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9 ways a notebook/journal can support your care-giving journey- Empowered Care taking

Hey Wonderful Soul! These tips are geared towards my fellow caregivers out there, but most of them could be used by anyone. Here are 9 ways to use a journal/notebook to support your care-giving journey.

  1. Vent, it’s perfectly ok to spew out your frustrations. Especially if you don’t feel you have anyone who get’s it.. sometimes just getting it out of your head helps one feel calmer.
  2. Gratitude, sometimes finding that gratitude will feel like an excavation. Try and express it anyways.. One thing in depth, a list of 2-5 things, doodle it (maybe it’s that cup of… or the sun-shining or a good day for your loved one)
  3. Doodle, you DO NOT have to have any (like zero, zilch) drawing skills to doodle. Just create spirals, draw bits from your day to day (remember embrace imperfection here)
  4. Write your favorite quotes or song lyrics
  5. Write down your wins from that day or week. (and they can be seemingly tiny)
  6. Make a list of what things you need to do, want to look into, follow up on.
  7. Track your loved ones symptoms, behaviors etc..
  8. Make a list of self care actions you can take. (even in a few minutes a day, deep breaths, music, gratitude, creativity etc..)
  9. Glue in pictures, images from magazines, words you are drawn to.. this is a space, budget and time friendly way to engage in creativity on the regular.

I will leave the list at that for this post, though I could probably go on!

Essentially you really can’t do the journal/notebook thing wrong.  Choose one or a few ideas that you are drawn to and start there. It also doesn’t need to be anything fancy… The journal can be a composition notebook, spiral bound “cheap” one, pretty journal, blank book.. anything goes!

Here is to living and caring with intention


Journaling Prompts

Support- Journal prompt


Hey Beautiful Souls,

This week’s prompt is a question that has been on my mind lately is…

How can I best support my goals and dreams right now?

One thing I can do is create and implement a bit of a schedule for myself. Not in a rigid way but in a way that really does encompass the various areas of my life.

What about you?

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered


Friday Five Faves

Friday 5 Faves- Practices


Hey Inspiring Souls!

This weeks Friday 5 Faves explores my 5 fave practices! I think that creating practices that inspire, nourish and support you is vital in Designing a life you love.

Here are 5 of my faves!

  1. Morning Gratitude, I have an app on my phone (it’s called thankful for) that I type in my gratitude in before I get out of bed, this practices has made keeping a gratitude “journal” a very doable and regular part of my life!
  2. Plenty of water, I really probably “should” be drinking more however if I don’t get at least a fill or two of my reusable water bottle I can feel it in my energy (or lack there of) and often causing me a headache.
  3. Inspiration Seeking, I seek inspiration in several different ways on a daily basis. Through books, magazines, blogs, nature, life details, pinterest! It really nourishes me, some days it’s easy to soak it all in others not so much but there is always at least a little something to be inspired by no matter how sour the mood!
  4. Yoga, I really love Yoga, though you would wonder sometimes if you were in my mental conversations, I really have to talk myself into showing up on the mat sometimes but I am ALWAYS glad I did! For me I am most often doing a 10-20 minute practice a few times a week.  If I put the pressure of an hour practice its way less likely to happen!
  5. Creative, having a regular creative practice is essential to me, if I am not engaging in creativity on a regular basis I feel disconnected from myself. So a regular creative practice even if that on a full week means a few 5-10 minute sessions spread throughout or simply capturing some images through my phone.

What practices support you in the life you are wanting to design? Don’t have any? What is 1 you could start this week? A great way to get clear on that is through some support I offer “Clarity Coaching Sessions” a week of email to help support you. Check it out here– pssst it’s on an amazing price right now $15 for week of solid support with a follow-up action plan email!

Little Inspirations

I Need- Little Inspirations


Hey Inspiring Souls!

Often with these little inspirations they are really more of a flow of thought, soul notes as I like to call them those are often little tidbits that I feel a tugging to capture (sometimes on an app in my phone, a journal, a piece of scratch paper, a post it.. ) I know that often with these things i am not the only one feeling them so I share so that you may be inspired, know you are not alone and be reminded.

I need:

To Let Go


Lean In

To Trust

To be more mindful of investing not spending my time


Expand my comfort Zone -well bust past it more and more

Check in


Support, mine and others

To Breathe, deeply

What do you need?

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered


Coaching Q & A

Support in your Dreams- Coaching Q and A

Hey Amazing Souls! Coaching Q & A is back! My intention to have a new post for Coaching Q & A  every other Friday!

Q: How do you motivate yourself to grow your business when friends and family think of it as “just a hobby”?

A: What a great question! I believe this is an issue that so many of us have had/are having. So you are not alone! I will give you some questions to ask yourself and some tips as well. Most of what you will see is that I am not going to suggest ways for you to convince the that what you are building is legit, it’s not your job to convince them really. The only person who you can really control is yourself. So lets look at some things that you can do to empower and motivate yourself. Often as a result of really taking ownership of your dream yourself will show others that you are serious about this.

Questions to ask yourself:

*Am I clear on what I want, what I am wanting to create?

*Do I speak about it with passion and commitment?

*Do I engage in it with passion and commitment?

*Is it that I am missing motivation or am I missing clarity , direction or support?


*Find a support, this can come in the form of a coach, a mastermind group,someone to check in with (an accountability partner) etc.

*Speak about it with passion

*Schedule in the time to pursue it on a regular basis, even if some of that time at first is used on getting more clarity and a plan (but don’t wait until the time is perfect that will be never, that’s true for any of us!) Even it it starts with just 15 minutes a day, you have to start somewhere!

*Surround yourself with inspiration, quotes, images, your values etc. Having an environment to help you empower your mindset is always important, even more so when you feel your sort of  “in it alone”

*Set timelines for yourself, if overwhelm is an issue then make them really doable and small. Remember small steps done on a regular basis = big things!

*Create affirmations and say them daily (a few times, or at least on a regular basis)  Look up online for affirmations using some of the key words of things that you seek: Support, clarity, focus, energy etc… Some ideas:                                I fully support myself in my dreams or  I am focused purposeful and guided those are 2 to give you some ideas. *tip: Always make affirmations in the present tense as if it’s happening now.

These questions and tips can be used for just about any dream, not just a business!

For any follow-up questions or a coaching question of your own, email me: hstoliveinspired  @ gmail. com

To find out more about the coaching services I offer go here!

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered


Coaching Q & A

Coaching Q and A – What it’s all about!

Hey Beautiful Souls!

As you may have read I recently started a new series called “Coaching Q & A! I am really excited about this new series and wanted  to tell you a bit about it and ask for your help!

Coaching Q &A is all about you! It’s a chance for you to ask a coach (me!) questions of whats on your heart. Questions about change, balance, self-expression, goals and goal setting, dreams, finding your voice and anything else on your heart! It’s a way for you to get sort of mini session of coaching and in doing so to help others who may have some of the same things going on (because it’s published but your information is not!) I don’t pretend to have all the answers but I do promise I will do my best to give you something of value in each response that you can apply to your life!

I am very very passionate about coaching it’s just the way I “show up” in lots of situations and to be able to bring more of that to you makes me really happy!

Send me your questions hstoliveinspired @ gmail .com  I will publish your question but not your information. Also you  can  now ask me a question totally anonymously  on formspring! I could use your help and support by submitting questions and if you know someone who could benefit from this too please pass it along to them as well!

You can read past questions and responses right here!

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered