15 (Inspiring and Useful) ways to use Posts it’s!


Hey Beautiful Souls!

My name is Heather and I am office supply addict J (and I don’t want help!)

One of my very favorite “office” supplies that I use every single day are Post It’s (sticky notes) I have recently purchased even (awesome bright ones and black, yes black post it’s how fun is that?!)  more to add to my collection/obsession (it’s all in your perspective!)

I think they have a zillion uses.. However I will share under a zillion ways I love to use them or that they could be used. Please feel free to add to the list!

Here are some Inspiring, Fun, Useful ways to get the post it’s off the cube and into your life!

1)      Write a love note (to yourself or to someone in your house/life)

2)      Write out a Gratitude list

3)      Doodle

4)      Mini brain-dump

5)      Daily lists (Groceries, Appts, To do’s)

6)      Write  a mantra on it and post them in your planner, mirror, journal

7)      Use them as movable tabs for your journal or book you are reading

8)      Write a quote on it

9)      Write a question to ask yourself (ones like what do I need right now? How can I nourish my dreams?)

10)   Write a list of why are grateful for someone and give it to them!

11)   Notes to your future self 

12)   Write your goals on them ( you can put them on in your journal, planner or on the wall/calendar where you will see them often (like daily is best!)

13)   Work out an idea/project on them (it’s great because you can put the various aspects or parts of the “thing” you are working out in different  orders..)

14)   Break down a bigger goal with them (write the steps and post or stack in order)  remember these can be easily moved around so if something shifts you can change it!

15)   Create Soul Notes ( one of my favorite uses for them) Essentially these are notes that capture your tugs, whispers and cravings in your life. What keeps coming up for you, what do you find that you are thinking about, what are you drawn to?

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered



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