Journaling Prompts

Go to prompts – Journal Prompts

Hey Beautiful Soul,

Sometimes we want to journal more or start a journal but we feel we don’t have much to write about. Anything goes for your journal write lists, thoughts, vents… the list could go on and on.. but today I wanted to share a handful of “go to prompts” that you can pull out anytime you are stuck or just want a starting point.

  1. Right now I need
  2. Right now i feel
  3. Truth
  4. On my Heart
  5. More of less of
  6. Senses (feel, hear, touch, smell, taste, see)

Here is to living with Intention



Friday 5

5 Ways to start a notebook – Friday 5


Hey Inspiring Souls!

To say that I really love journals and notebooks (and planners and office supplies and..) would be a slight understatement I LOVE them! Maybe a little too much (is there such thing?!)

Here are 5 ways I start (or as I like to say.. unblank) a new notebook..

  1. Start a “Catch all” type of notebook use it for braindumps, to do’s , ideas, things you want to read, make, research..
  2. Gratitude journal, your way.. what’s going good, what are you rocking, what blessings and beauty have you noticed lately.. write it down!
  3. Vent out all your feelings or what’s going on in your head.. a “basic” journal to sort through the ups and downs of life.
  4. Gather inspiration, soul notes. Bits of magazine clippings with articles, ideas, products,colors, ¬†create soul notes (what I like to refer to as soul cravings- what’s tugging at you.)
  5. Visual journal.. Doodle, glue, spread paint.. An easy way to visual journal is to get an image that fits on the page (covers totally or not) and one word or phrase from a magazine or junk mail (or write it out if you can’t find one that speaks to you) Sometimes you will have an idea of what you want to express, sometimes you will not, ¬†just trust all of it if you can even if just a little.. One doodle, image, word, mark at a time. Think of it as an experiment!

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered