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Welcome to the Workshop and e-courses page Beautiful Soul!  I wanted to share a few thoughts on how I work here at To Live Inspired when it comes to courses. My intention is to always offer Soulful, Practical and affordable courses for you to support you in living an Inspired, Creative and Empowered Life. No matter what course you take here you need not ever feel behind in the prompts. I offer a gentle, safe space for you to dig in as much or as little as you feel called to. Thank You for stopping by and be kind to yourself today!



An on-demand, E-course can be purchased and started at any time. *Note it may take up to 24 hours for you to get your first email.


A Soul Renewed a self & Soul care CIRCLE  –  JANUARY 5, 2020

Self Care is multi Layered it also sometimes gets a bad rap. It is thought of as selfish or frivolous. It is not, it is necessary to be able to be and give the best in our lives. For ourselves, others and our purposes.

If you would like to learn more or you would like to sign up please email me hstoliveinspired @ or pay here and put a note of what email you would like the emails for the circle sent to! 

Each month you we will have a focus each week we explore practices, prompts and reminders.

The circle provides support and accountability where you need/want it.

How much: $10 Per month (Jan, Feb, March) at current time, can be paid monthly or 3 months at a time)

Where: Online, we will have a Facebook group. However You will get weekly emails as well so you don’t miss any of the main content.

When: Starts  January 5, 2020

How long:  Ongoing




Shedding excuses and playing with layers 

14 days of exploring time, space, budget and fear friendly prompts to help you show up for yourself in your (visual) journal!
This is perfect for those new to the world of visual journaling or “seasoned” visual journal keepers!
  • We will explore using bits from your everyday life in fun ways!
  • We will explore other ways to show up for ourselves in our lives by exploring some self-exploration prompts
  • We will explore ways to create a “page” in 5 minutes or 5-minute increments
  • We will explore ideas for putting together a “Creativity to go kit” for you so you can take it with you OR if you have very limited space and just need to keep it all in one small easy to access space!
Next Round: On Demand, start whenever you want. 14 days 14 emails.
SIGN UP HERE  Put in the notes what course you are signing up for please! (look for  the email within 24 hours)



Are you operating on Autopilot?
Do you sometimes feel as if you have given up on yourself?
Check back into your life with self and soul care.
14 days of prompts and inspiration that support you in focusing on you and nourishing your mind, body, and soul.

It’s time beautiful soul, it’s time.

14 emails, 14 days Put in notes when paying what course you are signing up for please!

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Layers of Your Truth: Practices and Prompts to support you in coming home to yourself.

Starts: To Be Determined
Are you tired of feeling like you are living a life that doesn’t fit you? The tools and prompts in this course will support you in:
  • Learning to trust yourself, your intuition/gut more.
  • Expressing yourself creatively in several different ways. Creativity has many benefits for the mind, body and soul. (And for the record you ARE creative!)
  • Exploring soulful and practical tools to support your personal growth that you can apply to other areas of your life internally and externally.
  • Gaining clarity on what is most important to you and creating practices that best support you in living that out more and more in  your daily life.
  • Help you in feeling supported in creating a life bit by bit that feels like home to you, that feels like a right fit for you and your truth.
It’s easy to get caught up in the overwhelm, drama and expectations of others. In the midst of that, most times without even realizing it we can lose our own truths.We unconsciously go along with what think we are supposed to be doing, creating, sharing, wearing, writing.  This course is designed to start you on and support you on the path of peeling the layers of your truth. It’s part of the journey of coming home to yourself, of living your life on the inside and out with more alignment and more authenticity.
 In this course/journey we will be: Creating physical and mental space, because how can more of what we want come into our lives if we are gripping on to what was or we think should be? Asking ourselves honest questions and giving ourselves permission for honest answers. We will explore using journals, creative prompts, cameras of any kind, patience and kindness for ourselves.
Some of the layers we will explore together are: 
  • Creating Space for Truth.
  • Truth through the lens.
  • Truth in your personal environments/style.
  • Truth in your words, journal and creativity.
  • Supporting your truth in the everyday. Integrating what we explore. 
Next round to be determined