Editing yourself ~ Soul notes

How are you editing yourself lately? Where do you dismiss your own desires and need for…
I encourage you to start to notice…
it may come in the form of .. I can’t , should or shouldn’t , when things calm down or get better

Here is to living with intention
Thursday Thoughts

Showing up, Grace and Noticing- Thursday Thoughts

Hey Amazing Soul,

I have re written this intro at least 3 times. I find myself in place where I have so much to say. Yet nothing that feels right… right now.

I am doing what I appreciate when others do. I am showing up anyway.

Our showing up might look different day to day. This is always true. But it feels especially true these days in the midst of so so much unknown. Showing up anyway is not about ignoring your gut,feelings or needs. It’s the opposite. Actually  It’s often about honoring those things.

Give yourself grace and know that your attention and your energy often will ebb and flow.

Stop shoulding on yourself

Check your expectations, do they even belong to you? Do they really “fit” for life right now?

I think that for many of us we are shifting on many levels, in ways we can’t quite “put our finger on” Lean in, start to notice what is below, bubbling to the surface. It’s not about figuring it out.. it’s simply about noticing right now.

That’s all for now loves

Here is to living with Intention



Journaling Prompts

Brain-dump- Journal Prompt

Hey Lovely Souls!

Something I do every week, most weeks a few times at least , is a Brain dump. For those of you that don’t know a brain-dump is a list of the stuff that’s in your head (and heart) that’s tugging at you, bugging you, things you need to do, think you should do, want to do (look up, accomplish, try , create etc)

There is actually no wrong way to do this. It’s essentially a tool, a container to help you create a little bit of space in your head.

  • Grab your journal, a napkin, scrap piece of paper or notes app
  • Grab something to write with
  • optional set a timer for 5-10 minutes
  • “dump” out whatever is on your mind… no rules, particular order or priority. Just simply get it out of you head.
  • Revisit if needed another time or day. Sometimes there will be things you will want to take action on. Many times it’s simply just a landing spot to clear some space. Let it be whatever it is… Don’t over think.. and go!

Here is to living with Intention


Journaling Prompts

Morning Rituals/Routines -Journal Prompt

Hey Beautiful Souls!

How do you start your mornings? With intention or distraction? This weeks in your journal, I encourage you to ponder just that. I also invite you to list some things you would like to add into your morning routine/rituals. This is not you committing to it, you are simply creating a wish list of practices/things you want to have in your morning. If you feel called to, choose one thing and decide how you wan to add it in.

Our mornings often can help set the tone for the day.

A few random ideas to get the ideas flowing..

Movement (dance, yoga, walking, boxing)






Here is to living with Intention


Holistic Living

30 ways with 5 (to 10) Minutes

Hey Lovely Souls,

This post is to remind myself and you that 5-10 minutes can be plenty of time for so many things.. This post is by no  means telling you have yo have to be productive. It’s not about that.. The list is a range of things that one can do in 5 minutes.

  1. Move your body (put on a song and dance to it, walk around your place, yard or neighborhood, choose from a huge list YouTube videos on Yoga, walking, dance etc.. )
  2. Be Still or put on a meditation
  3. Spread paint in your journal
  4. Glue an image and word in your journal
  5. Write something you are grateful for
  6. Text someone a hello, checking in or encouraging quote.
  7. Change the wallpaper/screensavers on devices you use all the time. Put something that inspires you or makes you smile!
  8. Drink some sips of water
  9. Take deep breaths and put your hand on your heart
  10. Open the windows and blinds, get some sunlight (if there is any!) and fresh air.
  11. File some papers
  12. Write out a menu for the ingredients you have
  13. Clear on small space as much as you can in the time you set aside. Sometimes it’s plenty to finish the project. If not you can continue to chip away at it through the day or week etc.
  14. Doodle something, who cares what it looks like!
  15. Create a brain dump list.. all the stuff that’s on your mind from little stuff tugging at you to big stuff, just let it all out.
  16. Clean something (wipe down the bathroom, clean the mirrors, shine up the sink etc.. )
  17. Put stuff away where it belongs (we all have a few things lingering and bugging us that we mean to put away.. set a timer and deal with what you can in that time frame)
  18. Set Alarms for deep breaths, hydrating, movement, a cal you need to make (make the ones that you want to do everyday on repeat)
  19. Take some pictures of the beauty and chaos of your everyday
  20. Answer the prompt, right now I need…
  21. Read a few paragraphs or pages in a book
  22. Listen to a song that fits the mood you have or want to have!
  23. Set up your supplements for the week
  24. Unsubscribe from emails, groups etc. that don’t feel aligned.
  25. Create a board on Pinterest that feeds your soul right now (images and words of hope, empowerment, well being, things you want to do one day, things you want to learn.. )
  26. Write your wins and woes of the day
  27. Write a review for a local business that you love.
  28. Plan a few outfits for the week… even if you are “just” at home.
  29. Put a little extra care into your daily face care
  30. Tend to your plants

What would you add to this list?!

Here is to living with Intention


Inspired Living

Lately… Inspiration through the lens

Hey Lovely Souls!

I have re written the intro to this post several times all within a few minutes. My energy has felt fragmented lately. Maybe yours has too.

I am trying to notice the things that I am grateful for, that inspire me, make me laugh or feed my soul in some way. I invite you to do the same in your life.


An inspiring read… I found some good ideas in this book. I also was inspired to do some introspecting and exploring about some of my vocational next’s while reading this book.


This needy, sweet, adorable little dog of mine! She drives me nuts sometimes but she is a love bug who had a ruff life (yes, pun intended) before us. She has been great on keeping me active during this shelter in place!


A little gift from my hubby, as usual flowers in my home become the subject of many a photos!


The flowers blooming from my succulents. I just love succulents. Though I have not mastered the art of keeping them alive indoors… I have a little collection of them on my patio!


I have been adding random bits of paint, shapes, colors essentially experimenting. I had some cheap pallet knives around and decided to grab a few (3) paint colors and squirt them on the page and smear around with the pallet knife. I am actually loving the simplicity of this practice lately!


Here is to living with Intention