Creating space to listen- Thursday Thoughts

Hey, Beautiful Souls.

For most of us, life has a lot of noise. A lot of choices, things to do and many distractions.

Lately, my life has been even more full and will continue to do so for at least while , since the passing of my father.  

One of the lessons that I am learning though is that I need, not want (well that too) but need to make space to really listen.  The thing is, space isn’t going to create itself. We need to create the space to listen. For me creating space is a physical,  mental/emotional and time-related process. We can fill our minds, days, time and space with things that just essentially place holders or good enoughs.

In order to live a life that feels like truth, aligned and is  “us” we need to listen to what our life is saying.

Sometimes the avoiding of the creating of space is intentional. Sometimes we are so focused on go and get mode we don’t realize there is even something trying to be expressed, something that needs to be heard.

How you create space is going to be an individual choice. Maybe it’s by sitting with your journal for 5 minutes, maybe it’s meditation, going in nature, getting up a little earlier, doing a body scan/check in, in asking yourself what is trying to be or needing to be expressed here? Once you stop for even a moment, take a deep breath and check in you will know what area you need to lean into listening to a bit (or a lot) deeper too.

Personally, this is the exact space I am in right now. Knowing (and yet in some ways resisting) what I know I need to listen to.

Are you willing to create space to listen to your life?

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered



How’s it showing up in your body? – Journal Prompt

Hey Lovely Souls,

When our lives are full of to do’s, grief, chaos, even good it’s easy to just go right into it. We rarely stop to notice how “it” feels in our bodies.

Today I invite you to stop a few times, even just for a moment once if that’s all you feel you can or desire to do. Ask yourself…

How is what’s showing up, what’s going on in my life showing up, feeling in my body right now? 

Take a deep breath…

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered


It’s ok to… a few thoughts on grief, life journey’s

Hey Beautiful tender soul.

The journey, the process, the rollercoaster of emotions, feelings, thoughts that come with grief are really new to me. Maybe you are in this space too right now, maybe you have been, maybe you will be. Here is what I felt I needed to hear today, maybe for wherever you are in our life journey this will be words that will feel like mini moments of comfort for you too.

It’s ok…

To not be strong or brave in this moment

To lean into this journey in a way that feels true to you (books, creativity, therapy, talking it out, exercising it out)

To ask for support

To ask for space

To not know

To know

To not be ok all the time

To say what you really feel

To say/ask for what you really need

To question… a lot

To cry

To laugh

To be devastated

To be inspired

Allow space to really listen to what you feel, what you need, what this feeling in this moment is asking of you.

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered


Right now- Journal prompts

Hey, Beautiful Souls.

This week’s journal prompts are perfect if you are going through a rough time (of most any kind, including deep grief like my family and I are)

These responses can change day by day even several times within a day in some cases.

What I need right now is… 

Right now I feel… 

I will encourage you (and myself) to allow yourself to respond freely… not filling in the blanks with shoulds.

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered


A tribute to my Dad…my greatest teacher

Hey Lovely Souls,

It’s with the deepest and most intense sadness that I share my Father passed away last week. And even though I (along with my eldest sister) was there in the room when it happened (unexpectedly to us) It still feels like it’s not fully real.

He was (is) my biggest teacher and is my greatest loss. Our family is devastated.

My tribute to him will be formed in a letter of sorts to him. It’s the way that feels the most aligned to me…

Dear Dad,

Thank you for teaching me in so many ways, intentionally and in leading by example.  Thank You for a instilling a love of learning, the power of curiosity and what being a life long student/seeker look like. You have been my greatest teacher and always will be.

Thank you for showing me what it was to be open-minded, forgiving,  hard working and deeply loving.

Thank  You for showing me the value of humor and allowing your inner silliest, funniest, goofiest self to come to the surface in your everyday moments and our interactions.

Thank you for loving so deeply, teaching and giving so freely. You were and are an amazing, sweet, kind and beautiful soul.

Thank you for defying the odds so many times and giving us more time with you. The truth is it would never be enough, I am grateful for all we had while still longing for more, even just a little.

You were center and soul of this family, there is a huge void where you were that will never be filled. You were our steel coated marshmallow (seemingly tough on the outside, soft on the inside).

May I live a life that honors all you have taught me and will continue to teach me.

I love you Daddy.


A few basics in a crisis- Tuesday Tips

Hey Lovely Souls.

My family is in another health crisis and it’s been consuming our energy. In that it’s easy to lose all sense of caring for ones self. While I really get that, I am in that what I need to remember (and am great about reminding others of!) is that when we don’t take care of our most basic needs during these times we can then get so stressed, sick or overwhelmed that we are no good to the one who is having the health crisis or anyone around us.

  1. Just Breathe, when we are stressed, worried, sad, angry we sometimes forget to actually consciously breathe. I am reminding my loved one of that too when I start to see the shallow or what appears to be stressed energy breathing.. In through the nose out through the mouth!
  2.  Hydrate and nourish your body as well as you can. Hydrate, try to make healthier choices for your food, move a little bit.
  3. Pray, Meditate, use a mantra, repeat an affirmation. When our energy is too focused on the worry, sadness, anxiety we are not helping ourselves or our loved one in the crisis. I am not saying those things won’t come up, they will. But having a prayer, meditation etc… to repeat helps refocus our energy and mindset.

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered


List it – Self and Soul Care Saturday

Hey Inspiring Soul!

It sounds too simple to be true. Making lists can be an act of self-care. I really believe this to be true. I could go on and on and on about lists and the various type to make. I will save some of those for another post! Here are some ways to use list as an act of self-care.

  1. Brain dump lists: When we get on overwhelm it’s easy to feel like we have to have it all figured out like, yesterday! When we feel like this all of that stuff can get jumbled in our heads and feel even more overwhelming. Often the simple act of writing it out helps to put things into perspective and help us feel calmer. This is simply a list that holds the things that you have on your mind, no order, no categories simply dumping it on paper!
  2. Create an inspiration list, self-care acts list, gratitude list.
  3. List your priorities (in general, for the day…)  now look at how you are spending your day do those two support or oppose one another? Adjust accordingly where you can.
  4. List things you appreciate about yourself, where you have rocked it lately.
  5. While I love to create to do lists. A list that can be really wonderful to make is a to be list. (ex: calm, focused, kind, gentle, energetic etc… )
  6. Break it down… Do you have a specific task or project? Make a list to break it down into tiny steps.
  7. List meals for the week (and or health actions)

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered