Prompts to Empower Yourself – Friday 5

Friday 5: Prompts to Empower yourself
Truth within and for yourself is an aspect of empowerment for sure. Often we go on default mode and don’t check in with ourselves about what we really want or need.
Here are 5 prompts to help you do just that..
1) What do I really need right now?
2) What is my energy and time going into lately?
3) In response to the above… Is this what it is best invested in at this point in my life? Or is it just distracting me from where I really need and desire to invest it?
4) How can I best support myself right now?
5) What is tugging at me lately? (What’s on my Heart lately is another way to phrase this)
Here is to living with Intention

Expectation – Thursday Thoughts

Hey Lovely Souls!

I have realized that I have been operating in many areas of my life with the focus on expectations. Or more accurately, the perceived needs/expectations of others.

I am sure this is something we have all done in our lives. Or most of us anyways. It’s so subtle sometimes we don’t even notice it’s happening at first.  However, it can take up a lot of energy.

This can show up in lots of ways.

How we think were supposed to look, eat, feel, express ourselves  in certain situations, relationships, professions etc.

I invite you to start asking yourself (as I will be asking myself) this simple and powerful question:

What is my intention here (in this act, relationship, habit, etc… )

Here is to living with Intention



I choose- Monday Mindset

Hey Lovely Souls!

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by all that life has going on. The noise,  responsibilities, the things you want to do, have to do etc…  When we start our weeks with the sort of panic, defeated feeling we are not setting ourselves up for success. Our mindsets have SO much more influence over how we experience life than anything else.

I encourage you to look at what your current mindset is on. Then ask yourself, does this mindset support or sabotage how I want to feel and what I need/want to get done/experience this week? 

This weeks Monday Mindset Mantra is to repeat to yourself: I choose a mindset that supports how I want to show up and feel. 

Here is to living with Intention


Spring Clean Your Life- Part 2 (Digital)

Hey Beautiful Sou!

In part 2 of my Spring Clean your Life Series we explore out digital clutter. It’s easy to forget about it because we are focusing on the physical clutter in our lives. But many of us have a lot of our lives in the digital world. From our phones, tablets to computer we store all sorts of “stuff” on there.

Here are some ideas to declutter your digital life:

  1. Delete any apps you never use or feel like shoulds on your phone and tablet.
  2. Spend 10-15 minutes at least to delete any photos you don’t want to keep any longer off of your devices.
  3. Unsubscribe to newsletters that you really never read or that feel like a should.
  4. Permanently delete things that are just sitting in the deleted folders.
  5. Clean up your desktop, put things in folders, delete things, label in a clear way.
  6. Sort through your notes and delete what no longer is needed.
  7. Back up your devices.
  8. Go through your photos and create a photo book of your favorites

Here is to living with Intention


Spring Clean your Life- Part 1 (goals)

Hey Inspiring Souls!

I have long been a fan of the idea of Spring Cleaning Your Life. I love to read and watch videos on subjects like that. So I thought why not create a mini series sharing some ideas.

By now the initial I can a million things this year energy has settled (or your energy has disappeared if you are feeling like I am lately!)

Your first Spring Clean Your Life Challenge is to “De-clutter” your goals.

I did this myself recently. I took a look at my lovely little board of post it’s with goals that I wanted to accomplish this year. And I took a bunch of post it’s off of there. I realized part of the pressure I was feeling given what else is going on in my life at the moment it just felt like too much right now. I didn’t look at it and become inspired, I looked at it and felt stressed that I wasn’t further along on this and couldn’t see a clear path for the next months for much of it.

So I gave myself permission to put some aside some goals. If I didn’t feel at least a little connected to it I pitched it. If I felt some connection I went ahead and put in a section in my planner to be revisited another time.

Action Step: Take a look at the goals you set for this year. Eliminate, Put aside and Embrace what feels right. For where you are now, for where you desire to be.

Here is to living with Intention



Bits of beauty…inspiration through the lens

Soul Notes- Journal Prompt

Hey Amazing Souls,

Our minds are often full of what we need to do, what’s happened and what we did wrong. At least it seems for many that’s what they put attention into. Our minds are also full of our desires and cravings.

Today, this week. Take some time and sit with your journal (a napkin, notes app on your phone or wherever you can) and capture some Soul Notes. Soul Notes are words, things or phrases that describe what you are craving mind body and soul. Some from my lists lately…

Glue more


French Toast







There have been various bits over the years from food, to feelings to physical stuff (that invokes specific feelings really)

Don’t overthink it, just allow it to flow from your knowing.

Here is to living with Intention