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Stop trying to fit yourself into that “tidy” description. Own what feels like the mess and show up with all the layers of you.


Fillers-Soul Musings

Thursday Thoughts:

Hey Brave Souls,

Lately I have been pondering how we often  fill our time and our spaces (and even bodies) with a lot these days.  It comes up for me now and again but it’s especially present for me right now. Maybe it’s that near the end of year introspection that kicks into high gear for me.

I have observed in myself and others that we seem to go into sort of a default. We react instead of responding. These things lead us to filling our lives in a rather unconscious manner sometimes.

The fillers come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Some of it’s physical, some is mental, other is time related.

For now, I am simply noticing more often where I might be doing that.  What areas, and starting to notice what I might be filling it with.

Do you fill this might be true for you? The filling up unconsciously?

This is  a very layered subject to me and for me. And maybe for you. I want to share some prompts that I will be exploring and maybe these will tug at you as well.

What is my life being filled with?

Is it intentional or does it feel like distractions from what I truly desire?

Am I filling it and yet always finding a lack of fulfillment or connection? What things feel like a support to what I seek what doesn’t?

Here is to living with Intention


5 Sunday practices for a better week

Hey lovely souls,

these days most especially this time of year can have us reacting to all there is to do all the expectations.

I know for me this is true and sometimes I don’t even realize I’m in that mode of reacting vs responding.

I think having practices that support you and intentional responding are a great way to reduce the stress of constant reaction mode.

  1. Plan your week. Obviously you can’t plan every detail or anticipate every possible distraction or drama. But you can plan with intention. What needs attention, what needs to get accomplished, what ways can you take care of your mind body and soul?
  2. Do a blitz around your space. This isn’t about massive decluttering it’s about taking 5-15 minutes in your space/spaces to put things away, shift things around etc.
  3. check in with yourself what do you need to support you or you and yours? A few groceries , reminders for appointments? Take a few minutes to figure that out snd carve out the time if you can.
  4. Do something that makes you feel nourished. Read, eat a yummy meal, hydrate, go for a walk. This doesn’t have to be time consuming.
  5. Do a brain dump. Some things will end up in your plan for the week, done might be ideas or gratitudes. This helps us not to hold onto so much mentally.

Do you have Sunday practices?

Here is to living with intention


Ask yourself…Intentions for the holiday

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Book Pre-Order and Supporting those in need!

Hey Beautiful Souls!

I am thrilled to announce the launch of a passion project I have been working on this year. This is a project that my Dad and I were working on for a while now. He passed away before we could finish it (and we had just recommitted a few months before he passed away) It was too tender of a project to finish last year for me and for those I would have asked for some support on. So I committed to getting it completed this year and self published. Here it is! 

If you are looking for a different kind of devotional that explores  the intersection of spirituality and creativity, prompts (I call them Soul Prompts) to help you take that idea into your daily life in a practical manner then this book is for you! 

For the first 60 days of this books sales all proceeds earned will be donated to help the victims of the devastating Paradise, CA fires (near Chico, CA) we have family in Chico a very close town to the one that has been virtually destroyed.

You can find out more about the book and Pre-Order here!!!

Here is to living with Intention


Let it choose you- journal prompt

Hey beautiful souls,

Today’s journal prompt is to look at the mug in this picture. Let the first word or few that choose you be your guide. Explore what the word means to you, how it’s showed up or how you might/can incorporate it into your day, week, month etc

Here is to living with intention