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 Hello and Welcome!  I am Heather Shafer Holistic/Life Alignment Coach.

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 Thank you for exploring the ways we might work together! Currently, I offer e-Coaching. This is coaching via email (with a few sessions available via chat if desired) Please take a look at the options below!  Want to explore if it’s for you? Use the contact form at the bottom of this page and let’s exchange some emails about what support you’re looking for and how I might help!


Supporting Woman in Aligning their lives in Soulful and Practical ways. 

It’s not about waiting until we have the perfect circumstances (enough time, money, clarity, etc.) It’s about creating a life we love while using our current and even past circumstances to best support the vision going forward.

One size does not fit all for our lives, we are multi- faceted and layered people. I do not believe in the concept of a perfect balance, I do believe in finding a harmony in our lives. When certain areas of our lives are out of alignment with what our truth is, what we deeply seek to create it can often make us feel like our whole life is out of place.  We spend so much time looking at what is not working we end up defeating ourselves before we even truly start.

As a holistic coach, I get that one area can affect and reflect other areas of our lives even seemingly unrelated areas!

In this coaching relationship we will explore:

  • Your Values and how they support the life you desire. 
  • Empowering Personal Practices that support the life you want to create.
  • Creating Space in your life. Are you allowing room for yourself and your soul in your own life? 
  • Through Journaling and Creativity. 

e-Coaching packages available now! (This is coaching via email exchanges, my clients have found this a really beneficial way to be coached)  Not sure if this is right for you? Contact me with any questions and to connect to see if this feels like a good fit for you! (form at the end of this page)

Investment:  1 month of e-Coaching for $60 (other packages available if interested please use the contact form below to contact me and discuss an option that feels like a fit for you!) 

let’s connect if this sounds like something you might want to explore.


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