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{Caregiver} photo prompts

Hey amazing Soul!

As a caregiver it’s easy to get consumed with all there is to do , figure out, monitor etc..

We can often feel disconnected from our creativity. Most of you likely have access to some kind of camera (I use the one on my phone all the time). I thought I would share 5 photo prompts to play around with. No fancy equipment or skill required!

1) Your loved ones hands (I feel like hands tell so many stories)

2) A picture of you and the one(s) you care for

3) Something around your home that tells a story (of your days, your life, theirs) a vase, mug, adaptive equipment, flowers or plant, books, jewelry the list could go on and on

4) feels like me ( outfit, book, quote, nature, activity etc)

5) Light and or shadows

Here is to living with intention


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One word prompts

Hey Lovely Soul

Sometimes a step by step is a great way to get things flowing with our journaling, creativity and introspection. Sometimes all it takes is one word…

Here are 7 one word prompts to interpret anyway you feel called to.

  1. Truth
  2. Release
  3. Spaciousness
  4. Joy
  5. Grief
  6. Choose
  7. Enough

Here is to living with Intention



5 Inexpensive tools to visual journal

Hey Beautiful Souls!

These supplies can be found online since at the time of this posting many are not able to get out of the house.

5 inexpensive tools to visual journal
1) Composition notebook. These are easy to find, most times not more than a few dollars (and during back to school as low as 50 cents) They can be used to make lists, a DIY bullet journal, visual journal, morning pages, doodle, spread paint on. Really pretty much any journal can but if you are looking for doing creativity that is not with precious or expensive supplies it’s a great option! Any inexpensive journal works just fine.
2) Paint.. well like most any supplies you can get them in a range of prices. Craft paint is often between 50 cents a  few bucks. Watercolors can be found even in the kids supplies. Search for Kid’s art supplies
3) Glue-sticks. Use them with  Clippings of articles, bits of daily life, images and words from magazines,
4) You can  use your hands to spread paint, your fingers to make dots and shapes in there (f you are using acrylic) Also fun to use is empty paper towel or tp roll to dip in the paint and stamp.
5) Look out for inexpensive subscription deals for magazines online, look through your mail for words and images, catalogs etc.. Amazon and Discount Mags are good places to find this. Ebay is also a good place to get one of’s vs a subscription.
Really all you  need is a surface and something to write with.
Here is to living with Intention
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10 Things to put in your journal- Creative Prompt


10 Things to put in your journal: 
  1. Articles
  2. Recipes
  3. Ideas
  4. Gratitude
  5. Magazine images
  6. Words/phrases from magazines
  7. Your words (what’s on your heart, mind, bucket list)
  8. Bits of everyday life (pictures, receipts, junk mail) Doodles that depict what you wore, ate, feel, love, saw etc.. 
  9. Paint (you don’t have to have a clue how to paint in order to use it.. get stencils or use bits of life like bottle caps, toilet paper rolls etc to dip in the paint and “stamp” on the page.
  10.  Washi tape or stickers. Those are both easy ways to make make it fun, creative but not time consuming or feeling like you need to know how to … 

It’s your journal, anything goes that feels right to you!

Here is to living with Intention


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Dear 2019…A letter to the year coming to an end…

Hey Lovely Souls!

Each year since about 2011 I have written a letter to the year to sort of sum it up with a bit of reflection. Here is 2019’s… I invite you to do the same get as detailed or general as feels good to you!

Dear 2019,
Well weren’t you an interesting year! You held what felt like some big blessings and also a lot of unsettled energy.There was heavy diagnoses for loved ones, indecision that went on for months. There was also beautiful support in some unexpected ways and places. Some of this isn’t really my story to dive deep into. And the much of it is still unfolding. Finding our way to information and support.
Thankfully as you are coming to a close things are feeling more settled than in previous months! My word this year was Fulfill, it showed up in some great ways and some unexpected ways.
I created and love running the Self and Soul Care Circle, A Soul Renewed. I Started blogging about Caregivers and plan on doing that a lot more (as it’s a big part of my life these days, being a co-caregiver). I felt like I almost reach my capacity more than once in this year. Though in all of those instances  have come out a bit wiser and more aware.
I have cleared space and still am, it feels constant sometimes, never ending But I also am seeing my way through and out of it more and more. I have sat on more ideas than I have shared, often too tired or afraid to really dive in, create and share them. I hope that it’s the opposite for that next year by this time!
I am continuing to peel and reveal the layers of my fear, grief, anxiety and truth.
You felt like molasses in the start and then felt like you zipped by since Spring.. how are we already in a new year and decade?!
Thank you for the gifts you have given me and the lessons (even if they were or are being revealed in difficult ways)

Love, Heather

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5 ways to express gratitude & A Gratitude project


5 ways to express gratitude & A Gratitude project
1) Write it down, make a list or list one thing and expand on it.
2) Take a picture of something/someone you are grateful for… “bonus” for a why.
3) Put your hand on your heart and name at least 3 things in your life, about yourself, your body etc… that you are grateful for.
4) Share on social media and invite others to do so.
5) Look someone in the eyes and tell them you appreciate them (general or specific) (can’t be near them.. text em!)
Gratitude Project:
A project that I have done and modified as the holidays have shifted. Is to have everyone (or a several) people write done something that they appreciate or admire about someone else in the family (you can do this for each family member) and if you can designate someone (yourself or not.. ) to gather the words and put it into a document and print it out (or you can hand write too)
Don’t put who said what though… they get a list of words about them…
Loving, Creative, Good Listener etc..
This could of course also be done at Christmas or anytime of the year!
Here is to living with intention
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16 (small) actions to help you live with more intention


Hey Lovely Souls,

Shifting the energy, our lives and starting the path of living a more intentional life doesn’t have to cost us a bunch or any money and doesn’t have to be time consuming. Here are some small actions you can take!

  1. Create a yes stack of books
  2. Release books that feel like “Should”
  3. Clean out your purse, car, junk drawer
  4. Unsubscribe to a email or 3!
  5. Delete apps you never use
  6. Write down a mantra and post it somewhere you will see it often ( I am loved, I am guided, I am doing my best)
  7. Look people in the eyes when you are talking to them (it’s easy to look at our phones or to dismiss the person behind the counter helping us.. make a point to make eye contact)
  8. Send an encouraging text, email,note.
  9. Put on a song you love and move to it or let it move you (sitting and soaking it in…eyes close if safe to do so)
  10. Choose a talisman of sorts, something to wear or easily portable to remind you that you are guided.
  11. Set up “stuff” the night before (clothing, coffee, am tools to help you start your day with purpose and alignment)
  12. Write down what you are grateful for (or paint it, capture a picture, write a poem)
  13. Ask yourself am I numbing or nourishing
  14.  Carry a journal with you to capture ideas, thoughts, doodles, wish lists, soul notes
  15. Carry a reusable water bottle to help you hydrate
  16. Plan your week, make sure you are in the schedule as well. Taking care of yourself is the foundation to supporting your other and to supporting your dreams!

Here is to living with Intention



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6 questions to ask yourself now- Intentional Living

Hey Lovely Souls,
There is a lot of hype about there is only x more days until 2020… While that is shocking and a bit horrifying, I don’t want to get too caught up in that energy. It feels almost a panicky for some!
What I would love to do is create some posts and prompts that will support you where you are now.
Let’s start with these 6 questions, don’t overthink them (I know easier said than done!) Just be open to what comes up!
1) What do I need to let go of from this  year so far? Goals, expectations, project, anger,  stuff?
2) What do I want to savor the rest of this year? The holidays, time with loved ones, the flavors?
3) How do I want to feel the rest of this year?
4) What can I start or ask for today, this week in order to support myself in that feeling?
5) What’s something that I put off this year that I could still accomplish, create or ask for that might help support who I am unfolding into next year?
6) Where have I really showed up, rocked it and aligned this year?
Here is to living with Intention

Back to school supplies to grow your creativity


Hey Beautiful Souls!

Well it’s that time of year again. Back to School time! Even if like me you are “simply” a student of life. And don’t go to an actual school. This time of year can provide tools and inspiration for growing your creativity and self.

Here are some inexpensive supplies and ideas for using them for growing your creativity and self.

  • Composition notebook (a current favorite of mine) these can be used for most any kind of journaling. I love to use them for visual journaling these days. They can also be used for inspiration journals, taking notes for books, courses, podcasts etc. You could even use it as a bullet journal. (or all the above in one journal, no rules… do what works for you. If you are not sure what works for you then experiment!
  • Inexpensive spiral notebook: Use this as a brain dump, catch all for a certain project or several projects. Also great for doing journaling. These don’t feel precious so you can spew out, complain, spread gratitude or attitude and not feel the pressure of “ruining” a lovely journal.
  • Index Cards: There are many uses for index cards.. A few of my favorite ways to use them are: Affirmation cards (write or collage words and or images that feel like mini messages to your soul) , mini collages/canvas (paint, glue bits, doodle), Also great to keep a few with books you are reading to jot down inspirations, actions etc. while it’s fresh.
  • Kid’s art supplies: Watercolor, color pencils even crayons. These are all great tools to just explore with the above supplies and just play. Again, it doesn’t feel precious. Set your mindset on exploration mode (I sometimes must remind myself it’s the process not the outcome/result)
  • Pencil Pouches (this idea was sparked by this video) use these pouches for little art pouches on the go, mini wellness kits (tea, affirmation, little journal, essential oil)

Here is to living with Intention


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Words- Creative Clarity Vision Journal Challenge

Hey Creative Soul!

This is a part of (though the prompts can “stand alone”) of a challenge/series “Creative Clarity Vision Journaling” Go HERE to find out more and get the other prompts. 

This is our last prompt in this challenge. If you have joined me I would love to know (make a comment or go to @liveinspired or the contact me page) and reachout!

Today, play with words. The right words, messages have a way of finding us. Don’t overthink it, just allow yourself to grab the words that pull you in. Fill the page with them or choose a few (found word poems are awesome too)

Here is to living with Intention