5 ways to reflect on the year…

  1. Write a letter to the year… Dear 2017… (so far mine feels like Dear 2017… what the f…..  since But I am still pondering it.
  2. Choose some photos that you feel tell the stories of the year coming to a close.
  3. Write it out… Here are some prompts:  Ways my word showed up this year, this year I felt, this year my most difficult time/experience/lesson was, this year I showed up /rocked it in/with, This year I created, embraced, released.
  4. Look through your planner/calendar and pull out what you felt stood out from the big moments to the little things and write those down.
  5. Sum up the year in 6 words (or some other limited number)

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered



Checking back in Q’s – Friday 5


5 Questions to check back into your life:

Hey Inspiring Souls..

The year is flying by, life can be full and it’s all to easy to just start the unconscious process of reacting to what is happening instead of responding to life. It’s easy to sort of check out in our lives and go on autopilot. Here are 5 seemingly simple but powerful questions to help you check back in with yourself and with your life.

1)      What do I need right now?

2)      How am I feeling?

3)      What needs my attention the most?

4)      What’s working for me?

5)      What’s feeling draining to me?

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered