Come Home to Yourself – Layers of Your Truth Course

Hey Beautiful Souls!

I wanted to share with you all one last time my newest course/group (a long time in the dreaming/making) Layers of  Your Truth: Practices and Prompts to support you in coming home to yourself.

Click HERE to get the full course description. We start March 20th, 2018 

I like to think of this as more than a course, it’s a journey to find more of your truth in your life right now and to support you going forward.
Here is what you will get from this course…
  • Learning to trust yourself, your intuition/gut more.
  • Expressing yourself creatively in several different ways. Creativity has many benefits for the mind, body, and soul. (And for the record you ARE creative!)
  • Exploring soulful and practical tools to support your personal growth that you can apply to other areas of your life internally and externally.
  • Gaining clarity on what is most important to you and creating practices that best support you in living that out more and more in your daily life.
  • Help you in feeling supported in creating a life bit by bit that feels like home to you, that feels like a right fit for you and your truth.
I hope you will join us on this journey ❤
Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered

What- Journal Prompt

Hey Beautiful Souls!
Sometimes a simple word or phrase is really the only start you need for exploring your layers, your head, heart, your life.
One of those words is:
What… is the one we are exploring this week…
What is working?
What is not working?
What is in the way?
What can I do to support myself in my goals, dreams, desires?
Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered

Layers of Your Truth… A new Course/Group

Hey Beautiful Soul!

I am really excited to announce the upcoming release of one of a few passion projects I wanted to create and share this year.

Layers of Your Truth: Practices and Prompts to support you in coming home to yourself.

This is a pay what you can course go HERE for all the info. 

If you are ready to feel more support, alignment, and direction in your life,  this is the course for you.

This round I will be doing a “pay what you can”.

We will be exploring with various creative, introspective and practical prompts and practices in this journey.

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered


Expressing Truth- Empowered Living

Hey Inspiring Souls,

This is how expressing our truths can be, we get all tucked in, afraid to stretch into what it is we want to express (through photos, our verbal voices, and many other ways.)
What if today you could do one (seemingly) tiny move to express and honor your truth?

Some random ideas… Take a picture and share the real story not just the curated beauty, listen to a song that you love but don’t usually listen to because it would surprise others, put on a piece or an entire outfit that really feels like you, when asked your opinion actually give it don’t stay neutral when you don’t actually feel neutral (this can be even as simple as where or what to eat) , grab your journal and write the prompt truth and let it flow for 5-10

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered


Tending to your Heart Health- Saturday Self and Soul Care


Saturday Self and Soul care:

Tending to your Heart Health…

One of the things I have chosen to be a voice/advocate for is Heart Health. Knowledge is power, ignorance is NOT bliss. One of the biggest ways we can engage in self-care is to take care of our health. That doesn’t mean that we necessarily make huge changes all at once. What it does (or can mean) is that you get empowered about your own health. Some ways to do that (plus some links on heart health that may be helpful to you and yours…)

What are your numbers (Cholesterol, BP)

Eat heart healthier foods, consider the amount of sodium that is in the things you eat.

Talk to your doctor about your risks, symptoms, health goals.

Move your body more

Find ways to reduce stress in your days.

Get your checkups

If something feels off, trust yourself and speak up.

Here are some links about Heart Health. And another.Give yourself and your loved ones the gift of taking the time and making the changes (even if tiny moves at first!) that will support you and a healthy (or healthier) heart.

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered




Tools to support you in your grief- Friday 5

Hey Beautiful Souls,

As many of you know my Father passed away last June and it’s been a huge loss in so many ways for my family. The truth is we all have either gone through, will, or know someone who is going through grief. It’s a journey that has SO many layers to it. Some days I do fine other days it hits me like a ton of bricks. I have used some tools to help me with the process of grief. I am not going to say get over it or move on but to help me move forward.  I wanted to share those tools with you as I have benefited from those who share their tools, experience, and thoughts on grief. I am certainly not anywhere close to an expert, just someone who has gone through/is going through this journey and knows that others speaking out has helped me. ❤

5 tools that have been supporting  me through grief:

1)    Books on grief. One, in particular, that’s unlike any other grief book I have read so far  is Permission to Mourn by Tom Zuba

2)    Allowing space to feel, this one is actually really difficult for me with not just grief emotions but others as well. But allowing myself to feel what I feel and not constantly assume I need to figure it out and fix it. Allowing space to get out a good cry if I need to.

3)    Writing/Journaling/Creating. For me this has come in in the form of a few letters, spiling out paper, visual journaling and even painting I found some great prompts in a course on grief. The journaling can come in forms of lists, rants, letters to your loved one, visual journaling (images and sometimes words that capture what you might be feeling) Don’t overthink it or judge it, just allow it to be expressed whatever way it wants to.

4)    Sites like: What’s your grief,  and this site/podcast  (and there are some really supportive grief groups on facebook)

5)    Deep breaths and moving my body. I will be honest, there have been plenty of times where I don’t feel like doing anything. Just sitting and zoning. But I know this isn’t good for my mind, body or soul so I have been known to talk myself into it, a lot! Plus seeing some of what my father or other family has gone through is a massive reminder I need to take care of my health. 

Some of the best advice, but often difficult for us to follow is: Don’t judge your grief, (what it should look like, feel like etc.) and most of all be gentle with yourself. There are places to go to if you decide that a grief counselor or group would support your path to processing your grief.

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered

Heather Shafer

Distractions… Journal prompt and Inspired words

Hey Beautiful Souls,

I read this quote in a book I was reading last week, WHOA was my first response!

Some journal prompts you could pull out of this are:

What distractions am I savoring?

What about my greatness, my gifts, my purpose am I afraid of, feels scary?

Am I filling my days with distractions in order to avoid what I truly want because it feels unknown, uncomfortable to me?

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered