Journaling Prompts

What is in my way… Journal Prompt

Hey Lovely Soul!

When it comes to being more in alignment with ourselves, our truths, values ,dreams and desires there can be a thousand excuses as to why we are not more so.

I encourage you to get real and name it!

What is standing in my way of living in more alignment with myself? 

Really responding to this prompt can be really empowering and frustrating.  Frustrating because we will often see it’s excuses not real legit reasons and that we are stopping ourselves.. Empowering because we will see that we have much more of the power to shift it (through revealing and healing) than we realized.

Here is to living with Intention



5 Ways..., Empowered

5 Ways to STOP giving away your Power!

Hey Lovely Souls!

I know it’s all too “easy” sometimes to just go along with it, whatever it may be for you. To feel like you don’t want to cause any problems, ruffle any feathers etc.. You don’t even realize at first that you maybe more than you thought care or have more of an opinion then you realized.

We give away our power in even small ways much more than we realize. Look I am not saying don’t ever compromise that is how we can be in most realtionships.But there is a difference between “I will compromise with you on this” mindfully and with intention and just giving up, stepping back when you really do not agree with it, when everything in you is telling you something different (or when you even just get those hints from your body/life) that it’s not right..

So lets look at 5 ways we can STOP giving away our power…

1-Pause before you agree to something, check in with yourself, how do you really feel about it?

2-Define what your values are, it’s much harder to live within your values if you have never taken the time to define them for yourself ( post them in a place where you will see them often) …(look for a post coming up next week on how to determine your values!)

3-Stop saying “I don’t Care” when you really do, I have had this exact same “default” response more than I care to admit and still often do (but making progress!) Even something as simple as saying you don’t care where you go to eat if you have a preference, tell them, but first you have to be able honest with yourself about it!

4-Speak Up, I know, trust me I know this is not easy. I am not suggesting you pick a fight. If there is  situation that you feel really strongly about, find the best way you can to express that in a firm, solid and calm manner. I am also not suggesting that you put yourself in a dangerous situation. There are however going to be those times where it’s not really comfortable and it’s not easy to do so people are not going to get it, belive you or support you, however if you are doing so for yourself that is huge and should be acknowledged.

5-Get honest with yourself about in what and with who you are giving away your power, how can we change something, how can we shift it if we are not even aware or willing to look at how we continue to do so.

Be gentle with yourself, we have often been giving away our power in the smallest ways and not even realized it. Bit by bit we can get that power back.

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered


Journaling Prompts

Whats Important to me… Journal Prompt

Hey Inspiring Souls!

Today is my Birthday and they always make me more introspective than usual as I am working on completing the items to go on my 36 while 36 list I keep stopping to ask myself the Journal Prompt:

What is important to me? 

That is what I am encouraging you to do today, ask yourself what is really important to you?

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered