December Prompts part 1

Hey lovely Souls

I wanted to share some prompts for reflection and planning!

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10 tiny ways to shift your energy

1. Deep breath

2. Put on a song you love

3. Move your body (Walk,dance ; stretch ..whatever!)

4. Connect with nature (sn open window , a flower , the ocean.. )

5. Put on something that makes you feel good (maybe it’s sweats, maybe it’s dressy.. you do you!)

6. Mini mess blitz (one small surface, a hook, your wallet)

7. Smile

8. Use something you’ve been saving until…

9. Bring in a plant Or tend to yours

10. Find something beautiful/inspiring

Here’s to living with intention


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15 Journal Prompts to explore…



Hey Inspiring Souls!

My journal has been a support system for me for many years now. It’s an anchor of sorts. The thing about journaling is we can’t do it wrong, it’s incredibly forgiving you can write one entry and the next one can be weeks, months or years later and your journal will not judge you!

I also know that sometimes even if we feel we have a lot to say that we open to that blank page and we feel like we go blank! To help you out with that or simply give you a diving in point here are 15 journal prompts…

  1. Right now I need
  2. Right now I feel
  3. Truth
  4. What do I hear, taste, see, smell, feel?
  5. More of, less of
  6. Gratitude, describe in detail one or two things.. (so not just I am grateful for my sight.. what are you seeing that brings you gratitude about that.. why.. ) or a  simple list.. again no.wrong.way!
  7. What nourishes me
  8. What is draining me
  9. Currently loving
  10. Wins and Woes
  11. F*%K it list
  12. Things I appreciate about myself
  13. Lessons learned lately ( you define lately)
  14. Affirmations
  15. What I am resisting, yet crave.

Here is to living with Intention


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Pondering our Distractions…

Hey Inspiring Souls!

Let’s talk about distractions! Most times they serve us in some way or another .

They come wrapped up so many ways we often don’t even realize they are occurring.

I’ve asked myself and others lately in what way their distractions are serving them. I encourage you to ask yourself the same question.

While we’re at it you I encourage you ( and myself ) to explore in what ways the distraction depleting as well.

Other things to ponder about distractions

What is distracting me?

Is this supporting how I want to show up? How I want to feel? What Is want to accomplish?

Not all distractions are bad , sometimes they are what we need for our mental health at the time.

Don’t beat yourself up, this is simply about starting to explore our distractions.

Here is to living with intention



Does my environment …

Hey Lovely Souls!

With many of us spending more time at home this question feels more appropriate than ever.

Our environment affects and reflects us in ways we don’t realize.

It can drain us or support and lift us.

I encourage you to ask yourself this question and allow yourself to start shifting accordingly where it may be needed.

Here is to living with intention